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    Hi there all. Only stumbled upon this site today and thought looked interesting. Have a dream to live ‘the good life’ on a farm and growing own produce etc but for now live in Townsville in the burbs. Have a quarter acre block and for the past few years have grown our own vegies over winter but find it a bit of a challenge in summer. Are carnivors though, all love our meat and would not consider going vegan (sorry!) however try to at least have one meal a week which contains no meat. (the kids hate that coz its usually lentil soup!)

    Have chooks which I love, they are so funny (and a bit stupid) but is always a pleasure to collect our own eggs. Also into making jams/chutneys etc with our excess from the garden.

    So having trouble getting the avatar thing to work, maybe picture is too big, not very computer literate so will have to have a play with that one or maybe just leave it.

    Look forward to hearing from you all and sure there is plenty to learn from everyone.



    welcome Frogfriendly, i am sure you enjoy ALS, I am not al all computer savy either:wave:



    Hello FF and welcome. :wave: Don’t apologize for being a meat eater, many of us are. :shy: Your Avatar needs to be tiny. It says what size in your profile and I can’t remember what it is.


    Welcome to ALS frogfriendly :wave:



    heya frogfriendly! lovely to have you aboard.

    I’m not vegan or vego either.. i’ve cut down my meat consumption quite a bit though.. perhaps making something other than lentil soup might make non-meat meals more attractive..?? 😉 😆 ahh kids & lentils.. hardly ever seem to go hand in hand too well. 😆


    My eldest refuses anything if she suspects it contains the dreaded lentils as well, Frogfriendly! Welcome to ALS 😀


    Hello and welcome!


    welcome to the site


    hey frogfriendly, welcome.


    Hey Frogfriendly

    Welcome to the site! :wave:

    Doc’s tutorial on adding an avatar here on this link might help!


    hey thanks for the warm welcome guys. yeah i know lentil soup sounds unattractive but really is very nice and my hubby and i both like it (a big compliment considering he is a meat and 3 veg guy) and usually the baby thinks its great. the eldest is hardest to convince.

    Thanks scarecrow for the avatar link, will give it a go

    picked first ripe tomato this morning, very disappointing, unbeknownst to me a grub had arrived there first!


    Hiya frogfriendly from Townsville, welcome :wave:


    Hey Frogfriendly, welcome to ALS 😀 Great to have more Townsvilleans here :tup:

    Lee and I were just talking yesterday about another get together in the region (we haven’t forgotten you Roundthebend 😉 )


    Are there many Townsville members Jaymie? Are you the one with the aquaponics set up, reading about it yesterday. My hubby has been experimenting with a hydroponics unit, nothing illegal though! Only got strawberries, lettuce, cucumber and tomato but all in the same unit so not all successful as the ph levels (or what ever) are all different. but the cucumbers are pretty good and getting plenty of them. like the idea of aquaponics but not sure about all those fish and that fishy smell!


    no fishy smell, just a nice creeky smell 😀

    there’s probably about 10 of us between Bowen and Ingham

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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