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    Have a great time everyone! I will be there in spirit 😀 :hug::hug:


    We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all. Hope you all got to the cave before the rain came. Hope you got back to SA ok Nadijill. By the time we got to Ross it was raining. We are just driving thru Perth and it looks like its been bucketing down all day.

    Anyway thanks, lovely folks for making it a pleasant lunch break.

    Deb and Roger

    Good Lifer

    Just waved goodbye to RTB and her daughter from my place. Tassie Tiger and HBG also came by for more tea/coffee and cake. Chauncy Vale was great – so good to meet some of Tassie’s finest ALS. Some of us walked to the caves …. SOME of us didn’t! 😮 And we didn’t get rained on. TT took some photos, as did others, so I’m sure there will be pics posted here soon. Thank you HBG for organising it. Thank you TT for the lift. Thank you RTB for all the cake!! :tup:

    (edited cos my ifngers went dyslexic)

    Tassie Tiger

    Yep just in the door, got the fire alight, cup of hot choclate and about to plug the camera in to process the days adventures. Stay tuned.;)


    PLEASE, hurry up…. :tup: :hug:


    Well I am sort of plugged in – with a very slow and unreliable signal (sound familiar?). And someone had to stay and watch that fire with all the wind and stuff. It didn’t get round to raining eventually – southern Tassie weather can be like that at times. My occasional neighbour appears to have acquired a very young puppy and left it locked in the shed alone while he goes out to go drinking. Wonder how that will work in the morning when Shadow is out and about and there is no fence between the properties? Not very bright my neighbours …:confused:

    A bit of rain has just begun here in Parattah, so maybe it is travelling against the wind and moving its way down the island …

    Tassie Tiger

    Ok folks here we go (I hope) in all our glory:metal:

    Meeting – You don’t look anything like I imaged:o

    Neither do you:o

    Or you:o

    Ok that’s the meeting now lets get into the eating:tongue:

    Lots of yummy salads and delicious cakes for afters courtesy RTB

    Now where is this cave:shrug: Well only a short walk;) oh yeah GL !!

    Time for a rest

    They found a cave

    How long do I have to stay in here:(

    Then they found a creek:o

    Then there was them that didn’t go:tdown:

    All in all a very enjoyable day with some very interesting and real people:metal:


    Well my post didn’t disappear after all.

    Great photos Tassie – and a great day all – so good to see all those people. Honeydale farm (all 3), Bluezbandit (all two), GL, Tassie, RTB and daughter, nadijill (or however you spell it). So sorry Salli that you missed us – pity we did not have a phone number exchange before we started.

    I am stuffed on leftovers and contemplating an early night…


    Names would be nice attached to photo’s please!

    Tassie Tiger

    No Anja you have to guess whos who;)


    Looks like a beautiful location guys. Isn’t the ‘meeting’ part always so much fun. And no-one ever looks like you expect hey :tongue:


    Will have a go at posting my pix tomorrow.


    Great photos TT and it looks like a lovely spot for a get together. I think I mostly know who is who. Thanks for sharing. :tup:


    Great photos TT, love to have been there! next time……definately!!!:hug::hug:


    right, someone HAS to tell me who owns that amazing greenish jumper LOL

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 227 total)
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