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the increasing hardship of the less fortunate – CO2 forces expensive power cost

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    this CO2 climate change which so far has not been supported by hard facts, is causing those down the lower socio economic scale hardships we can little afford here is one such story:

    start quote:

    “Just received my electricity bill. Shock, horror once again. $699.00. My bill was never more than $200 but the last 3 bills have been exhorbitant and out of control!. I live alone in a tiny unit, use the stove once or twice a week, don’t use the oven at all. Every switch is turned off except the computer and fridge. When I do switch the TV on, it’s only on for 10 minutes. How the hell can I be using so much electricity and I have always been a ‘switch off’ person. I will now be using the heater because it’s getting colder and we are approaching Winter. I guess I can expect my bill to double after this one. This is sheer, utter madness!!!

    The ‘smart meter’ was installed outside the unit some months ago and we had no say in the matter at the time. We were told it HAD to be installed. Ever since they were installed, my bills have gone through the roof. I don’t understand it at all, Marianne. I will have to get on the phone again tomorrow and see what can be done about it but won’t hold my breath. This is ludicrous.”

    end quote.

    harder times on the way we trim all usage as well and our bill continues to rise, no money for any sort of renewables, so what are the unfortunate supposed to do whilst they get driven down by the tertiary yuppie wealth type do gooder feel gooders?

    we are caring for a teenage grandson we use 2 small fridges no money to buy bigger maybe more efficent fridge.


    Lady Bee

    Len who are you quoting? Please provide a link to the quote, otherwise I will be deleting your post.


    why would you consider deleting my post lady b?

    this person is a friend of mine and this is what she posted on her facebook, she is not a scientist making and outrageous claim, this is waht she says and when she comes back with update hopefull to satisfy her i will post that as well.

    people are hurting i know a few bet others know some as well, see them on TV regular.

    take care


    Lady Bee

    That’s fine, but you should make it clear who you are quoting when you do so.

    Thanks for clarifying,



    thank you lady b


    Judi B

    It is getting so a person on a low income will have to think twice about flicking the switch.

    We try and reduce what we use we are useing less but it doesn’t make any difference to the final bill the cost keeps going up.


    yes judy,

    it is sad relly to see what is supposed to be a lucky country going down the gurgler, ok if waht we have has to go then lets make something affordable to replace and let’s get it completely developed before releasing it.

    we’dd like some solar and wind but simply cannot afford it, we can’t afford ever increasing power and gas bills, and we need power to pump water, the way it is going we will be back in the pioneer days kero’ lanterns, wood fires and hand pumps. oh! horse and buggies clogging the highways.

    bothers me they talk freely of shutting coal use and industry down but coal mining will persist or qld’s economy at least will collapse. dunno if any place can wear such a paradygm shift, be like reversing the poles hey?

    thank you



    yep, its hard.

    we sit in darkness generally just lit up by laptops here in the evening, everything but the fridge is turned off at the wall when arent using it.

    Im already considering what to do the day I cant afford electricity, hopefully by then my kids will have moved out.


    yep f-l,

    we have gas stove and water and bbq, HW won’t work without water pressure, but could get old HW cistern and set up a jerry rig extruded pipe system. so lamps and buy a goat for milk, and get into the best growing habit we can.

    anyhow we need to stand together or they’ll have us all one at a time.



    Before we go out and start trying to slay the dragon lets find out who the dragon really is.

    Im so sick of the mass hysteria moral panic and mis-information associated with witch hunts

    The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal and the Australia Energy Market Commission also provide precise cost breakdowns of bills that refute carbon tax alarmism.

    Spending on transmission and distribution networks accounts for 57 per cent of the average household bill and 40 per cent of scheduled increases between 2011-12 and 2013-14.

    The industry seeks to divert blame to green energy programs – renewable energy targets, feed-in tariffs, energy efficiency and demand management – but these total only 6 per cent of the average bill.

    Rising retail margins had a bigger impact, the AEMC says.

    The industry has a perverse incentive to spend more, relying on inflated demand forecasts, because of a regulatory regime that delivers a guaranteed return based on capital expenditure and assets.

    The federal government’s energy white paper estimates up to 25 per cent of electricity costs result from peak demand that occurs over less than 40 hours a year. Demand management is by far the best way to limit costs, but the industry has no incentive to promote this.

    Consumer demand, which is price-sensitive, has been falling for some years but spending submissions to the regulator stubbornly forecast strong demand growth.

    The AEMC estimates up to a quarter of $45 billion in approved network spending may be unnecessary.

    Read more:


    Len… sorry. This is absolute bollocks.

    Clean energy and carbon costs are aproximatly 10% of the price increase in power over the last 5 years. The rest is down to network charges and increased operating margin for the distributors.

    Chances are the increased bills are due to

    – an error, in which case a vcall to the power company will fix it

    – The power company estimating the bill and getting the estimate wrong which is a really crappy thing they do but they will refund the diference once the meter is actually read

    – due to the smart meter and the person using a lot of power in peak periods in which case shifting demand will fix things.

    The one thing it is certainly lot due to is carbon costs. The figures are all publicly available from IPART as was pointed out above.

    Oh… and smart meters don’t cause health problems. That’s absolute bolocks as well.

    Lets get our facts straight before ranting next time.



    My bill is about $100 a quarter.(not including the Carbon Tax rebate)

    I have a smart meter

    Solar panels and Solar Hot water but 4 fridges and a chest freezer going for most of the quarter when I go shopping and stock up.


    I feel for your friend and agree that your friend’s bill is over the top – and obviously an error.

    But, like it or not, the effect on power prices with the carbon tax would not be 300%.

    I also agree, get her to call the power company and make a complaint. Get the meter read. and not averaged. If no luck there (and she is 100% sure of her power usage) get onto her local member and get him/her into it.

    The trouble with these sorts of situations, the majority roll their eyes, tighten the belt, and get on with it .. and ensuring they double check switching things off.

    We need to ensure the power supplier can account for every watt used.

    And lastly, I agree that – while it is frustrating – facts should be given and not blaming the first thing that comes to mind (in this case, the carbon tax).

    Our bill has actually reduced …


    The entire subject of this thread “the increasing hardship of teh less fortunate – CO@ forces expensive power cost” is bollocks.

    Tony Abbott tried this line of nonsense in parliament… He was caught out very publicly too.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott began question time on Wednesday waving a bill from Hetty Verolme, a pensioner in Perth, who told him she “nearly had a heart attack” on receiving the $1564 bill. “With an $800 increase in just one bill, of which 70 per cent is due to the carbon tax, how can the prime minister possibly say that Hetty Verolme’s compensation is in any way adequate?”

    Same story different source if you prefer ABC

    It had more than doubled since her previous bill to $1,563 for the months of June and July, and Mr Abbott wanted to know what advice Julia Gillard had for the Perth pensioner.

    He followed up with a supplementary question: “With an $800 increase in just one bill of which 70 per cent is due to the carbon tax, how can the Prime Minister possibly claim that Hetty Verolme’s compensation is in any way adequate?”


    Any more than 10% increase on electricity bills from the carbon tax is illegal, and should be reported to the ACCC.

    Carbon price claims

    Under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, you must not make false, misleading or deceptive claims about the price of goods and services. This includes false, misleading or deceptive claims linking price rises to the carbon price.

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