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    Good Lifer

    Okay. I think I can find my way around. I even managed to post a new thread :whistle: with an image!!

    Overall, it looks bigger and cleaner and less cluttered. And isn’t it fun watching all us old dogs learn new tricks!;)



    Good Lifer that is a stunning photo! Is it one of your sunflowers? I really must plant some myself as they are such a happy looking plant.

    Good Lifer

    Yes! It grew in my garden last year. Check out the big fat bumble bee too – they loved the sunflowers. They are happy flowers, aren’t they? They always make me smile.


    It took me most of this morning to try and login. Something to do with too many redirects, so I cleared my cache and cookies out (shame I couldn’t have eaten the cookies 😛 ) and went to Spotlight to check out the specials.

    Came home and logged on and bingo! up comes the new site looking nice and spic and span!!!

    😀 😀

    Tassie Tiger

    Yep looking clean and tidy. Still finding my way round. Agree GL us old dogs take a while to learn new tricks:S :huh: time will tell;)

    sue e

    very nice guys!:) 🙂 🙂


    it looks really spunky guys. job well done


    Ok, this old dog needs some help please……………… do I change my profile picture?


    Am finding it much easier to use now that it seems to be working okay. Pity its not Apple powered!!!


    roundthebend post=294509 wrote: Ok, this old dog needs some help please……………… do I change my profile picture?

    Hover your mouse over the ‘settings’ icon and a drop down menu will appear. Click on ‘profile and then there is a list of options under your profile pic in here.

    Click on ‘change my profile pic’



    In addition to my previous comments about putting ‘number of replies’ and ‘number of views’ columns alongside each other –

    Is it necessary to have beside the post that the original post “was started 67 days and 18 hours ago” ????

    It is very confusing and detracts from relevant information like “latest posts”.

    🙂 editingly yours


    Yes, I have to agree things are looking better.

    I like the avatar on the left hand side!!!!

    Something else which seems to have been lost (or atleast I cant seem to find it) is the “my threads”, the threads which I have started, I found it made it easy if I was asking a question (or wanted to update my garden log) and hadn’t logged on for a while it was easier to find by looking through the threads I had started than all the other threads.

    I guess it could be made as a favourite and then be found in the “My topics” tab, but again just a suggestion.

    Well Done Guys, thank you for all the time and effort that must be being put in to make this all work. My experience at computer programming has been for mathematical computations and even that was a nightmare trying to debug, I cant imagine doing it for a website like this.


    So far so good!!

    I am sure any bugs that emerge in the next few weeks will be swiftly dealt with !!

    Judi B

    Looking good.

    I find that it is faster today but then again dial up is always slow.

    I’m going to have to look at BB, just have to find one that will not put the dish on the roof.

    Thanks gang for trying to sort it out.


    Wow the site looks great! What a fantastic job 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 159 total)
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