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Tassie January 2010

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    Glad you are OK Herbman, and I’m looking forward to hearing about the adventures you’ll have on the trip.:hug:


    Humbug wrote: I’ll mind your bike for the week Herbie …. don’t forget to leave the keys

    No worries 😆 Just don’t crash it 😉 What I know doesn’t hurt me :rol:


    Glad to hear you are ok Herbie.

    Hoping to still catch up early in the new year.


    That’s awesome Lenny. Will have more flexibility because will have motorbike.

    I’m getting the ferry back from Devonport on 18 January so will be back up your area on 17th January as well as 3 and 4 January.

    (edited because return ferry date changed)


    Hi Herbman,

    Haven’t been on for a long time so didn’t see your tassie plans until now. Sorry to hear that you’ve cancelled the cycling. I was going to offer to cycle up Mt Wellington with you – haven’t done it yet and figured it could be good to be two. I quite often cycle to work now (27 km) and it is really nice to get into it again.

    Anyway, we live about 25 minutes on a motorbike south east of Hobart, on the same peninsula as Tassie Tiger, but not as far out. Have a little guest cottage on the block and as far as we know at the moment, noone has booked it in January, so send us a PM should you be interested. It has all the mod cons, shower, hot water, and cooking facilities. We lived in it for 2 years whilst building our main house.



    sue esue e

    so sorry to hear of your ill health herbman. i had concerns about undertaking such a trip at that time of year. hope you are feeling better soon. all your talk of tassie “places to see” am going green again- not environmentally speaking (although am green in that way too) but with ENVY. you will love it!:D:D:D


    Thanks Sue. 😀 I had my reasons for having to try cycling and learned a lot in my failed attempt. Really important things that go beyond the obvious dangers of the heat. The Universe made me do it because I had to learn something about making tough decisions for my long-term benefit over short-term gain.

    I am feeling a lot better today. Except the :@ itchy bites. I am covered in them and they are doing my head in :rip: Though the rosemary tincture and the baking soda paste are helping.


    Will be leaving Brisbane tomorrow afternoon to do Victoria. Will have more fixed dates for those in Tassie who I haven’t set dates with yet when I get back from Victoria and before I come to Tassie.

    Am hugely excited about meeting y’all … If you can handle a canetoad traveling through your lovely island 😀

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    Don’t forget your passport Herbman, and I hope you have the right currency.

    Ride sweetly, and be safe.

Viewing 9 posts - 61 through 69 (of 69 total)
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