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    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    This is a very interesting thread for me. Thank you all for being so honest about the ups and downs of such a step.

    I am on long service leave at the moment, and I must admit that I feel rather unwilling to go back to the stress of the job. I would love it if I could get a part time position in a new situation, and let my life find more of a natural balance.

    I have promised myself that I will apply for a few positions and see if anything comes up but of course the downturn in the economy may make that harder to do.

    I have also promised my DH that I will do the sums and just see what we could live on as a minimum if I did earn less money.

    It is really tempting to think that this would ‘solve all my problems” but of course it won’t. Life is a crazy mixture of good and bad, and none of us can hide from the bad times when they come.

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Hi Chezza,and everyine else,

    We have had a few changes in our lives, I was a city girl an loved clothes and spent a lot of time doing m nails, laying on the beach in the sun and going to surf club dances and discos ( shows my age), but I really wanted to work with animals on a farm and grow food. I was not allowed. I was told that I would never be able to scrabble in the dirt as I was not happy when I broke a nail. I spent a lot of Saturdays trying to make bread from scratch, I married and had 2 children, but things went wrong and we divorced and I had to get the money and support us. I took any job I could and was not happy and just wanted to have somethingI could not define.

    Enter Michael, an American, out here to set up a joint venture between his company and an Australian company. I was working in a bank at the time and met him there.

    We got married and he was told that he had to go back to the States. He was a country boy and knew a lot about farming and self sufficiency.

    We moved to a small town outside of Chicagoand bought a big old house and 1 acre. We put in a garden and it was fantastic, even though I could not work out why we had 30 tomato plants. DH was very unhappy with work as he was sent all ove the world and spent only 3 weeks at home in 2 years. The last straw happend and he came home and told me that he had quit – we had no money and a big mortgage and I had nojob. I got 2 jobs the next day both part time and worked till he got a new job in a small town in Wisconsin in a chicken factory. We bought 43 acres and an almost derilict house.

    We put in a five acre garden and did up the house gradually. It took 6 years. During this time I went to Uni part time and did Illustration and printmaking thinking that I could work from home (so did a million other artists).

    One day I bought a hrse, I rang DH at work and told him and he said ” Where are you going to put it?” I said in the garage. He said “I will be home in 10 minutes” This was the start of out animals.

    I had learnt to make bread and blance and freeze, and hunt deer. We grew enough food for the year and now we started to stock the paddocks with sheep and beef cattle. I was in heaven.

    This lasted for 5 years and we have never been healthier or happier.

    But, as thing happen DH was head hunted to go back to Australia and sort out a big chicken company. We sold up and moved back

    A cou[le of years in the city was all it took to want to be in the country again. And a big corporation and company politics took their toll again.

    DH left work and started doing consulantancy work part time and with me working part time we managed. He was offered a 6 month contract in China that lasted for 2.5 years. In that time I worked and bought land and built our retirement home in a new estate in Nowra.

    He was home for 6 months before being diagnosed with cancer and heart desise and has a few other chronic health problems.

    I manage to garden and sew and make all our food that I can from scratch.. I am learning quilting and we spend most of our time together.

    I guess that I am rambling and boring, but it is nice to be able to tell my story. Thank you for reading.


    🙁 Thanks SL, lovely story!:hug:


    mary dollmary doll

    sewing lady

    i loved your story.

    sending you and your dh lots of :hug::hug::hug:


    Judi BJudi B

    Andre wrote:

    Thanx Bobbee

    I appreciate your comments.

    Still ‘modifying’ the house plans ‘as we speak’.

    BUT, all this is digressing from Chezza’s original request. Could it be that those that have simply walked away, are no longer able to or inclined to get on the internet anymore?


    True Andre, we didn’t really walk we sort of got pushed:noapprove:


    Hi My name is Kylie,

    I have been married to michael for 20 the first house we owned in wollongong nsw we had a vegie patch and I noticed how long the vegies lasted in the fridge and I also made our own bread, kids were in cloth nappies though I didn’t like the napsan to soak the nappies in we soaked them in dettol or tea tree oil.

    we moved to Warwick Qld and couldn’t grown a thing I thought it was me but I think the soil was really bad. now we are in Pakenham in Victoria and we have a normally house on about 720 sqm ( i think)

    Michael has read Linda woodrow book and designed his own chook tractor and the girls are soo happy and it reallys works for us as the neighbours have cats and we have dogs and if the girls weren’t in the tractor we wouldn’t be doing the tractor at all. we love the whole self suffiency idea and would love to have land 100 arces one day.


