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Telstra got me!

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    Thanks daviesgang:lol:…………………..need to laugh after we spent 3 days trying to get through telstras merry go round to install the bigpond WiFi gateway………………the packaging said easy to install in 5 miutes:jawdrop:.

    Wazza my eyes start to water and my bottom lip starts to quivver whenever DH says give tlstra a ring and sort it out:awch:


    So, have you fixed the problem yet, Wazza?

    Not yet Lady B. I have been too emotionally upset to look at it today. I’ve been in shock and mourning since this morning and I’m still coming to terms with my loss. 🙁 The computer shop rang to tell me in hushed undertaker-like tones that my desktop PC is close to death. It was so young too – only around 6 years – but had lived life in the fast lane, so it was about 90 years old in human terms. Parting with a loved one is never easy. We had spent many happy hours together and flown millions of kms on Flight Simulator. Tomorrow I have to make arrangements for the dignified disposal of the body and discuss what they should build to replace Old Faithful.


    Look on the bright side Wazza! Maybe your new one will work better with your dongle!



    OMG Wazza….I am so sorry for your loss:(. I too suffered this terrible feeling in November of 2008 when my beloved desktop PC of 8 or 9 years lost it’s fight with Obsoleteness and just plain slowly fading away. The motherboard went and we couldn’t replace it as it was just too old:p. So after a month of trauma with little to no internet access I went and bought a new desktop PC and we are very happy together after just over a year:tup:. My hubbys PC was critical and it finally went for the long sleep about 3 weeks ago and he has a new friend in a Hewlitt Packard laptop. May your new PC give you as many hours of Joy as Old Faithful did and who knows…..maybe it will be even better with a flash new dongle plugged into it:metal:


    Yes Metu my hubby has a sens of humour….it was one of the many reasons I married him.:tup: That fact that he knows a gazillion things about computers impressed me greatly as I was at the stage of having trouble even turning one on at that point in my life.:uhoh:


    Hi again Wazza,

    I rebuilt a clients laptop yesterday that has a Telstra prepaid dongle as well as an old wireless LAN card.

    Its running XP and I had it running on my wireless network. Then I plugged in the dongle and installed the software. The dongle is prepaid and had no credit, but it connected anyway (and then told me it had no credit, so it was connected).

    I could still connect to the wireless LAN via the wireless card, so I don’t understand why you cant.

    If you are heading this way on your tour I could have a look for you.

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