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    TT make it in the summer so we don’t freeze our assets off!


    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Sounds like a good idea. My Birthday is January 26 you know what day so perhaps we can aim for that and you can all come to my place or we could meet halfway so those in the north can attend? Your thoughts:shrug:

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    Birthday cake!! OK, I’m in. Be nice to check out your garden (if it hasn’t washed away in the rain this week … lots of swirling water out my way). And we can make it a double celebration as my birthday is 6 days before yours:D


    Sounds like a plan – you can meet at mine if you don’t mind a building site …

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Ah another aquarian so all the water at your place GL will not be of concern?

    I reckon probably half way would be a better option for those coming from the north either at Jo’s or Ross or Campbell Town that’s if it hasn’t been washed away:o Plenty of time to sort out details. Oh, and I suppose we should extend an invitation to any “lesslanders” who might be here for the holidays. The last lot didn’t seem too bad;) What do you reckon:shrug:


    Last I saw of Ross it was in danger of being washed downstream, or disappearing entirely …


    Glad we didn’t scare you islanders too much TT;)

    Sounds like i would have to take the ferry to get to the next GTG:lol:

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    yeah … I reckon I can meet y’alls halfway. And that would be slightly less distance for all those lesslanders to travel and meet us 😀 Cake … must have cake …


    LOL GL. Read my signature and you can be a happy hippy. I’ll bring you some cake!


    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Well I certainly hope there will be cake:tongue: It is Australia’s birthday afterall:o

    That’s ok RTB by January you’ll probably need a camel it will be that dry:jawdrop:

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    :hug: Deb :hug:



    Maybe have it at Dromedary then? 😉

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Finished reading “They Found a Cave”. A nice little story which was brought to life by having been to the location. A nice contrast to the stuff I normally read. Nan Chauncy wrote about 14 children’s books in her time and won the Oz Childrens Book of the Year Award 3 times.

    Her books:

    Fortune for the Brave

    Tiger in the Bush (that’s me 😉 )


    World’s End Was Home (interesting title given Andre’s posts in his burning dvd thread!)

    Devil’s Hill

    Secret Friends

    Half a World Away

    Skewbald Pony

    Mathinna’s People

    Lizzie Lights

    Lighthouse Keeper’s Son

    High and Haunted Island

    Hunted in Their Own Land

    Roaring Forties

    So plenty there for you to get your teeth into before our next GTG:tup:

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    I just came back from a walk to the caves today TT. Timing was perfect as my friend and I got to the caves and sat to have a cup of tea, and the rain came through the valley in big sweeping sheets, and we watched it from our dry vantage point in the cave. Fantastic.

    p.s. I have a small biography on Nan Chauncy if you are interested and want to borrow it TT.

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Sounds like something Nig, Cherry, Brick, Nippy and Tas would do:tongue:

    Yeah that would be good I would like to read a bit about her. I think I will also try and read most of what she wrote over the next few months. Some of the titles sound interesting if they are still in print:shrug:

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 227 total)
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