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    well I just spent the last half hour typing a huge thing telling what has been going on and when submited site kicked me out and now is gone.:angry: will try again another day. these were the photos I had. These are from the mini flood at xmas time before the “real” flood. this flood came up to and over the tops of these bbq areas.


    Dianne , that is soooooo annoying!Someone was asking about you a while ago and we have been wondering how you were.Hope it hasn’t been too awful for you.I’ve had that happen with a long post.Either type it in Word first and then copy and paste into here, or type in here and then highlight the post with your mouse and hit Ctrl + C to copy it.Then try to post with it still highlighted.If it doesn’t then go back to the thread – you shouldn’t have to log back in – and right click and paste your copy where you want it.


    thanks, was thinking I would do the copy/paste thing. I had to log back in yesterday as it said my time was up:S


    dianne post=301744 wrote: thanks, was thinking I would do the copy/paste thing. I had to log back in yesterday as it said my time was up:S

    Did you try just going back to the thread before logging in? Sometimes I can do that even though it says I need to log in.

    More importantly, we do want to know how you are, did the floods affect you personally and your land?

    That is , if you want to write about it of course.


    Well I feel like I have been through the ringer this month (as some may have read elsewhere) I guess it has gotten to me a bit more than I thought it had. The river finally went down to normal yesterday, first time since before Xmas. The roads opened Saturday so shops are slowly refilling, it was truly weird walking through IGA with no fruit/veg, no meat or bread and next to nothing in the way of anything else. Life as we know it is getting back to normal (if there is such a thing)

    So to start, Xmas was spent in the porting rain and a quick dash out of our grandmothers property as we were about to be flooded in as the creek was on its way up, new years was also a washout. We were then due to go on a 2 week holiday which was started early as we had to once again run home, pack up our stuff and get out of town before the northward road was cut off as well as the south. We did go to Bowen and Horseshoe bay (which was beautiful) and then off to Townsville which I can not say the same for. I’m sure it has good points but we didn’t find them, sorry. I did get to catch my first Barra though which was soooo cool. (I love fishing so) Then came the phone call, your house has been broken into, they kicked the door in, its trashed. So race back to place of stay, pack up everything ( I’m really good at packing in a rush now) and a 9 hour drive with two young kids in the car, driving through some of the worst storms, all the time thinking. Thinking what its going to be like?, how bad is it? Are we going to be able to replace everything? How are the kids going to cope? And this was only 9 hours, I do not know how people who had to leave their homes in the flood did in, some of them have only gone back yesterday so they had nearly 3 weeks of thought to deal with.

    THANK THE HEVENS, we got back and it wasn’t as bad as we had been thinking, so a-cleaning -we-will-go. Oh how I hate to clean. Once we got through it all we realised that next to nothing has been taken, some money some jewellery and alcohol.

    Then came the Brisbane floods, and I spent a week wondering if my dad was alright. We don’t have a good relationship so getting hold of him wasn’t as easy as just ringing. But have heard from him now and he is fine.

    I did have photos to show of the floods and everythingg but my sd card in thecameraa packed it in so lost all of them. ( sound like me or what) Anyway.

    The garden……. is a wash out. Most things died or rotted from all the rain, or the 35 degree heat after. So I dug most of it up, found some carrots and beetroot left, added a heep of grass clipping compost and covered with straw. Will leave for a couple weeks and then start the winter garden. The one thing still going really well is that little tomato that died down and came back again, now I’m back to trying to hand them away again.

    And that’s about all caught up,

    I am trying to find the good in all of this, and what I think it is that it was almost like a warm-up for PO, a mini test if you like. I have found some good points and a lot of bad.

    The good…… my food stocks stood up well, we went over a month without having to need for a lot of things.

    ….. I have reaffirmed to myself that I am one of those people who can deal with things with a straight head. Also that DH and the kids cope really well also.

    The bad…… with so much rain the garden went to poop. Need to rain proof it, raise it up ect.

    …… extra security is needed all round. And some type of defence for our selves.

    ….. I sooo need to move, being on your guard all the time is so tiresome, every noise and your looking around and in town the noise is non-stop. More room also helps to solve a few other problems too. The things we ran low on the most were fruit/veg , meat and eggs. Having the room provide these for myself. Water was also another worry, so tanks ext would solve this also.

    this is the top ones for now that I can think of. Petrol was a hugh problem here while the roads were cut, most servos ran out. I realisee PO means no petrol but for now , in case of a future flood/cyclone ect we need to top up on this next time, extrafuell tanks. For PO times I need to research ways that don’t need it. Anyway I better shut up now. Off to sort out seeds for winter planting, and sort out seed box as they went through it tipping seeds everywhere. This year I may have a pot luck garden.


    Oh Dianne, I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that esp. with a couple of young kids it really sucks. I hope things pick up for you and you can get back on track.

    Judi B

    I wish I could come and give you a great big hug…. I know how you feel.


    Wow, thanks for sharing all that.


    Thanks for telling us Dianne.It must have all been so hard.Glad you caught your barra!I think it’s the looting and break ins that really, really raise my ire .Nature we just have to deal with, even if part of “nature” is now mankinds’ fault, but heartless looters………I think we all agreed with the Mayor of Ipswich.He said if he caught looters he would use them as flood markers!! All the very best Dianne for your “recovery and rebuild” plans. Any prospect of moving some time? But I guess first things first.


    So sorry, dianne! I hope things improve rapidly though I expect it will be a slow haul.

