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There back!!

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    Finally the girls are coming back on the lay.

    An egg 2 days in a row from my Belgians. 1 from a layer hen 2 days ago and yesterday 1 of the Polish laid.

    Come on girls I know you all have it in you. Bring on the eggs!!:lol::lol:

    Now I am waiting for the ducks to lay their 1st egg. Be great if I got some before the GTG as than I could whip something up with them for the lunch:)


    conrgat’s, now could you please come down to Vic and have a word to my girls:D




    My freeloaders are starting lay as well…. After the winter solstice and the days get longer they should start laying more regularly though…


    I’ve been getting one a day from my 7 girls. Just enuf for Sunday brunch. I’m looking forward to them getting back into full production again though.


    I got home from work yesterday, it had been 19 degs in Melbourne !

    There in my chook house the 8 girls had laid an egg each…8 eggs:D

    I have been getting 5-6 eggs every day for quite a while now..but was very happy to see 8 eggs, very happy to share them with my family and I can bake as much as I like

    Obviously the “girls” are very content:D:D:D:clap::clap::tup:


    omigosh mine might start eventually now a few are in the freezer

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    I’ve been getting 1-2 eggs a day from my trusty silkies these colder mths & my young araucana girls approx 9-10 months have been laying well too.

    My older araucana’s are just begining to get there act together, though it will be a while I imagine before they’re back in full swing.

    I love the blue eggs 😀



    One of my hens is an Araucana, and she lays an egg every second day without exception, she has been doing that for quite awhile no matter what the weather conditions ! And like you Humbug I adore her blue egg sitting among the other eggs which are shades of brown, she also is a lovely little hen:D

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Hi robanne,

    Yep.. I like seeing the blue eggs in the nest with the others too… I have white, brown & blue.. it looks great!

    The araucana’s are great chooks :tup:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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