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    Whaaaaaa 🙁 i wanna move to tassie tooo…. no fair you get to have all the fun..

    I have been reading this thread and it sounds fabulous and the house has loads of character. Loved tassie last time we were there for holidays, and the kids keep telling me they wanna move there to live.

    Ahh well , i will just keep reading your thread here and then your blog when you get that up and running.:D to stop my cravings.


    that’s OK RD – wait till I start moaning about stepping out of my caravan into knee deep snow in midwinter – you may yet change your mind!!

    Tassie Tiger

    I think you can forget about the knee deep snow HG.:confused: Your on a plateau but not quite that high. It will be bloody cold up there in the winter though. More likely really “nice” frosts:o

    tasbound – yeah that sounds about right thats where all the “trendy mainlanders” end up:lol:

    HG Is your sister a member of the Hobart Walking Club? I have a good mate who is a member and have been on a couple of walks he has organised.


    Do you know, I have no clue which club she is in. She lives in Launceston so HWC seems unlikely …. But then most of her friends live in Hobart, so it’s really anyones guess. But most of the walks she has been on seem to be up around the tiers so fairly northerly orientations.

    As for snow – yes, you need precipitation to get snow and the average rainfall does not look all that encouraging I have to say. Sooner I can get a tank on site and hooked up to whatever passes for roof plumbing the better methinks … I guess I can buy some in for starters … Still waiting to hear from the sparky, will give him a call tomorrow morning my time which should be a civilised hour to call someone your time … Now seems a tad early for a long weekend Saturday …

    Tassie Tiger

    Oh I dont know its 8.10am half the days gone:lol:

    Re your water tank I had a thought about that. Perhaps a roof over the caravan might help in collection and help protect the van? The gutters on the house did not look all that good but perhaps a temporary link to a new tank would help but I suspect you’ll be buying water regardless.

    Will attempt to get some water into the tank on the van and hook it up to electricity in the next week or so and see if we can get the shower working before spending money to get it serviced. Is that ok with you?


    sounds wonderful to me – are there grounds for worrying it doesn’t work? If the sparky and Aurora conspire to render me electricity free for an indefinite period do you think a pv panel and a 12 volt battery would work? I know nothing of these things …

    A roof over the van would also make it a little more tolerable in summer, assuming I will be there a while …

    Tassie Tiger

    You may remember the previous owner said the gas unit might need servicing. Before we go to that trouble I was going to see if it works.

    Not technically savvy on pv’s and all that stuff other than I would like to convert at some stage. Perhaps the sparky or Geir could help out with that? The van is set up for 12 volt operation as well as 240v.


    Yes, remembered that – just my neuroses kicking in – I’ll stop being paranoid now …:lol::lol::lol: Will ring the sparky this morning and see what he has to say.

    Bubba Louie

    Completely off topic but I’ve just realised that I have a teacup just like “teacup” in my china cupboard.:lol::lol::lol:


    Bubba Louie, what good taste you have in teacups!:clap::lol::hug:

    Tassie Tiger

    Good evening Jo,

    thank you for your birthday wishes it turned it a great day.:tup:

    Any news from the Sparky?


    good to hear the birthday was fun!! Hope the weather was kind. Geir passed on the sparky’s recommendations to me by email yesterday (thanks Geir!!:tup: ). He says to connect to the existing fuse box but with a couple of power points in the box in the short term. That seems to need a heck of a long extension cord to get out the back to the caravan though, so will phone him when it gets a wee bit later and see what other options he has considered. That would, however appear to be the least costly one so presumably why he recommended it. I am also apparently to call Aurora to set up an account with them and he has given me a phone number. I had already emailed them with a general enquiry some time ago so have a direct number to their new customer section which I might also try once I have talked to said sparky …

    I had a lamington and some ANZAC bikkies at work today – seems I am not the only colonial in the building 😀


    Right, well I don’t want to think about what my phone bill is going to be after being put on hold to Aurora and then finding a chatty person on the other end who wanted my entire life history and then to chat about how wonderful Tassie is and about the bushfires and the winds last week and whatever crossed her mind (I do miss that approach but not when paying for a long-distance call) … but eventually I have an account set up and some numbers to pass on to Geir for the sparky and the connection is going on to the switch board as apparently an extention lead out the back will not be too long for the sort of draw a caravan will create (deep breath – very long sentence that). So, one more thing sorted – now all I have to do is work out how to get the phone service … will have a stroll around the Telstra site and see what I want/need and go from there …

    Tassie Tiger

    Mmmmm……I wonder about running not only the caravan but necessary power tools etc re renos’? How many power points is he going to put in the box? I suppose he must of assessed that the wiring in the box is ok and I assume there will be no power in the house itself? Did he give you a cost for a pole etc?

    Ah the price of friendly service. She obviously read her customer service training manual.:hug:

    Sorry I didn’t repsond earlier but I didn’t receive notification that you had posted. Some strange things have been happening with the site lately:confused:

    Dry and hot here today and looks like for most of this week:tdown: I assume it is still cold over there?


    Oddly mild today – almost early spring-like weather – expect to spot a daffodil any minute but unlikely. No he didn’t give a price on the pole option but did seem to feel it would be considerably more expensive – he mentioned ‘a couple of power points’ so not sure if that means 2 or two double points – might be best to opt for the latter do you think? It seems that if the fridge has the option of running on more than one power source, then really that is the only bit of the caravan that needs power when I am not inside it, so not sure how many points would be desirable. I thought I could run the cable through the toplight of the front door (given that it has no glass) and down the hall so any connections would be under cover inside the house. Then out through the back door or window in the lean-to and thus to the caravan.

    (Yes, I am home from work early, Shadow is off for his blood tests in about half an hour so I overcompensated and caught an earlier train)

    How many power tools would you anticpate being run simultaneously anyway? A power board at the other end could help distribute the options, though possibly a fair drain on one point if that was the case … sigh.

    The caravan itself will only need full power at night or when I am making meals … And he seemed to feel that even then it would be a low draw option ….

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 824 total)
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