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    After today where I had a severe Asthma attack and my doctor told me off for ignoring symptoms and said if I ever have an attack like it again I can keep sucking on my ventolin till the ambulance arrived I thought about the important things in life.I am what is described as a mild asthmatic which means I am not a chronic sufferer but it can hit me without warning. apparently we are at greater risk of ending up in hospital or dying because we ignore the symptoms as we know we are only mild sufferers. She gave me quite a lecture about it. I have been really ill because I ignored the symptoms but it made me think about what I have to be grateful about. In a time of gloom and uncertainty I thought we should examine our lives and share what is great in our lives.

    My list starts with

    My beautiful partner who loves me and I worship.

    The good health of our children and grandchildren

    Good friends

    Living in a great country

    Good health


    And so many other things we take for granted that others in the world who will never have what we have.

    What do you think?


    Hi Penny First of all I do hope you are feeling better tonight.That would have been so scary for you both.

    I would second everything on your list for ourselves here.

    Plus the enjoyment of working my veg patch and eating the results.

    Birds and birdsong.

    Nine healthy chooks and Mr Clogs to watch over them.

    Eggs and enough simple food in the frig.

    Mature trees on and all around our small acreage.

    A cat on my lap during TV time.

    Books,and having had the education to read.

    The list goes on and on ……….and right now a safe,clean and warm bed waiting.



    I feel much better as the steroids have kicked in. I was only so ill because I ignored the symptoms but after seeing the dreadful situation in africa and knowing that there are so many others who suffer, it put my problems in perspective. We are so fortunate because we have such good medical services. At least those of us who are educated and have the resources to allow us to avail ourselves of the facilities. It saddens me that not every Australian has the same opportunity.

    I also have so many other things that I am so grateful about. I agree about the simple things

    a veggie patch

    healthy pets

    the property



    but above all the amazing love and support of my beautiful partner who loves me despite my faults.

    We have so much we should be happy about, but often don’t realise it.

    I am also grateful for the opportunity to meet like minded people such as those on ALS and that I met others like Blue Snip at a straw bale house building workshop.

    Life is a journey not a destination and we should make the most of it, we also need to consider just how lucky we really are.

    I have decided that each day from now on I will focus on the positives and beauty in life and not the negatives. Life is to short to do anything else


    Hi Penny, great topic!

    I have all the usual ones like family and good health etc but what I am grateful for at the moment is all the friends I have made through this place.

    Over the last eighteen months, I have made some very good and close friendships from members here. When I look back, I have grown so much through those friendships. Some friendships have ended, some are still going strongly but I’m so glad they all happened. Because even those that have drifted apart have given me so much. It might be fate, but I believe people come into your life for a reason. Sometimes it is only for a short time, others for a longer time. But they are all valuable experiences and I am grateful to them all…

    So thank you ALS, I believe I am a much better person for having joined you……. πŸ™‚


    glad you are okay Penny, dont ignore those symptons.

    Im grateful for the fact, its bucketing down, my ex is on holidays, so I get to sit in bed for an extra hour, coz he is running me to work this morning πŸ™‚


    Hi Penny, I’m glad you’re OK πŸ™‚ I understand where you are coming from, back in 2000 I had a near death experience with acute kidney failure and through a mix/stuff up with two receptionists, I was marked down as NON urgent and sent home to wait for an appointment to see a specialist, two weeks later my doctor called to see how I got on as she hadn’t heard from anyone, by this time I was able to sit up and even walk a few steps, anyway the preverbal hit the fan and that’s when they found the mix/stuff up.

    This may sound odd but I am grateful for that mix/stuff up because as it turned out I would have been put on a dialysis machine and most likely we would have had to sell the farm and move closer to the hospital.

    Since that time I look at life in a different way than I used to and I am very grateful to be alive and experience whatever comes my way, I’ grateful that I have the best wife that a man would ever want, and I do tell her every day. :kiss:

    I am even grateful when I hit my thumb with a hammer, because I was being negative and needed a wack to snap out of it. :tup:

    Like Steve I am also grateful of the friendship here on ASL and lastly I am grateful to you for starting this thread.


    from the soon to be pumpkin champion :wave:




    A beautiful thread Penny, thank you for starting it. I am glad you have had your wake up call and will now be most attentive to your symptons.

    Like the others I am grateful for my beloved family, their love and good health.

    My special friends who know the best and the worst of me and love me anyway.

    My broader range of friends some of whom will surely evolve into special friends.

    The opportunity to live this life and experience relationship with the people I meet and the world I live in.

    And my cat who, I believe, dragged me back from the brink………………

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    I’m grateful… for discovering happiness! πŸ™‚

    That is all!


    Fozzie post=320679 wrote: I’m grateful… for discovering happiness! πŸ™‚

    That is all!

    Oh Fozzie, “that is all”!!!!! It sure is!!!!! Happy is what we are meant to be and you are! Well done you. :clap: :hug: :clap: :hug: :clap: :hug:

    Happy day,

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    No more ignoring symptoms Penny! You take care of yourself. Bless the gut wrenching moments in our lives, for they make us truly appreciate what we have, and bring into sharp focus the things that really matter.

    While whining to a friend over coffee recently, I lamented about my situation, starting over in my thirties, planting asparagus at every place I have lived and never staying long enough to harvest it. He pointed out that I had my health, and by golly, he is right. I lost my mum to MND, a good mate has been diagnosed with MS, another was taken by stroke far too young. Every day we can see the sunshine, hear the birds, hug our partner/dog/cat/lizard and breathe the air is a very good day.

    This weekend I celebrate my 33rd birthday, and I will be doing that by stoking up the community garden’s pizza oven, tossing a heap of home grown and organic produce on a base of ‘artisan bread in five minutes’ type dough, cracking a bottle wine and kicking back with some mates. No TV, no music (except us singing along to Steve guitar strumming) – just good company, clean food, and conversation.

    Doesn’t get better πŸ˜‰


    Hi Penny,

    Hope you feel much better now. We had a similar event with my eldest son recently. He also is a very very mild asthmatic and never had any real problems before. He is 22 and did not mention his problem until it was getting pretty worrying, anyway, like you he ended up in hospital and we all learned a lot about asthma.

    Getting back to topic:

    I am grateful for –

    My Husband. To have known love – to have been loved and to love is the greatest gift and I thank him every day for just being him and for his constant love and support.

    My two boys, now men really-

    For life – the chance to experience each day, the sun, wind, rain, trees, gardens, my animals, the mist over the river and mountains, Tasmania for its serenity and beauty oh dear – this could end up a long post if I keep going but I think you get the picture.

    The old saying springs to mind – live each day as if it is your last, for one day you will be right. πŸ˜€




    Glad my baby girl has come through her knee surgery well and she will be staying with us till she is mobile :clap:


    penny post=320976 wrote: Glad my baby girl has come through her knee surgery well and she will be staying with us till she is mobile :clap:

    Good news Penny.I think you must have posted somewhere about the surgery which I missed in my busier than usual days just now , but glad to hear it went well for your daughter.


    Hey when things go well life is great. My daughter is such a great kid and I was so worried about her. But now I know she will be ok it is such a relief.


    My girl is now home with us so she can recuperate, 2 of the stepsons came for dinner and we had fun.My Dad(90) rang to see how DD was and will come over to see her when his cold has cleared up. DD fiance is staying at their place as he has work but will come here on Monday to stay when he has time off (he has to look after their cat as well). I am so glad that my baby has come through every thing really well. Life is good when loved ones are OK

    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

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