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    Hey I think if you’re willing to make the trip then you’re very welcome to join in the Sydney get together, wherever you are!

    I’m way too embarrassed to have it at mine. Plus I’m not a good central location.

    Any offers for hosting? I’ll bring some food if that helps :shy:


    I’m definately in as I missed the Higlands GTG as well due to renovations.

    I’m out near Fairfield and happy to host.

    I’ll just have to get my act together and clean all the chook pens out is all. Though be very aware I might throw a paint brush in your hand as I want to paint the outside of the house now ;):lol::lol:


    Me I want to come too:shy: Love to meet everybody:hug:


    Are you near a train line Sebastian?

    Sounds Ok to me, I’m 40mins away (Hornsby).

    Are we going to make this kiddie friendly or a no kiddy zone?


    I am about 400 metres from the station and a flat walk. Kiddy friendly no prob,although I don’t have any LOL. Will get my childcare aunt to come and do a safety inspection on the yard.

    Was looking for a good reason to have a house-warming so a GTG is a perfect opp. Just upto everyone else if they want to have it here.

    Will also need to know what everyone would like me to put on or do for it as this will be my 1st GTG.


    Hey well I don’t see why we can’t all bring a plate (with something on).

    I’m assuming just nibbles right? Arvo tea type thing.

    If we do it after lunch and before dinner, that’s all we need (and it would keep costs minimal).

    or am I just a miser, i dunno:tongue:

    How’s 2-4:30pm keep it short and sweet. chat and a chill out.

    What does anyone else think?!!


    Sounds good to me – any idea of when? I am happy to car pool if someone lives near me



    We can try for 14th or 15th or 28th/29th is best for me as falls on pay week.

    If a BBQ is wanted thats cool I just need to know what everyone wants etc.

    Suggestions from other hosts/hostesses would be great;)

    So we need a definate date and numbers etc.

    Wish I had been living here longer so I would at least have had vege gardens going but they are at the very least a work in progress. 😆


    14th/15th not good for me unfortunatley – daughter and SIL are moving out 😀 that weekend!:tup: 28th/29th would be OK.



    28th looks ok for me and am happy to carpool with people south of Sydney.

    Absolutely – BRING A PLATE. True Aussie tradition to spare the host catering trouble!


    I would love to join in too , just let me know what date , as i couldn’t make the southern highlands GTG due to family stuff.


    good oh. i’m in, even tho i was at the s highlands gtg 😆


    Opps I just realised this afternoon that I have a 25th Anniversary chook show the 28th/29th and I am the nominated kitchen kid.

    So how is the w/e before or after for everyone??

    I just figure more notice is prob best for everyone….sorry I forgot about the chooken show. Could be the 29th but I will no doubt smell very chickeny and not sure what time I will get back from Wyong.


    W/E before should be OK for us – or do it at our place…….


    Ah! Wombat, you’d have to cook us all a roast in your solar oven 😆

    W/e before is out for us.. good for the 5th July.

    I’d definately say bring plate, don’t want it to cost the host much, especially since we’re all frugal folk right?!;)

    what say ye?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 183 total)
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