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    North East Tassie here Scottsdale area

    we grow all our vegies but wait till warmer weather as the frosts will kill some of the vegies , fruit trees grow okay if looked after

    we have recycle collection and a tip which recycles heaps of stiff plus a tip shop

    we compost all food and lots of other things as well

    My advice is where ever you buy make sure you have great top soil for vegies , you can always buy cow manure , sheep manure etc etc from farmers or road sides , for having much your garden

    I live in a small home not having much land so am limited but I make the most of everything , we compost , recycle , have a big vegie patch , fresh berries , hot house . through summer we use gass BBQ for cooing.

    Around the home I cook , sew , craft and research ways to save where I can , I also have a wood heater which is a stove top for winter cooking


    We returned home from a week in Tassie yesterday. Despite the rain we had a fantastic time. I was born and grew up in Tassie and most of my family are still there so catching up is always high on our agenda. We spent time in the Huon Valley, Sorrell and Forcett, Richmond and Hobart. I love the place and would go back any day except that we are settled and have a great life where we are.


    I have fond memories of summer holidays on Bruny Island – all the fish we could eat and more. Oysters galore and mussels. Definitely a good place to check out if you like fishing. 🙂


    thanks everyone, we will certainly add your suggestions into the schedule. We dont actually go over until February so we still have time for planning

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    how did the trip go then??


    Hi Good Lifer,

    sorry, it has been a year since our trip to Tassie, woow doesnt it go fast. We had a great time, started off in Hobart, did the Salamanka markets (cant remember how to spell) and low and behold we saw the Gourmet Farmer and his stall.

    We had a hire car which was up graded to a 4wD on arrival as the car we ordered and paid for hadnt arrived. We toured the Huoun Valley, went right down south to Hastings Caves and did the Tahune Airwalk in the tall timbers. We found a small farm that made sheeps cheese and very nice sheep icecream.

    Across to Port Arthur and found the Tasmanian Devil sanctuary, up to Swansea (not fond) through St Helens and across to Launceston. Found a Cheese farm and stopped in at a Trout Farm. Found the seahorse farm, amazing.

    Then back to the mainland.

    We are now planing a winter holiday where we will venture across to Burnie and Cradle Mountain and across to the West side.

    We are still thinking of moving over, just so hard to decide where to live. Where would the best place for a Desiel Mechanic and a Government employee be?


    your hubby won’t have any trouble getting a job as diesil machinic is always neede more for trucks. My youngest is always having companies wanting him for his work.

    Go to the Tasmanian job net work and government jobs are always there.

    A friend of mines nephew lives just out side Richmand on the way to Orford. He walke dinto work when he moved there. When we moved there in the 80s even people with trades had to wait their turn to get work so I went and picked Vegges to cover the time. :shrug:

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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