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    Day Trip is better in the ferry as sleeping at night can be uncomfortable if you are in a recliner, especially if there are sea sick people around you. Last time I went I found a possie under a staircase that I laid out in with my pillow and blanket. But I have been told that lately they have been stopping people doing that. The times I have crossed during the day have been great trips.



    A night trip on the ferry any night is a horror trip. On NYE? There is a reason there are still tickets available. I would not want to stir in the morning with the results of someone’s overly enthusiastic celebrations in my lap …


    Cool – Thanks for the tips. Will take a day trip on either 29 Dec or 2 Jan.

    BTW – there’s cheap tickets left all over the place around that time.


    I’d be happy to catch up with you if you come through Burnie.

    Either way I’m up for a Tassie GTG in January even if you don’t make it out to Burnie on your bike….

    Lizzy 😀


    Lizzy – I think I’ll be coming through Burnie on 3rd January. Would love to say g’day 🙂


    That would be just excellent!!!!!

    Lizzy 😀


    oooh oooh pick me Herbman, I can fetch you from the Ferry in Devon port,septing I get back from Perth on the 3rd.I live in Gawler and you can have your own floor to yourself. I sleep upstairs there are 3 bedrooms downstairs. pick your own or sleep in your tent outside there are 50 acres to choose me if you want to sort somthing out.



    I have booked a day ticket on the Spirit of Tassie departing Melbourne at 9am on 2 January and arriving Devonport at 6pm on 2 January.

    Rest of route in Tassie TBC. Have idea, just need time to finalise.


    woo hoo – will mow a patch in the (relatively) snake-free area for you!!:clap::clap:


    Local knowledge questions:

    I am trying to work out my Tassie route. I have got this great book from the library about the best drives in Australia and most of Tassie is listed.


    1. Would you recommend the following long return treks:

    (a) Smithton or Arthur River?

    (b) Gordon Dam?

    (c) Southport?

    2. Could I get through the following roads on a pushbike?

    (a) C214/218 – Arthur River to Tayetea Bridge via Kanunnah Bridge?

    (b) C636 – Southport to Catamaran?

    (c) C341 – Premaydena to Lime Bay Nature Reserve?

    3. Are the following roads hideously steep or busy?

    (a) A10 – Queenstown to Derwent Bridge and beyond?

    (b) A3 – St Helens to Scottsdale?

    (c) Any of the other main tourist routes around Tassie?

    4. Are there any must-sees that may or may not be in the usual tour guides?

    Thanks heaps in advance.

    In total, I hope to arrive on the night of 2 January in Devonport. I need to check flights yet, but am thinking of leaving on time to be back in Brisbane the Thursday 21st January because I have a personal commitment on Friday 22nd January back in Brisbane. So I have about 18 cycling days in Tasmania.


    St Helens to Scottsdale can be a bit hairy. Not been on any of the others recently. Gordon Dam has been off my visiting list since they flooded Lake Pedder but it is certainly some of the most complex geology you could possible ever want to see (in a nice way). Southport road would take you through some lovely scenery.

    About the only main route in Tassie that is (relatively) hill free would be the midlands highway and that has a few climbs on it as well. We are the most mountainous island in the world (or so I was told at school).

    Most people don’t cover that much ground in a car during 18 days!!! And the average Tasmanian has never covered that much ground:lol::lol:


    Yeah but I’m from the big smoke 😉

    And I’m really just trying to work out what to cut out. Everything looks real nice … Can’t do everything, but would like to see a fair bit. You’d be surprised what distances you can cover with 60 – 100km per day (only 3 – 7 hours of riding depending on terrain).

    Oh and my ride to Melbourne will be really hilly too … Am pretty much following this annoying yet lovely thing called The Great Dividing Range 😉 … Esp now that I have to start from Brunswick Heads.

    Parattah is on my definate list so far … As is Burnie and the Tasman Peninsula and Freycinet Peninsula. I have a particular fascination with remote places …. That’s why Stanley et al appeals. :shy:

    I am so excited. And really nervous!

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    Herbie, some info is winging it’s way to you which will give you grading on a lot of roads for cycling. Some of those C roads you mentioned may be gravel (unsealed) and if you are pushing into the Arthur River area then watch out for log trucks, mining trucks and rabid 4-wheel drivers. Southport and down that way is well worth a look; check out Cockle Creek perhaps.

    Tell me what rocks your world most: heritage, wild nature, beaches, food, beer, wine, arts and crafts, wildlife, farms, etc. and I can give you some suggestions for some great experiences that are more home grown and less touristy. For instance, if you want to eat your way around Tasmania then call in at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm near Deloraine and try their dark chocolate coated raspberries; Kate’s Berry farm at Swansea for berry icecreams; Grandview Cheesery at Woodbridge to sample sheeps cheeses; Barilla Bay near the airport for oysters ($9 a dozen), etc etc. West Coast and East Coast roads have some very winding sections.

    Is your bike a road bike or a mountain bike? Can it handle some off-road?


    Coles Bay: if you are doing the East Coast. Its superb! But like HBG said, Tassy is very hilly so I hope you don’t lose it on Bust Me Gall Hill!

    Stanley is lovely and the trip along the NW coast is gorgeous especially Boat Harbour Beach area.

    Like Goodlifer said, just name up what’s your thing and we can send you in the right direction as we have it all here!



    My thing is wild coast lines and mountains. I also like to swim if the weather is hot.

    Not really into ‘touristy’ stuff. More a cycle along and look at the scenery kinda guy. Though I do like the odd small-town interpretive sign with pictures of days gone by.

    While I love food, I’m not really into spending money on it while I’m alone – mostly just eat because hungry. And no oysters – all that time away from home oysters might be a waste (or trouble) 😉 😆

    Having looked at the map, think I might depart from Hobart rather than doing a round-trip. Am going to book a flight later this weekend b/c only 1 cheap Virgin flight left on Thursday 21 Jan. Virgin have best luggage allowances for bicycles. So 18 days for Devonport – Hobart.

    Bike is rigid frame MTB style that can handle some unsealed roads.

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