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Support needed

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    Smurfy, go for any job that comes along… Once you have a (any) job I find other (better) jobs are easier to get…

    Do some solicitor work for free with charities or similar so your face is recognised and you get some experience….

    Because you have been in a caring position at other times maybe start in that area looking for a job… You just don’t know who you’re going to meet out there who knows someone who knows someone who is looking for someone, iykwim….



    There is a solicitor down here that works out of her husbands car yard. Offer services for free or cheaply to gain your expreince. Plus like Chezza said you will meet people who are of help to you.

    Hubbys job ends this Friday and mine is on the line. Like a lot I have a box full of books and sstuff for Ebay to be sold. Things we don’t really need. A garage sale is for April so I can get things together I don’t use that are too heavy to post.

    You use this period as a time of learning.:metal:

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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