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    I went over to Thailand to visit my future in-laws for the first time last year. I stayed with my fiance’s parents and they live in a tiny village north of Bangkok. I really enjoyed my stay there. His mother had landscaped their entire garden which included several water gardens complete with fish and more orchids than I had even seen in my life. They grow like weeds over there and indeed the whole village was orchid strewn because one of the villagers works at the Intl Airport and brings home the floral arrangements when they get thrown out. De-potted orchids are literally thrown on the main road in the village and the neighbours all come and pick them over. The rest end up on a compost heap. Gardening in Thailand is a matter of wiring orchids onto rotting logs and arranging them around the garden. That and planting water lillies in large earthernware vessels and populating them with tiny fish. It truly was an eye-opening experience. But hold on, that’s not even what this post is about.

    Everyday in the village the local farmers would load up utes with produce and then drive around the village selling it, much like the milkman used to do here. Want drinking coconuts” No problem the coconut truck will be here soon. 😉 Want banana’s, greens, chili’s herbs? Just wait a little longer. In the two weeks of my stay the family did not even once enter a supermarket. What for? The only thing they bought from a shop was laundry detergent.

    I was also treated to some local wildharvesting action. At the end of his street is a large natural waterway that someone else in the village had released koi carp into some years ago. That water way holds the largest koi I’ve ever seen. But around the waterway grows all sorts of herbs and cooking greens wild including some kind of morning glory they steam like spinach and eat. We all went out to harvest.

    Now if that’s not the simple life I don’t know what is…. :clap:


    Sounds wonderful. 20 years ago I spent 1 day in China and it blew my mind.

    I could not believe the way these people utilized every square inch of their land. Everywhere was ponds with fish and ducks and crop and bamboo for building.

    I was really impressed by their efficiency and returned home with renewed zeal for making the most out of my situation.



    Oh my gosh, Claraflo! Sounds wonderful. Do you have pictures you could share?


    Embarassingly, I make the worst possible tourist by going somewhere fabulous and leaving the camera at home…. :blush: One thing I noticed about the Thai’s is that they are very enterprising. Neccessity gives them the ability to make money out of just about anything. I’ve never seen so many roadside and frontyard restaurants in my life. Everywhere you go you can buy fresh local food for nothing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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