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    Hi guys

    Lately I have been fantasising about living in Tasmania. I think I want the cool and the green and the water.

    How many of you live in Tasmania? And where is the best place to live there? Is it really as cold as everyone says or is there places to live that are warmer?

    Just some thoughts to keep me going would be good.



    Hi Kerrip

    Taz is truley wonderful,we lived in the North West(near Ulverstone) for 2 years and plan on returning later this year.We found the NW to have a warmer/milder temp range and climate variation,with better growing conditions than other parts,we spent about 2 years researching Taz and specific areas before we bought,having a farmer as a husband, helped big time he knew what to look for in that area.Work can be tricky,but not impossible,I am at uni now completing a degree that I expect will get me a job whenever and wherever I need.Feel free to ask specifics if you like,its very friendly and easy going,think Perth WA 30yrs ago,some parts/people are in timewarps but I don’t think that is any different to other areas of the world.



    Hi, We live in the Central Highlands. It is a bit drier there but we love the peace and quiet. We used to live in the Huon but found it too busy for us…just a personal opinion. Lovely land there though. Taz in general is such a lovely place and where you want to live comes down to personal preference as well as finances probably. What we love here is the land was cheaper which enabled us to be mortgage free, a big plus for us and it is quieter. The community is very welcoming as well. Good luck with your decision. For us, it is the best thing we have done. Love Tasmania.


    I live in the Tamar Valley in the north and its just gorgeous here too. The houses are usually warm when the winter chills come but Tassie is by no means the icy place that people believe. During winter we may have frosts but more often than not we are treated by a beautiful sunny day.

    One thing I love about Tassy is that if you want a complete change of scenery you can travel 2 hours in any given direction and be in a rainforest or mountains, or the beach or the flat dry midland plains.


    We too have been dreaming of living in Tassie, so went on a road trip and spent a month there to see if we liked it. We did 🙂 And you are so right Bluezbandit – the landscape changes so much. total spin for a sandgroper!

    As Mauzi says, areas depend on what you are looking for, costs etc. We liked around the Huon area (tho Mauzi reckons it got too wet for her there), also loved around Deloraine (just west of Launceston) but too pricey for us. We are probably looking at somewhere east of Launceston in Lilydale or Scottsdale.

    Though having said that, saw a great property in Judbury today with solar passive house, sheds, veggie patch, the lot!

    We didn’t really get to see much of the west or north west coast this time – we need to be within an hour of either hobart or Launceston for schools later on.

    we will hopefully be there in a year! happy dreaming


    You guys are making my mouth water :clap:

    It seems that there are lots of beautiful spots. What I would like for my budget probably doesn’t exist.

    We did see a property on the internet in a place called Dromedary. Have any of you been there? I would like to know about the dirt there because I am currently working with concrete and am really really really wanting something I can stick a shovel into.

    I guess none of you know where my dream property is? It has at least 20 acres of lush vegetation and (some of it cleared for animals); within 20 minutes of a beach; 5 minutes to a town that has a general store; under an hour to a city; something to live in while we build something; dirt that grows everything I want to grow; a climate that isn’t freezing; windy all the time; or hot as sin (you know about 25 everyday with rain at night); preferably with a view; etc etc and all for less than $150,000 !

    I know its out there, I just have to find it.



    :laugh: Kerrip, DH and I were just talking about this tonight. I was ‘researching’ properties in Tassie the other night :whistle: . Now if only I can get DH’s work to open up an office down there 😉 , we could be virtually mortgage free :woohoo: . Ok, so I’m dreaming but I can try :laugh: . It’s been years since we went on a holiday down there and I still remember it as the best ever.

    I like Scottsdale too but somewhere in the North of Tas would def be warmer.


    Hey MH – but if you’re mortgage free, does DH need an office? :cheer: This is what we are aiming for /dreaming of – as close to mortgage free as possible so we can take on very different kinds of work – whatever is available locally

    and Kerrip – your dream property sounds just like mine! except I’m not bothered about being near a beach. Mauzi had some good words of wisdom at the tas GTG – you probably won’t ever get your dream home with everything exactly right – you just have to work out which bit you can either do with out, do yourself or transform. happy dreaming!


    I would dearly love to move to Tassie, but DH has too much “stuff”


    I can definately relate to the “too much stuff”. I think we should have a cull here even if we stay. 👿

    I think Tasmania sounds like a dream and one that we probably won’t do for at least a year. But I think doing the research is an excellent idea.

    I would love to go for an extended holiday and look around properly. But to do that I would need to win tattslotto, I think. (just so steve can stop work for a couple of months). hmmmmmm another dream.

    Oh HelenM, when you wrote “you just have to work out which bit you can either do with out, do yourself or transform” I had a big laugh, because what we are looking for is truely the barest bones (okay maybe not the beach bit so much). We would most definately be creating something from nothing because if I could buy a property that met all my demands it would cost over $600,000 and I am not prepared to go anywhere near that sort of money. Steve wants a property with resources such as timber and rocks so that he can build me a cabin out of them. Lol. I think it sounds like fun and I guess we have one more property to develop before we retire.


    What about Southern Victoria Kerri, down this way is pretty much like you’ve described??

    Im scared to go to Tassy because I know I’ll want to move there and DH has already been told he would have no problem with getting a job with his qualifications, so Im reading all these threads on Tassy and thinking this is something we definately could do in the near future. (But I love it here to) :pinch:


    The funny thing about moving to “Southern Victoria” BL is that, we moved from there to here 2 years ago this April. LOL. Moving back doesn’t really interest me.

    I have never lived in Tassie though and I feel the pull. 😆


    Yes exactly, at those prices you’ve got to be prepared to do a lot yourself. Can I borrow your DH? I would love to do some building but my DH not keen 😉

    The other place we had a good look was mid-Victoria – some lovely places there too, but not quite what we were looking for – especially price wise


    Many years ago my DH and I built a stone house, here in Tassy, so it is possible. Back then my land cost $4500 for 5 acres and the entire cost of the house and furnishing was $13,000. Oh to have a mortgage that small again!


    Shhhhhh! We don’t want to know! 😉

    I feel like we are getting on a bit to deal with the stress of building a house. Although, having lived int he camper trailer for 4 months, I think i could manage living somewhere pretty small and temporary like a caravan or shed while we waited … must do more reading!

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