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    Having recently acquired a picnic table for the grand sum of $5.00 at auction, I am inspired to suggest that we give it a bit of a workout before the winter chills shut us down and make outdoor activities too horrible for words…

    So how about Chauncy Vale? Just off the Midlands Highway, so not too hard to find if you are not a ‘real’ local, and redolent with memories for those of us who grew up around here …

    Weekends are presumably best for most. Any thoughts as to when? End of May perhaps? Or should we be really rash and aim for 20 June and celebrate a solstice (or whatever it is – shortest day…?), anyway, thoughts and suggestions welcomed and I will start working out how to organise picnic food in the absence of a real kitchen …:D

    Good Lifer

    Count me in!! I like the idea of a winter solstice combo get-together… what think others? I’ll start thinking about picnic contributions I can make…


    Great to have you on board GL – any other thoughts anyone?


    Come on you lazy lot – you’ve been out loafing around in all this wonderful sunshine, I know, but that is no excuse for avoiding the fantastic opportunity to visit a part of our literary heritage, have a picnic in the bush and seeing if we can find ‘the Cave’ … what an opportunity to miss out on …!! If we go for the winter solstice, I might even have an oven in which to cook one of my famous egg and bacon pies !!! Not an opportunity to miss if you can help it:tup:


    I would love to be included but as I’m stuck in New Mexico, I’ll have to live through your reports… for now!! :hug:


    You will be more than welcome to come – though I suspect New Mexico might be warmer … And of course, they don’t sell overcoats quite thick enough in Queensland if memory serves :lol::lol::lol:



    Good Lifer


    OK, clearly Tassie Tiger has not seen this thread yet…

    If you come, I promise to show you the womb cave (and you can be rebirthed!)

    And the great seat at Guvvy’s Lagoon…

    and we promise to post a photo of the Tasmanian ALS contingent that dared to celebrate Winter Solstice at Chauncy Vale! :D:D:D


    Yeah, Tassie has not been on all weekend – hope he didn’t bust a gut heaving sleepers around on Friday …

    And I will show you where I fell in the creek when my sister ‘shot’ me in a game of cowboys and indians that became fairly hilarious …

    And you can stand still on the side of the hill and listen to wallabies bounding off down the slope dislodging stones as they go … It’s a lovely place folks!!


    Well, if you pick a date, Cassie and I will love to come….It’s far enough in advance for me not to have much planned….A Saturday would suit us much better.



    I’m dissapionted i wont be in Tassie in time……………….sounds like you have a fun day planned:)


    Think we are aiming at the 20th of June at present – that’s a Saturday according to my calendar … I am willing to be corrected though Will be good to meet you and Cassie Jilumasam … pity you can’t make it RTB it will be great fun. I will book a picnic shelter with council once we have a few more takers … One with an open fire – I will bring some wood on an ‘in case’ basis.


    Oh well, I have had one ‘thanks but no’ by pm, and otherwise total silence – have you all gone into hibernation this early? Surely not!! I know there is a frost settling outside at present (boy do I know!!), but surely that is the ideal opportunity to snuggle up to a warm laptop and start planning your solstice!!:tup:



    All so tempting – so bad that we wont be going back to TAS for a while after enjoying its countryside for a week during last easter break :noapprove:

    Photos pls! 😉

    Cheers! :hug:


    Crikey – not another ALSer who came and saw and failed to visit!!??

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 227 total)
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