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    This will put you off processed chicken, nuggets etc for life:jawdrop:


    Jamie Oliver did a story on this in one of his shows… its pretty much the left over chook n the male chicks squashed… pretty ack IMO


    Yummo!! Might be time to make my own chicken nuggets me thinks!

    But I think there’s that much food that is similar… ie we wouldn’t eat it if we knew what was actually in it… like dim sims… which I LOVE!!

    I figure with some of this type of food, if it tastes good and we don’t over indulge, then it can’t do us too much harm eating eyeballs disguised as nuggets… right?? (aside from the nasties such as the ammonia that is apparently in the chicken if the linked post is correct…) :rip:


    Fozzie, I worked out how to make own spring rolls, and will never enjoy a takeaway one again. Absolutely wonderful when you can see and taste the ingredients! Dim sims can’t be that much different, wrappers are available frozen for not too much if the pastry seems daunting.

    Also turned my son from slightly cabbage avoiding into Ohh, yum cabbage!


    I make homemade spring rolls too and they are yummy, even if i do say so myself! I use turkey mince and add lots of finely shredded herbs and veges plus vermicelli noodles, ginger, chilli, garlic etc. Makes a cheap meal with a side salad and they are great cold in lunch boxes. I think they work well with turkey mince as it has so little fat.


    Well Greth and lostinthefrog… I think recipes are needed *nods* 😀

    (I’ll start up a thread in the recipes section!)


    I usually go for finely sliced cabbage, shredded ham, grated carrot, finely sliced onion or spring onion. Sometimes bean sprouts, marinade in soy sauce, wrap in spring roll wrappers (a little egg white to paste it together, wrapping instructions are on the pack, not hard when you get the knack)

    deep fry in oil until golden and num, num num!


    all i am going to say after working in a chicken processing plant twice

    not once did i see this,but that was over a decade ago

    though it did turn me into a vegan back then and still am


    Think I’m gonna chunder!:rip:


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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