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    Thanks guys 🙂 I’ll try my best. I had better stop all the manic trying to get a million things done thing that I have been doing 🙂 I think i’m gonna stick to easy plants, and learning to knit/sew. I’ll back off all the other things a bit I think 🙂 I use too many smilies! Thanks for all the well wishes. It’s funny how something so simple can really help with you perspective.

    I had a good night sleep last night and things are seeming brighter.

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Congratulations! I am so pleased for you and your little family.

    Hope that you keep healthy and happy during the pregnance.:hug:


    Awesome news. Happy days to you and yours :clap::hug::hug::hug:


    Congrats to you all, debby-lee!


    Congrats Debbie Lee just relax and rest when you must:hug:


    Oooh! Congrats – that’s such lovely news. 😀 I second the advice to nap whenever DS is napping. Don’t race around trying to “get things done”. It’s never “done”. 😆 Time to act like a princess and pamper yourself a bit – you only have a eat and breathe to be doing an important job. :tup:


    CONGRATULATIONS… Tell you hubby well done on his stright aim 😆 he should take up archery maybe LOL

    I have had 7 pregnancies, and everyone is SO very very different with a few similar features… My 4th pregnancy and delivery where shocking so when i got preggie with baby 5 I was SOOOO SACRED and nervous she turned out to be the easiest and fastest birth ,yet she was the largest bubs (10lb 1oz) 58 minute labour only 30 minutes of very bareable pain( I gave birth and seconds later said I could do that agian it was so easy)…So try not to be nervous and ask as many people as you can to help you visulize a easy, happy birth

    Congrats again very exciting


    that is very relieving mashelly 😀 58 mins! I’ll have a piece of that. Sounds like heaven.

    Don’t worry I’ll be doing the napping atm I don’t think I can function without it. Right now I feel like a zombie and its 8:30 so I am off to bed 🙂

    I am so glad Oliver is sleeping through the night and usually at 12 hours straight 😀


    Just logged on and read your news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations…. your fears are just normal, even if your first baby had have been smooth sailing you would still feel a little fear again….. and yes you will have more control this time at the hospital, you know what is happening to your body this time, first time round its all so new no matter how much anyone tells you….. Enjoy this pregancy…. look forward to meeting you at an IPSWICH GTG in the near future.



    Hi Debby-Lee, congrats!

    My friend and I both had our second recently and they are 2 years apart. My friend had an emergency C-section and had to have another one with her second as it was 1. too close to the last one and 2. the way she healed inside last time.

    Fingers crossed for a natural birth (if that’s what you want) as your body should have recovered well by now. I had a great birth plan that kept me focussed, motivated and believe it or not.. laughing throughout!

    You will panic later on in the pregnancy as you’ll get the “oh no, what have I done” pang in your stomach. They’re close together.. how will you cope giving the first child and second adequate attention.. what if the toddler hates the baby.. etc etc

    It all smooths out so much easier than you’d ever imagine. My DS1 loves the baby and it helped having his own baby doll before hand and reading books about what’s in mummy’s tummy.

    We play “baby” with him, so when I’ve changed baby’s nappy and play with him I do the same to DS1 and coochie coo it up a bit so he giggles alot.

    THIS is what your body is made for! You are totally capable.

    Having a birth plan helps. got one?


    Big Congrats to you and hubby! :hug: I’m really pleased for you !

    I agree with Suzi too – having a flexible birth plan really helps, though it already sounds like you will be more ‘assertive’ this time round – look out delivery staff! 😆 I’m sure they’ve heard it all before…..

    As for having them close together- your little boy will be -what,maybe 2 and half by then? Old enough to fetch you nappies and wipes in an emergency I reckon!

    Hmmm…. just a thought …. don’t want to scare you DL ……

    but are you sure you only have ONE in there ???!!!! :jawdrop:

    You could join us twin mums here! There’s a few of us….

    Now THAT would be close together …. 😆

    Hope you start feeling more energetic soon :hug:


    Congratulations!! My 2 are 20 months apart (now aged 4yrs & 2.5yrs). They are definitely hard work, but I can see how close they are becoming as friends as the days go on. No regrets about having them close together. All over and done with, so to speak. I had an emergency-ventouse-shoulder distocia delivery with my DD and elective caesar (due to dodgy 1st birth) with my DS. I look back on both as happy times as at the end I had beautiful and healthy babies – and that’s all the matters in the end. The ‘birth’ is a few hours in the many years of your child’s life. Hope you enjoy your pregnancy :tup:


    I have had 6 children in 7 years ..the closest gap in there is 11 months apart.. I only have 1 regret about that..and that is that when they grow up they all grow up and that baby thing is all over all at once…otherwise I adore everything about having them close in age


    Lovely news!! Congrats to you, hubby and Oliver. 🙂

    I was nervous telling our parents each time (and I have SIX!) – it’s mad, isn’t it?

    I had a c/s with my 3rd, so went on to have 3 natural deliveries after that (first one 21 mths later), including one at home without a midwife or doctor (very quick baby!) Lots of positive thoughts to you for a fast, gentle, safe birthing experience.

    Our children are between 15 mths and 2.5 years apart and for us, the closer the age difference the better. They’re all bigger now – the youngest is 5 – and like Mashelly said, my only regret is that the baby stage is gone so quickly. 😆

    Take care of you and yours. And keep us up to date with your growing bump. :hug:


    sorry duplicate post

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