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Swing set chicken coop

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    Or what we should have done in the first place 🙂

    It wasn’t that long ago we received our new coop bought online. It took all of about a day to realise after we rushed out and bought the 4 ISA browns, that owning chickens is very addictive and the coop wouldn’t be big enough.

    I was in a bit of a quandry after having paid good money for a small coop and there was no way that I could justify buying a bigger one. My son Asher volunteered to build me a new larger coop if I came up with a design. We turned the large old Hills swing frame into the frame, used some timber left over from the deck and various projects, bought 4 lengths of timber and 5 sheets of colourbond from the local salvage yard, bamboo stakes lying around and 1 roll of wire from the hardware store. A drawer from an old divan bed dumped in an abandoned carpark became the egg nesting box.

    DH’s final contribution was to place the KFC lid on the apex over the door. We could call it the Kennel For Chickens but I think you would be familiar with his thinly veiled threat 😉

    So all up,, the only new materials used were the wire and fixings/latches. Everything else was lying around home or from the salvage yard and total out of pocket expense was around $100 with the tin costing the largest amount.

    pics are on my blog (they are huge if I load them here)

    I may still get some strips to close in the edges of the corrugation I think unless you think that much ventilation is ok and not too draughty?.


    how gorgeous is that!

    I, too, have an asher and a new chicken coop. (my asher is 3, so he wasn’t much help.) we built ours out of a horse shelter that hasn’t been used in many years – also with rescued materials.

    there’s nothing as nice as making something fabulous out of rubbish.

    sue e

    what a chook palace.!:D:D


    Looks great – a lot better (and less draughty) than my chicken coops. It depends on your climate whether you want to close over the edge. If you have hot summer days and only a few days of frost, I’d say no. If you live in tassie, probably yes.

    Fantastic :clap:


    Thanks, it certainly does get hot in Summer. I guess I could put a tarp on the end if the weather was particularly bad. I’m not sure how I am going to tell if they are getting too cold though, unless they hand me a petition lol.

    jennifer g

    Love your blog, it’s awesome!

    great idea for the chooky tractor, sure is a palace :tup: is it very heavy?



    Great Coop! Very palatial – well done to all involved.:clap:

    I don’t know where you live, but our winters are very wet and chilly and our chooks just have a big nesting box and a completely open coop (except for a roof)… so during winter, they sleep in the box, and in summer they sleep on a perch… when we built it we didn’t know what we were doing, but funnily enough we get bigger and more eggs in winter than we do in summer!


    Sounds good kalex, it seems they have sorted it out themselves 😉

    Jen it is very heavy. I’m not planning on moving it around if I can help it. the timbers on the end are very heavy and thick, way over what was needed, but what we had on hand. if it had wheels at least on one end it would be easier to move. I had thought of using tin on the end as well but we would have needed to buy more and the timber was just lying around.


    I love the chicken coop. The swing is a great idea. it looks quite roomy inside. i am always looking for ways to reuse things as well. i have 6 chooks . i also just happen to have an old swing set down the back which i was going to use as an archway and grow some vines(either ornamental or food) on but you have just given me an idea :clap:


    I love the look of it, I only wish I had something just like it I could build in my back yard. I could then move some chickens to my front yard.


    We’ve just started up here in Tassie,and I had my eye on the old swing set for a chook house and then I saw yours!! We’ve had a look around and have managed to rustle up some iron for the sides and your photos have given us ideas for the inside. Reckon we may take the iron down both sides, being in Tassie we want to make sure they don’t get cold. I’ll post a piccie when we get round to making our chook house.

    Thanks for the pictures!


    That is fabulous!!! :tup:

    My neighbour has just put a swing set on the naturestrip for the council hardwaste pick up. Might have to see if I can convince DH it would make a great chicken coop.:D


    Excellent work, love it :clap:


    yay! we did this recently too. it’s so much easier than mucking about with big bits of wood/metal trying to get it right.



    i keep collecting old swing frames from the neighbourhood. Got three now. Two are goat shelters. One to be turned into chook pen. I also have an old trampoline frame. Think of meshing it over adding a small built in shelter and place old bike wheels on it to move it around the yard. It is all store in my brain for later refernece.

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