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    So Monday I had to go to work and take DD4 to a B’day party in town while in town I stopped at bunnings to get a price on some floor sheets and low and behold out the front they had yellow pear cherry tomato seedling!!!! I had both yellow and red about 8 years ago then lost the seed one year, when I looked at getting new seed I was informed that they didn’t exist anymore??? :shrug: so after keeping my eyes out for seed or plants I was quite surprised to see it so brought one as well as rose and lemon scented pelagonas. Got home and a hyped on sugar miss 4 just on dusk came a cropper and hurt her arm after a long night of uncomfortable pain in said arm I spent today in town again at doctor and xray and back to doctor (she is fine just bruised) got home about 6pm to find that the goats had got out today forced there way into vegi patch eaten every thing (not so bad as we had just pulled most winter veg to plant spring seeds)all the silver beet and sugar beet but also forced into herb garden and small green house. ate most of the herbs broke the rest, broke the door on green house and ate my $15 of bunnings plants as well as all the other seedlings. :angry:

    had 17 year old son home all day sitting on the couch reading his 11yr old brothers deltora quest, Husband on night shift was sleeping in bed and DS9 in his room not cleaning all didn’t notice 3 goats forcing their way through a rio mesh garden arch or braking the wood door of the green house or the clip clopping of hooves on the front porch as the broke into the herb garden :angry: :angry:

    All hubby could suggest was goat tastes good hungie style no mater how old they are.

    if you see my garden it is the fortnox of garden structure but this has mad me think that I need to increases my security maybe and electric fence for the vegi patch.


    My experience with goats is you do need electric fences!!!

    I think they are the most intellengent, cheeky, frustrating , lovable animals.

    Any one who calls you a silly goat doesn’t know what they are talking about!


    their paddock has two strings of electric fences but one goat has learned that it is solar powered and only has 3 good shocks then needs a few hours to recharge in the mean time the shock is quite tolerable and just pushes through the fence and then the others follow, today with no real sun at all I watched said goat testing the fence then push through so I locked him up for the time being till we have some more sunny days.


    I did say goats are not silly!!!

    I think you need a proper fence unit

    I had a wire near the the ground one in the middle and a top one. that seemed to work.


    Its so frustrating when that happens!! My goats have deer fencing….. :whistle:


    Bummer! I would be very cranky about that.

    I have a red pear tomato here- only does tiny fruit though. They do exist. Dont believe everything Bunnings staff tell you- one tried to tell me roses dont grow in QLD!

    Perhaps check out Eden Seeds online catalogue and see if you have any luck there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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