    Hi Kylie, :wave: It’s nice to meet you.

    Thanks for that story sewing lady, and it wasn’t the slightest bit boring. I am so glad that you and Michael are still learning and growing and loving together. And isn’t it wonderful that you had that 5 years of living your dream, fantastic. :hug: :tup:


    Could it be that those that have simply walked away, are no longer able to or inclined to get on the internet anymore?

    Andre I could understand that happening. Some folks may not be interested in communicating via the internet anymore or they might not be able to afford the ‘luxury’ of the internet now or maybe they live in areas where there is no internet……is that possible, ‘cos I have no idea?


    f there is anyone amoungst us who just walked away from their old life??…. Has anyone here just walked out of their job and decided it was the last day of “working for the man”, never to return??? Even though they had a few years of working life left in them and only ever dreamed about doing it… but then did it for real…..

    That question is kind of difficult to answer Chezza. DH was one of those who was kind of manipulated into taking a redundancy some years ago. It was his choice…….in a way……

    So he decided to try something he had dreamed of, well it was maybe a third or fourth choice dream really I suppose.

    This meant he would be travelling from job to job in a caravan, I supported him and I suppose it was a joint decision for us to take off in the van.

    Some 6 months or so later it was obvious that it wasn’t working out.

    We moved back home and after health issues that had shown up in the previous 6 months, became major concerns, DH was invalided out of the workforce.

    So we had another new beginning.

    This time we both worked at accepting where we were at in our lives. Made the effort to try to enjoy all that we could each day. DH has always made things out of ‘nothing’ and is a terrific hoarder of ‘might be useful one day’ items [and he’s usually right]. He’s a great bushman, gardener, handyman, Mr fix it and Jack of most trades and master of quite a few.

    So we still make the most of life and it’s nice to see the ‘rest of the world’ coming around to DH’s way of thinking, [well not really….DH is unique in that department]. But he has tried to conserve water for ever that I can remember and has worried about the forests and the destruction of the planet etc etc. And has always seemed to be a one man band with those efforts. Not anymore thank heavens. Lots of people are making lots of effort these days.

    Whoops….sorry i do waffle a lot……

    To come back to your question Chezza, the major changes in the last 20 years or so of our lives have been kinda thrust upon us. Yes we got to make choices and yes we walked away from ‘life as we knew it’ on those two occasions, but LIFE threw up the brick walls and forced us to make decisions and move out of our comfort zone.

    Maybe that’s how it is for a lot of people.


    sewing ladysewing lady

    Thank you for your comments, and yes it was fantastic to be able live the dream. It keeps me warm when I slip into remembering.:D


    I’ve just come back to ALS after a period away and have found this thread really interesting to read….thank you everyone for sharing your stories.

    :wave: to Nev who i see on the SSish UK forum!.


    I recently stayed on a station for 3 weeks.

    I was definitely burnt out… 12 years of having a pretty bad time at school, then 10 years of stumbling through adult life- and dealing with some pretty black times along the way.

    I went up north with the conscious dream of wanting to help Aboriginal people and so contacted a priest I had met on a spiritual journey and asked to stay on the station he owned for 3 weeks, to get some personal experience of what it was like for Aboriginal people these days, and to see how I could help them- without just going in for white fella ideas.

    For the rest of my journey, please have a look at my blog at where I have diarised my experiences over the 3 weeks, and found my true purpose in life.


    Chezza wrote:

    If there is anyone amoungst us who just walked away from their old life??…. Has anyone here just walked out of their job and decided it was the last day of “working for the man”, never to return??? Even though they had a few years of working life left in them and only ever dreamed about doing it… but then did it for real…..

    Just thought you might like to tell us your story…… Please…. 😀

    In Oct 2002, I was married with one child and owed about $7k on the house…………….. then I met “her” (aka the ex’s mistress), and by March 2003 I was broke (all the $$ was tied up in a bitter legal fight over the house), and having to support my son 100% as the ex “aquired” a back injury 6 weeks after being assesed to pay child support, and has paid bugger all since. My job was working in a nursing home so my wages were not exactly huge and the hours were long and unsociable.