    I think, however, that KNOWING you and your DH have lots of resilience and are able to cope so well will bring with it a big measure of security and confidence.

    Good luck,


    Ps. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading you “Rocky Experiment” and look forward to the next installments.


    Any prospect of moving some time?

    oh I wish:S we have been looking few years, just cant find the rigth thing at the right time.

    Anyway, we got one of those storms Bullseye has been waqrning about wed and it was a good one. completely flooded my yard agian, water ankel deep, so water back running through down stairs. Im almost used to it now. But it did reflood some of the streets in town again, a day after it all finally went down. although I have heard it was a little helpful with the mud left behind so there is the up side.:lol:

    Have to go shopping for school things yesterday, sooo many kids are going to be starting on monday without all the things they need, the shops just dont have them and the trucks just wont be here in time. Oh well, im shore they will live, just hope all the teachers are understanding. Back to my point, I had a look around for some seeds to replant and ended up with 3 types of bush beans and some shallots. I will have to find some brasica seeds to try and start, I have a couple tomatoes seedlings servive and will try to interplant everything with herbs. Hopfully all these planted together will confuse the bugs and butterflies. So todays job is to work out those moon charts and organise when to plant everything.

    Oh I forgot….. I got my first strawberry:woohoo: I only got 3 and I didnt get the other two as they rippend while we were away but that first one was good, small but soooooo good. Cant wait to have a strawberry patch yummmmm.;)


    time for an update, IM SOOOOOO BORED!!!! feel like Im going nuts cooped up.

    now I know there is heaps I could be doing, I just dont. This is my biggest hate about myself, im just not one of those peolpe that just up and go everything. lasy in part, yes, but just dont know how to do it aswell. I was always one of those kids in front of the tv, and now am finding myself back doing it again to fill in the time between waking and going to sleep. I just find it so hard to start things, and its driving me a little mad at the monment.

    on the up side, (the one thing I can find energy for) I got some seeds going this week. Being ‘greens’ week i started heeps of herbs, lettuse and sping onions. Also tryed some cabbage, cauilflower and brocilli. not sure if these count as greens but figured its more likly than root or fruit as they should really be flowers ? anyway, I had basil and the spring omions up in 2 days (not bad) and today a few lettuse, a couple cauiflower, orgigano (I know its not spelt right, will fix later) and lots of dill. planted out seeds on friday 4th feb.

    Also been fighting the insurance company this week. they arent going to pay for jewllery lost in the brake in, as I dont have profe of ownership and no photos of anything. this dosnt worry me so much, but its the trying to get around paying to get the doors and broken furnture fixed. we have been told to get the doors and screens fixed ourselves and if they can prove any damage was done and prove the company we said is fixing them “actully” fixed it they will then pay the cost back to us. The broken draws and runners ect in our built ins, we cant fix and have to leave until they send someone over to doco the damage. Considering they didnt even record our first phone claim this could take a while. So in the mean time I have to have draws on the floors and my cloths falling out of the ones with no frount on them.:angry: if this is what you have to go through for a few things, how on earth do you claim when you have nothing left. it leaves me blank.

    Better stop putting off that washing up, back next week with fruit plantings.:woohoo:


    oh gosh! poor dianne!!!!

    i’ve been wondering how you were going.

    that break in REALLY SUCKS. and i’m so sorry to hear about your garden. do you need any seeds? i just got loaded on another batch of seeds. :laugh: i’d be happy to send some up to you. PM me if you’d like =)

    lots of my thoughts and hugs going your way. that insurance claim sounds like a nightmare!


    oh gosh! poor dianne!!!!

    i’ve been wondering how you were going.

    nah, im fine. only peaed off that this is cutting into the money we have saved towards a property. oh well such is life I guess, well mine anyway.:S

    But am not feeling sorry for myself tonight, am feeling quite chaffed with myself. I was sitting around doing next to nothing complaining to myself “theres nothing to watch” when I pulled my ass off the chair and went into DS room (which he had trashed) and started to clean. and not just my normal clean the floor, but a full on clean, I even dusted the walls and roof. The inch of dust under the bed is now gone,:woohoo: have been meaning to do that one for the last 3 year:whistle: . only have to do the windows and the screens now, it was tea time by the time I had finished. Cant beleave I had been putting off for years what only took me an hour, And its soo much better. So this weekend is … the main bedroom … hehe wont be so bad, as thanks to the break in, we have done half the work when we cleaned up already.


    Soooo glad to be able to get back on, it was a few ruff days not being able to get on ALS. Its like catching up with family every day now. Anyway, have just remembered I took a bunch of photos the other day and still forgot to upload them:blink: soon, soon.

    Well last night was a hugh lighting storm, it was great.(I like storms) so today I am walking around talking to all the seedlings ” grow my pretties, grow” 😆

    Out of all the “greens” seeds I planted I had mixed results. I got none of the brasicers up, lots of basil mix,shollots, a couple lettuse, and what I hope is parsley. oh and lots of dill:woohoo: For the “fruit” I tried tomatoes – morgae lifter- again ( yet to get these past seedlings, but Im stubbon) a mix of beans, and some yellow and green zucs. All of these are up and growing well.:woohoo: This week is “root” so will be trying carrots and beetroots and cross the fingers. the last lot of these did not do so well but I think it was just too hot so hopfully this time will be ok, and I will pick them this time before the bugs get them.:evil: 😆

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