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    My sister asked what we would like for a housewarming present, and I thought a standard rose would be a good idea (the previous owners killed one which was planted by the owner before – she was a gardener and they weren’t – and so I figured it would be nice to have another one to replace it, to balance the other one in the garden, yk?)

    Anyway, M, practical as ever, said no, I could go and buy that myself with my own money, but we should ask for a slow cooker. And of course, he’s right (this time) – it would be a much better idea because it will save lots of time and washing up and I’m looking to save both of those wherever I can.

    So, do any of you have one? What brand do you use? I heard that many of them use a lot of energy – is that true? If so, then perhaps not such a good idea after all, because if it’s going to save time but use twice as much power than I would have used at the (gas) stove, then I might as well give it a miss. There is the other option of a pressure cooker, but the pressure thing scares me a little (with the burning and the steam, etc).




    Personally, I’d go with the pressure cooker. I have both a PC and a SC but I’m not very fond of the Slow Cooker, and yes, I wonder just how much power it uses.

    Modern pressure cookers are completely different to the old fashioned ones and I was scared too, until I read the destructions and realised how easy and safe it was. You can make soup or cook a chook in about 15 minutes.


    I have never used a pressure cooker but my sister swears by it… I have often wondered about how much power my slow cooker uses I have to admit!!

    Just the other day I made a soup in mine with the left over bone from my “happy hog” ham. I soaked a cup of soup mix beans and peas overnight then rinsed and added them along with chopped onion, carrots, celery with about a cup of cabbage into the slow cooker. I had no stock so I covered the lot with just water. Some pepper and salt and away it cooked….

    It was very yummy!!


    I use both :tup:

    Don’t be scared of the PC – not scary 😀

    I LOVE my slow cooker – mmm pork belly with preserved lemon. Dunno how much power it uses though.

    The pressure cooker is probably more useful though. I cook up food for the chooks in mine every day (pork scaps from butchering our pigs) and I had to buy a second one 😮

    Think soups, chicken fricasee, stocks, super quick rice, lentils, beans.



    Also don’t know about how much electricity a slow cooker uses, but there is nothing nicer than coming indoors on a cold day and there is a stew or casserole hot and waiting for you. If you chop up everything in the morning, chuck it in the SC, cover with stock and walk out, by evening it is just yummy.

    Actually, I think I will go out and buy a bigger one, my growing family means there is often not quite enough and I am starting to have to boil some rice to make the stew stretch.


    get the slow cooker for sure – THEY ARE THE BEST. I use mine all the time in winter – you can just throw stuff in it and forget it for 6hrs. Next time I use mine I’ll test the elec usage,

    I think you’ll find it more useful with your young family as it’s less time consuming to use and you don’t have to watch it. You can cook porridge, curry, baked beans, caseroles, spag bol sauces……… – I even have recipes for desserts using the slow cooker!

    min is a crock pot – it’s about 20 years old – belonged to my gran but still going strong


    would like the pork belly with preserved lemon recipe i use my SC all the time soups, stews, curries, i lurve it :hug:


    I would love a slow cooker but electricity is an issue, esp in winter when it would be most used. I’ve found that a clay baker is great for meat dishes in the gas oven – cooks at 150-160C in about two-thirds usual time recommended for 180C setting. No loss of moisture or nutrients and makes the best glutinous stock for gravy etc. You can add veg rice beans etc too for one-pot meal. I’m looking forward to trying it out in the woodoven this winter.

    Bubba LouieBubba Louie

    I Just bought a SC from Aldi last week, haven’t used it yet.


    pork belly with lemon!!!!! how lovely.

    i measured the elec use of lots of appliances recently. the slow cooker used 1.7kwh over 5 hours. that’s a lot. so, i make sure i cook enough for least 2 meals.



    I have both an SC and a PC. I prefer the PC if I’m not prepared in time and the fact that you don’t have to use electricity or gas if you have a suitable winter fireplace or better still an arger makes it invaluable. SC is good if you aren’t going to be home in time but it always worries me that something could go wrong with the power etc. if I’m not home. Great if I’m just busy in the garden though.


    I have a 6.5 Litre slow cooker – which I call a crock pot! Haven’t used a pressure cooker before.

    I use to have a small, tall, SC but when that broke I got a bigger one that was longer than it was high. I can fit more into it. But you do have to be sure you can use up that space because they don’t recommend you switch it on unless it’s at least 1/2 full. Your needs should determine the size you buy.

    Mine also has an automatic feature which cooks for 8 hours – runs on high until a simmer is reached, then drops back to low until the 8 hours are up. Very handy if you plan to be busy that day.

    My first unit was the old-fashioned variety that came in one solid unit. Made it extremely difficult to wash. My new one has a removable bowl for easier cleaning.


    I have both a PC and an SC, but neither really got a lot of use until I found some cookbooks with recipes for them. Not to follow slavishly – mainly for inspiration. I’d never realised you could use a SC as a bain-marie for cooking custards, for instance!

    The SC was my mum’s – must be at least 25-30 years old. Unsure of its capacity but it’s quite large, has a removable bowl (chocolate brown ceramic with a 70’s flower pattern :lol:), and the ‘auto’ setting where it switches to ‘low’ automatically after one hour of ‘high’. I’ve made several casseroles and pot-roasts in it, and used it to cook reconstituted dried beans, but it also gets used in summer to make cordial!

    Bubba LouieBubba Louie

    The Aldi one has a removable stoneware centre that I think can go into the oven to brown the top if you want to. I’ll have to re-read the instructions.


    Hmmm, hadn’t thought about power use for slow cooker… I make all stock in mine – throw bones and veggie scraps into freeze until I’ve got enough to fill the pot (it’s a big one) then throw them in with water in the morning, switch off late arvo, cool and put into freezer before bed. But might have to check electricity usage – might be better to do the stocks in a few hours on gas stovetop?

    How can you check how much gas you use?

    I wanted a pressure cooker, but was scared off by reading about nutrients being destroyed because it is cooked at such a high temperature.

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