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    Hi Folks,

    I thought I would share this, I hope it’s in the right section and I sincerely hope I’m not violating any forum rules – I’m just trying to create awareness and discussion on the subject (not nasty arguments!) as it affects all good Aussies!

    I agree wholeheartedly with helping people who aren’t as well off as we are – definitely. But first, Mr Rudd needs to help us – he could put that money into making our country green and self sufficient (Aussies Living Simply and happily!) without the big corporate nasties like it was in the good old days.

    After he has helped us to be clean, green and self-sufficient, then we would have a much greater ability to help others. As is stands, we will not be asked about this.

    The corporate biggies took the third world out of it’s self-sustaining, small farming, community governing, better ways and into big debt with their new big corrupt governments to send the good people of those countries off their land and into abject poverty (due to the big debt these countries acquired that the people of those countries never asked for). Our money will go to these same corporate biggies (without our consent) – do we even trust them to help the third world?

    One trends forecaster (I do not have the link for it anymore, so you are welcome to take it as hearsay!) predicted that if this goes through we will have the economy of Cambodia in 10 years.

    Food for thought!

    Elf 🙂


    Alarming! I have to agree the government seems to see our hard working Aussie battlers as their personal cash cows and capitalism as a solution. Wealthy people pay very little tax and are out of touch with how many people are living below the poverty line here. No wonder people want to opt out. You can only take so much before you break. :tdown:


    This might be of interest too.


    Too true Michelle. Will our apathy cost us our liberty? Are we too gullible? Do we really want to be taken over by people who want to cut us down? Change our laws and religions to the ones they ran from then make us live their way so we become the refugees? Where will we go then? :awch:


    Michelle, good video.

    Does anyone know where we can protest this or what we can do to stop it? I have forwarded it on to people who will do the same, I reactivated my facebook account to put it as my status to try and create some awareness, but I would like to be able to do something. Our rights are going to go out the window. :jawdrop:

    Funny that the apathy of society was engineered to make us ‘yes men’.


    Elf wrote:

    Does anyone know where we can protest this

    The most effective place is at the ballot box…

    Not that I am a Miranda fan in particular but regardless of the author, this struck a chord.

    The spread of brain-dead supplicants to the state has grown with the rise of the bureaucratic class, which reached its zenith when the former Queensland bureaucrat and chief jargon generator Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister.

    Bureaucratism operates by adding layers of complexity to a problem so that much time and effort can be spent on assembling the architecture of that complexity and then solving the problems created by that architecture. You become so caught up in solving the human resources issues or occupational health and safety concerns or constructing risk analysis that the original problem is rendered meaningless.


    [Totally off topic sorry]

    OMG trandto! I thought there WAS an ANT on my screen!:jawdrop: Then I realised it was your Avatar!:lol::tongue::clap:

    [Back to you guys and on topic]

    John and ZoeJohn and Zoe

    Hi everyone

    One thing to keep in mind is that Andrew Bolt, Lord Christopher Monckton, Miranda Devine and their ilk are at the extreme right of Conservative thinking. They are pro-free market and are climate-change sceptics.

    I hardly think that they present a balanced view on Copenhagen.

    Take the time to check these people and their connections out on Wikipedia.




    And Wikipedia is trustworthy? Without independant responsibility we are going nowhere and I’m not a climate sceptic. I am however sick of paying for things that aren’t my responsibility like criminals, people who break and disrespect our laws and are corrupt enough to take advantage of our good natures and the irresponsible who judge, criticise and condemn with a log in their own eyes. We assume too much especially if we think everybody is as good willed as we are.


    I tried to read it but it is extreme right wing BS:mad:

    I do think it is reasonable developed countries – those who caused this Global warming problem and made money doing it – should help out third world countries

    the attitude of the writer is typical of greedy arrogant westerners 🙁

    I console myself with the thought that it is people like that who will suffer most when TEOTWAWKI hits

    The sooner people realise that the whole planet is in this together and if anyone is to survive we must all learn to help one another and think about humanity not money 🙁 but then I see pigs flying long before that ………..



    How can this wreck our economy? It’s 0.7%. If our economy starts going down the gurgler, then the amount we pay decreases proportionately. I would take anything served up by Andrew Bolt with a huge dose of salt.



    I just thought, for anyone who feels their rights and the concept of democracy will be violated by the treaty, there is an online petition

    It’s good that we are debating this. More debating in more circles needs to be done. There is no debate in Parliament, it is strangely very quiet on the whole issue. Both sides.

    The thing is, whether you believe in climate change or not, you probably agree we are constantly screwed over by the powers that be in this country. I think we all believe in helping the third world. But do we think that big shots handing over our tax dollars to even bigger shots is going to help the issue? Can we trust them? Have they helped so far? Did loans to the third world help the people or was it spent on militia?

    I just can’t seem to find it in me to believe that the people at the top have good ideals and noble ambitions. I don’t believe they care at all about people and very little about the climate. Do you think they will do what they say they will and treat us all fairly, respecting our rights? If this goes through it has been said they can overrule our constitution. No rights for the common man.

    Keep debating, it’s good people are talking about this, and with cool heads. :tup:

    Advance Australia Fair!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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