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    Its an ongoing terrible time for daughter and little one.

    The TIO have come back with there finding even though Telstras been found at fault they cant do anything because its a technical issue.:mad:

    Last week her lawyers pulled out in the hard basket.:tdown:

    She had a visit at home from a heavyweight from Telstra I should say bully boy luckily a friend of mine was there to support, they have publicly accused her of not even trying to ring 000.:tdown:

    Now she has had a call that they want to meet with her lawyers :shrug:

    Kath is at a breaking point little one is having clinical pysc help weekly for what she witnessed.:(

    She said shes going all the way to expose them I cant tell you how on forum but Im worried about her state of mind and this is what the b+#”s want to happen.

    Media want to do a follow up.

    And guess what in September this year Telstra has changed the features on the type of phone she used wonder why:@

    The quicker they spilt up the company the better.

    Pox on them:tdown:

    Shangri La

    Don’t know your situation Jeanie but they nearly drove me insane a couple of years ago with what started off as something so minor they should have fixed easil that dragged on for months. In hindsight I should have contacted the TIO straight away or at least contacted ABC radio, one of the Brisbane morning presenters regularly takes calls about these sorts of problems, may be the case close to you also? The standard of communication within a company in the business of providing communication is beyond belief. Good Luck


    I did have a couple of threads re my son-in -law dying because my daughter couldnt ring out on Triple 000

    Shangri La

    I understand and I really hope it gets dealt with properly


    :hug: Strength to your daughter, grand daughter and you Jeanie :hug:


    Good luck to all. I had an amazing situation with Telstra but was fortunate that it was resolved. The biggest problem is the company, and society in general, has got so big and complicated. I nearly went madder trying to decide which plan to get for home phone, work, mobile, internet, fax ahhhh. I kept getting different answers and offers the further along the chain I went and finally I thought I had decided they switched me through to India to finalise everything and I couldn’t understand what the hell she was saying. I empathise for those who have a serious problem which needs fixing quickly.


    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    I tried to organise international roaming and was put through to indonesia (I always ask now)… I knew she wasn’t on the same page as me and a few days later I got a call about finalising the new handset that I was ordering… :@ Not only do you have accent problems but also the lines are so darn bad that it makes understanding twice as difficult…..


    :hug: Jeanie :hug:

    Nothing like your family has been dealing with, but I have had an ongoing issue with Telstra all year (by last week I am hoping it will be resolved), it has been very upsetting and frustrating and caused a great deal of stress. My least favourite company atm.

    I agree with porgey – it’s gotten too big and complicated. And like Chezza – being constantly transferred to an overseas phone operator was sending me bonkers! :confused:


    Post removed by me, and decided to PM Jeanie instead. 🙂


    See above. :wave:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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