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    I will come back to this to read it all later. I bought a book called :”he Winter of our disconnect” about going electronic free and my family almost keeled over! I haven’t read it yet but maybe I should read it next.


    I set myself a challenge over 12 months ago, to go 12 weeks without tv as I was finding I was turning it on, watching The Simpsons and then just leaving it on all night and not even really watching, and not really enjoying it…

    The first few weeks were hard, especially the weekend when a couple of my shows were on, but now 12-18 month later I never watch tv (except for others houses or when family come over) and I feel so much better for breaking the tie. I do watch dvd’s ever now and again, which I do enjoy…


    Wazza post=309379 wrote: I don’t think TV is intrinsically evil..

    Nobody here has said it is intrinsically evil. But from my observations people who are into simplifying their lives just seem to find less and less use for it, and from what you’ve said you’re among them. Most people watch several hours of TV a day, and to me it just seems such a colossal waste of time.

    I also used to get very stressed out over the visual images on the news. Hearing the news on radio is bad enough for me – and I find out what’s going on (plus from other sources) without being haunted by horrific images. Like others have said, I feel so much better without it.


    I fnd that i dont watch commercial tv as such anymore. I dowmload any tv shows i want to watch. Mostly documentaries and comedies. That way i can watch what i want when i want it. No adds, no infomercials. Just the show itself.


    We got rid of our TV over five years ago, and it was the best thing we ever did. It’s very true that having a TV makes you want more-not having one and not getting junk mail seems to have killed the consumer ‘want’ we used to have. Now we don’t see it, so we don’t want it. It really is as simple as that. The kids also don’t ‘want’ stuff, they’re not exposed to any of the marketing targeted at them and I believe they’re much happier for it. I know I am.

    We’ve both picked up a lot of hobbies along the way, now we don’t have mindless easy entertainment. My husband taught himself to read past the basic literacy he got at school and is now an avid bookworm, he plays guitar and weight trains sporadically, I read endlessly, I sew and crochet, we both garden, we play boardgames and card games, it’s just like a sickening Little House on the Prairie here 😛

    We watch DVDs on our laptop. I do miss having the occasional Xbox marathon though.

    Oh, and our favourite saying when we’re visiting family interstate (TV constantly blaring inanities) is ‘I think my brain cells just committed suicide’. Or my husband’s ‘I feel stupider for knowing that’. Being without it for so long, I can’t bear it. Most commercial shows treat their viewers like morons.


    We went without TV for a few years, due to remote living. While we did still watch DVDs which we hired when in town, basically we were free of commercial TV and Pay TV.

    Now we are living in town and have one TV on free-to-air and one for the Playstation 3 and watching DVDs.

    EVERY time we watch a program we complain about the ads, the noise, the commentators voices, and pretty much every other aspect of TV!

    I have become aware of how irritated TV makes me and how easy it is to lose huge chunks of time to sitting on the couch like a zombie!! :S

    Thats ok for me, I am an adult but what really upsets me is my Niece allowing her 2 year old to watch hours and hours of TV, sitting less than three feet (I am showing my age) from the screen. While babysitting her,I have physically removed her from pressing her face against the screen.This caused a complete screaming fit!

    When we visit the TV is not turned off and the men sit in front of it with the kids and do not even have a conversation. If we women (sitting at the table) are deemed to be speaking too loudly, the volume goes up on the TV. A sign of the times? To me it is just rudeness. :angry:

    Properly managed, TV is just entertainment and can be educational – I enjoy David Attenborough documentaries – but it seems to be taking over a lot of leisure time, in almost every room of the house. 🙁


    I don’t know, we don’t have a TV 🙂

    I download a few things using bitorrent though (totally illegal of course) The odd documentary (my partner swoons over David Attenborough), River Cottage etc and we watch them on my computers monitor (it’s 30″) so we decide when and what to watch , it’s not very much though.