    So with support of friends and family (and eventually from my new partner), I put myself through a 3 year Uni degree, and pulled us back off the poverty line. Through this time, I was racked with guilt over how much my child was missing out on, and not just from a $$ side, but from having a mother who worked all the time and a “father” who didnt want to know him.

    Then in Feb 2008, my partner and I had a wake up call. Yes we were surviving but we wernt actually living. Both of us were on rotating shiftwork rosters, and it would be common to go for weeks at a time when we did not get a day off together. My kids (ds 2 was born 2006) were being raised by others.

    So we bit the bullet and moved to a small country town about 200kms from Melbourne. As we didnt want to get into massive debt we bought a run house 10 square dogbox of a house on 15 acres. The house had no water, no hot water, no heating (other than the wood heater), no kitchen and no bathroom – oh and the 1 and only toilet blocked up the following week.

    But we had a plan – a plan that if we produced most of our food and looked at ways of reducing our utility bills, that we could both work PT and have it that at least 1 of us was here for the kids everyday. Unfortunately we have had some major setbacks and alot of financial stress, but we firmly believe that the kids have a better life now. My youngest ds just loves feeding the girls (chooks) with his bucket of scrapes, and my oldest son has more freedom – which comes from country life.

    Yes I still struggle with my quality of life issues, and DP’s inability to find work has knocked his self esteem, but we have hope here. Had we had stayed in the city, I have no doubt we would still be on that same boring mousewheel.


    kiwirach wrote:

    I’ve just come back to ALS after a period away and have found this thread really interesting to read….thank you everyone for sharing your stories.

    :wave: to Nev who i see on the SSish UK forum!.

    :wave::kiss: kiwirach!


    We are a work in progress here! We currently live on 6 acres both work, DH fulltime & me almost & we have 3 young children. We have been talking about selling up & moving to a block we have in a ruralish beachside area. DH said that if a part time job came up in a certain field he would apply. We the next week it was advertised! That was last week! So he has applied, we have some skip bins sitting in the yard & we have started on the clean up for if we need to put our house up for sale! I can see us having a struggle ahead of us especially if the house takes longer than expected to sell. Hopefully it sells withing a month or 2 & we can be down there with him by July! Then we will rent while we build a lovely house with a much smaller mortgate. Obviously he has to get the job but I think we are heading towards our dream much sooner than we thought.

    I am already thinking of not paying a bit mortgate, not paying private school fees & being in a country area there isn’t as many after school activities for the kids so we can spend the time walking the beach that is at our door step.


    I walked away from a job I loved because of serious problems witht he system and do I regret it at first I did but when I relized there was more to life then work I found I haven’t missed it at all.

    We sold our house 10 years ago and we rented sadly all the prices down here, have gone past our means now, but we are looking for cheap land, so we can build a house of tyres on it.

    Friends have just made a huge move to Tassie and bought 100acres down south. They are feeling the difference but intend to make a difference in their lives.

    Hubby needs a knee replacement and is on the list. and waiting for it. Have Grandaughter living with us, son has moved out to have his own life.

    You can do things if you set your mind to it just needs that first step to do it.


    Hi everyone, Its great to hear all your stories. Our’s is much the same. I had worked in the retirement village industry and DH is in aged care. We had intended to buy a place in the country to rent out until we retired in about 15 years, but when we started looking at buying a place out here, and buying a bigger place to live in while we stayed in Brisbane, the Brisbane house just didn’t stack up in $/sqm for us.

    So, off the cliff we went, it looked scary at the time, but six months on the transition has been better than I expected. He’s working f/t but I’ve given up to concentrate on getting our place going with food production and animals etc. I do some investing to supplement our income because of course we had some change in our pocket after selling up in the city.

    Yesterday I went to the doctor for a scrip renewal for high blood pressure tablets and she told me to come back in 3 months and we could look at cutting out one of the two medications. I’ve had this for 17 years! For that alone it is soooo worth it.

    We both want to be fit and healthy to enjoy our place and each other into a ripe old age. Cheers to all.

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