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    I know the man with the beautiful beard is bluezbandit’s DH, I think I know RTB, but otherwise I’m lost 😆


    Have arrived home safely. I really enjoyed meeting you all and wish I could have stayed longer. I didn’t get lost on the way to the airport and made it in time. Great photos TT and very quick. ITs good to be able to put faces to names and hope to catch up again, so much more to talk about.:D


    Nadijill: It was excellent to meet you and I’m glad the mob didn’t give you a bum steer regarding directions. It was so good of you to come all the way from SA for our GTG 😆 and RTB all the way from Ingham in QLD, as well. Salli will have to meet you next time. Hope your kidlet is feeling OK now.

    Just like to say Tassie Tiger, that the photos of the cave were exactly the way my mind had imagined it after reading “They found a cave” when I was a kid. Now I want to go and read it all over again. Maybe to my grand-daughter this time. I will go their again in summer and walk to the cave next time.

    Take care and thanks everyone again for a lovely experience.


    Good Lifer

    Green cardigan … me! AND I knitted it, as I found a ‘knitting pattern for dummies’ for which, as it turned out, I was perfectly suited!! 😀

    Your cave photos are great Tassie. Aren’t the formations wonderful? And Eve’s bath is a lovely spot to sit in summer with your toes in the water.


    Having just been down to Kempton, to deliver my plans to Council, I spotted that they seem to have VCR tapes of the ‘They Found a Cave’ movie that came out some time in the ’60s. I imagine if anyone wanted one, they could contact council and obtain a copy (assuming you have the old technology).


    I just wanna thank HBG and GL for organising the event…and thanks for the Happy Hippy Hen eggs GL, Gracie was a happy camper going off to school with one boiled in her lunchbox for show and tell- complete with laying date on it still!

    Can’t believe we got Miss 7 to the top of the hill, but not around to the caves…ah well..

    How did the cake go down at work today GL???

    Tassie Tiger

    Hello HoneydaleFarm,

    great to meet you and yours yesterday:tup: I am wondering if we can post a copy of the group shot your DH took? If you send it to me than perhaps I can upload it to the site (BB) or do you want to have go yourself?


    TT, I will try and post it or otherwise email it to you tomorrow. Forgot to bring the memory card into work today DOH!!

    Good Lifer

    HF – cake went down a real treat!! um … was I meant to take it to work …???? :tongue:

    Someone please tell me Salli didn’t drive all the way from Georgetown to see if we were still there.


    Yes Good Lifer, Salli DID drive all the way from George Town to see if you were still there.


    We really wanted to be there but ….. KIDS! I swear, if you really want to have fun and don’t want kids there, they’d do something to ruin it for you lol:confused:


    Sorry to hear some of you missed the GTG……………….but those that made it had fun for you;)…………………….thanks to all the Tassie contingent that made it all possible, we had a great day:D


    wow guys:tup: that is all so much tasy i will have to come home for a visit enjoy it every one:kiss:


    Salli, you rock!!! You missed this one but it wasn’t for the want of trying!!!! :hug:


    Thanks Chezza! Not for lack of trying, but I still missed it sob….. GL Hmmm…..Iwe did go all the way just in case someone was still there! Well it was a nice drive anyway 😆 Glad you all had a good time :clap::hug:

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 227 total)
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