    I never understood the leaving the TV on thing.. recorders of some sort have been around since I was a kid, allowing you to timeshift your content, ie record something decent, watch it later and speed though the ads.

    As to gadgets, my partner and I just decided to go e-book readers, wow, love ’em. We have 3000 books in our e-library, managed by the freeware, Calibre (woot!, less trees to cut down and less nasty chemicals to use making paper !) and read a lot more then we used to, also don’t have to go to the library, saving the commute 🙂 Hell, I can even borrow e-books from the Singapore library to read on them.

    As to people spending too much on stuff, that’s been around for ever. With the relaxing of the bankruptcy laws, there’s even less consequences for their actions when they over spend.


    I and my four children havent had tv for six yrs. I find we have got happier and have a better self image. I do not get newspapers either except to burn which a neighbour gives me (usually a yr later). I watch some movies on youtube or info lectures and I watch Dr Who via iview when i get fast download about the first three days of the week. We get dvds when they are cheap and only if they are worth the money. Funny enough we dont miss it. I think the standard of programmes has gone down the toilet. My kids sometimes get to watch crap on their fathers tv but thankfully they are seeing what i regard as crap and are opting to not watch it. One of the reasons is one of my kids when they were little saw a doll on an ad and ask for it for xmas because ……was the lines from the ad. I promptly turned it onto ABC instead. When i moved out with the kids to a place where i would have to pay for tv i said lets see if we can do without. I havent looked back. We read books or the kids play outside (they do watch dvds at night in winter or computer games sometimes when its wet or too cold). I dont even use the radio. A power surge as yet again stuffed my cordless kettle (id even bought an expensive one) and the fridge. Ive said stuff this i have the old fashioned kettle i use on the fire/bbg. The fridge im going to use for storage of cans etc I hate cleaning/defrosting them so im going to trial going without.


    We are without T.v, and loving it.

    The mind is able to be set free when you are entrenched in a book.

    But when you plug into the idiot box, the hours and the I.Q melt away.

    Unfortunately my I.Q must have been affected when I was younger.


    willowstarfeather post=312760 wrote: I hate cleaning/defrosting them

    A little off track, sorry but you must have had a VERY old fridge (and inefficient) if it wasn’t frost free ? Generating all our own power via solar, we lashed out to get a new fridge (sold our old one) that would be energy efficient. I would “guesstimate” a 50% reduction in energy use. This way we don’t need to run generators or use use a gas fridge like lots of others around us seem to do. Thanks to the Internet we saved $200 by getting a local retailer (supporting local business) to price match and researched the most efficient fridge for our purposes.


    We gave ours away years ago and only miss it occasionally. We watch dvd’s on our laptops and it’s certainly nice to not have ads to deal with. I know that if I had a TV in the house that I would not be able to resist watching pointless crap so it’s easier to go without for now! Much more peaceful…


    HAHAHAHA!!! Nev!!! My DH would be the same. TV is on all day when he is home.

    I tend to avoid watching the news because it’s so depressing but I do love period dramas and a bit of sci fi too. Of course, can’t go past “The Good Life” which is being repeated at the moment late at night.

    I do lov ethe idea of a media free month – but would that mean no ALS or Facebook?? Not sure I could cope with that!!!



    We’ve been watching Edawardian Farm on BBC Knowledge (Foxtel) and enjoying it very much!



    My TV blew up!! I am so happy!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :clap: :clap:

    I had it given to me by a relative and felt obligated to keep it and use it but the picture has gone!!!! Now I can turn it into a pot for a plant (ornamental) and give the parts to a neighbour who loves to fiddle about with electronics. :tup:


    My TV blew up!! I am so happy!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :clap: :clap:

    I had it given to me by a relative and felt obligated to keep it and use it but the picture has gone!!!! Now I can turn it into a pot for a plant (ornamental) and give the parts to a neighbour who loves to fiddle about with electronics. :tup:

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