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    Sue, it is a big move but I would be very surprised if it is not the best thing you have done. It is for us, anyway. I think the hardest thing for me was leaving all my plants and established food gardens, not to mention my animals (although they all went to good homes). Two years on though, we now have more animals, plants etc and are very happy in Tassie.

    Don’t forget to call, visit, stay, whatever when you come down. I am looking forward to catching up.

    Good luck with the preparations. See you soon.


    All the best Sue for the preparations, journey,property hunt,eventual move and so on.Hopefully one day we will catch up with you in Tassie.I very much doubt we will ever live there but I’d love another trip there sometime.


    there is a gorgeous house in Dover, I’ve got my eye on, – so don’t pinch it on me 🙁 please :shrug:

    sue e

    ha ha CC. we looking further north.There are a couple at Kayena Deloraine that we want to have a look at when we get there. will have to have a lok at Dover on real estate .com. curious now!


    it’s this one, – it’s quirky and it has a mud room – really really really want a mud room 🙂 or a huge big laundry :tup:

    :jawdrop: :jawdrop: always thought dover was up the top – hmm don’t want it now lol

    will stick to the one at railton then – my goodness that was a shock LOL

    would like North/East myself

    all the best with everything 🙂

    Judi B

    Good luck with the move and all.

    I can’t even get my DH to agree about moving but we’d still need to be close to Brisbane… family and hospitals.

    sue e

    thanks all! Judi that’s whats breaking my heart- leaving family- still not sure if i can do it. We will spend a month house sitting for our friends on their property and that will give us the opportunity to make up our minds (my mind -Hubby is real keen)

    Callie- that one is lovely and such a good price!We have friends in Kayena which is up around the Tamar and I have said to DH that because I am in 2 minds about the whole thing that I get to pick the spot and I wanna be near somebody I know in an area I am familiar with.But we will see what the holiday brings. I don’t care one bit about leaving our house – just don’t want to leave my kids and hubby’s Mum is elderly. She does have daughters to look after her but after losing my mum so suddenly I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do.Also since youngest son has changed his mind about coming with us I feel like we are abandoning him. But as hubby says it is his choice and he may yet change his mind.

    The thing is that now that we are both retired we need a focus and really the gardening is something we both love but can’t deal with it up here. We could never manage acreage in this climate. Just this last few months since hubby has been home confirms that we need a reason to get up in the morning(apart from trying to beat the heat LOL)we also want to do a bit of conservation work down there and around abouts. Have done a bit here(tree planting etc) but again the heat is just too much for us.

    We are just a pair of old penguins out of our climste methinks. :shrug:

    Keep the encouragement coming folks- I need all I can get.Much appreciated. :hug:



    First things first. :hug: :hug: :hug:

    We would be in the same position re family , leaving kids and grandies , and it would be a wrench.It won’t happen to Tassie though because although I am a penguin DH is a frog.If you have only just retired and assuming all things going well you still have many productive years and I think you need to be where you can enjoy them.With Skype, email and cheaper flights distance is perhaps not as big an issue as it used to be.Just make sure you get a house with a couple of spare rooms so they can all come and visit YOU !!

    BTW ……statistically December has been a cooler than usual month in SEQ…..and you still have fouind it difficult………

    sue e

    yes I think that’s what’s giving me second thoughts BW.When we have those awful hot days I can’t wait to get away.the weather has been lovely this last couple of weeks and christmas day was lovely. i just keep thinking we could just turn up the air con and sit out summer in the same way people sit out winter by the fire down there. winter is truly glorious here. and as you say with txting, and skype and wotnot we would be able to keep in touch.Yes we keep thinking we would probably come up a couple of times a year and it would be lovely to have them all down over christmas. We are looking for something with aome kind of extra accomodation for just that reason ans well as maybe letting out as guest accommodation as a bit of extra income if things get a bit tight as well as an interest.

    We really don’t want to spend the rest of our loves going to the pokies watching daytime telly and wondering around shopping centres. we really feel like we need a new adventure to keep us moving. And if we stay here we will definitely be downsizing so that’s the choice upsize in tassie and follow our dream or downsize here and try to fill our days.

    How was your christmas with your full house?


    Hey Sue

    We leave Tassie on the 16th (we go every year to visit family and I always find it a wrench to leave). Are you arriving on the boat?????

    Forest Raven

    Hi Sue, you’ll be right once you’re down here, though you are ‘holidaying’ during the warmest months here, don’t let the heat put you off! I usually find Feb to be the hottest month, then it gets cool pretty quickly. I say we have 9 months of winter, and we’re in the north of the state! So it does depend on climate preferences. If you like it cooler, you have more cooler months down here, a shorter, but rather intense growing season, and it’s really nice getting to experience the change of seasons, the longer and shorter days, and what to me feels like a natural rhythm to life.

    Holidaying here is a good step, plenty of people have come down here for a holiday…and then moved! So you’ll be convinced in no time!


    Hi Sue, Yes I agree with Forest Raven.

    From my own experience, we have two boys one 22 and one 21 now, so two years ago when we came down one was 19 and the other 20. The both love it here but having said that, they do not live at home now, and young people being young people, visit when they can but live their own lives as well.

    The people I know that made life decisions based upon their children, have mostly been disappointed as the children moved away with work, had busy lives, other commitments as well … and so forth and they were, in most cases, not happy as their own lives were empty and not fulfilled and felt pretty trapped by the decision. Just a thought to through into the mix.

    Someone early said about cheap air fares, skype etc and I agree with that as well, makes quite a difference and if you do decide to make the move, the children will have a ball when they visit as there is so much variety for them, loads to do and see, so the time spent would be memorable in a different way. Quality as opposed to quantity perhaps.

    Anyway, by the time you have completed your holiday you will have a better idea if the place fits for you or not, so great idea to have that time to feel it out. I am sure you will have a great holiday either way.

    sue e

    Keep it coming people! :tup: Yep we have had 3 or 4 hols down there and I think we have seen more of Tassie than Qld. so we know we want to do it and it will be the best in the long run.I know when we have been down there on hols before I had no desire to return home- it’s just the getting there that’s the hard bit but with all your kind words and us just pushing on we will get it done. I am beside myself ATM – just want to get on the road and get there and leave all this other stuff behind.

    Weaver, we arrive on the 16th on a day sailing so in the arvo some time. Maybe we will pass each other on the crossing! :laugh:

    the ducks are going on the weekend to a place where they will have a dam to swim in, in a fenced in area so am really happy about that.still looking for a home for barry! anyone want a VERY cranky rooster? 😉 DS reckons if we don’t find a home for him he will get him euthanized while we are away.sounds awful but would be a relief if he did but not sure how DH will feel about that! :ohmy:

    sue e

    We are heading off tomorrow, bright and early and hoping to get to Taree. We had our tent practise yesterday,; 😉 that went quite well. Today is packing day!We are looking forward to getting away from the heat up here- 36 today :ohmy: Did the farewell family lunch yesterday. Have made a list for DS to refer to (doesn’t show much interest at this point- am just waiting til the filter on the washing machine needs cleaning or similar) I have bought an iphone so we can keep in touch on the way as well as our little telstra mobile in case of emergency.Exciting ,scary, but can’t wait to get on the road!!!!! :clap: :clap:


    Happy travelling, keep safe and maybe we will meet when you hit Tasmania.


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