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    Hi all….I hope that you don’t mind this post…it is a bit of a whinge, but I really need to vent and hopefully gey some support from my online friends!

    Things have been tough lately – Oh lost job on Nov, but luckily I had 3 months of work which just scraped us through! Then to make things worse, OH got very ill with amozzie borne virus which has him bed ridden at least half the day and unable to work. This may last weeks, months or years (Doc’s have no clue).

    Well, my contract was extended for two weeks….and I am now unemployed too. I have had an interview for a FT job with the same firm, and should hear this week if successful. For many reasons, I have doubts that I will be offered the job, despite having worked my arse off over the last 3 months in a junior position to gain experience and make a good impression.

    I have so many doubts and so much stress! Only one small newstart allowance (mine in limbo until after outcome of I/V, but have registered so I can be back paid if I make a claim). No one will put him on a sickness benefit….only a 3 month Centrelink med cert to exempt him from work.

    We just got this weekd $$$ – so many bills and just not enough money. Mortgage will not be paid, and rego….well. We are so low on food (most stockpiles used up) and no chance of a decent shop for a while.

    I am sorry to whinge…I keep trying to be positive and hope that things will improve, but the stress is just getting at me. I know we are still better off than many others and it could be worse. Between looking after OH and worrying about his health, and trying to figure out how we can survive…the stress and anxiety keeps creeping in.

    I have no other family, so my small family unit of OH and 2 Doggles is my support system.

    Thanks for listening, I appreaciate it.


    My heart goes out to you smurfy:hug::hug::hug:


    Visit the Salvation army or Lifeline for financial advice. They should have counsellors who can help you through this process. While they may not be able to provide you with more means to pay the bills, they can help you with how to approach Centrelink and your various debtors.

    It means you won’t be left feeling like you’re floating alone, with no plan.

    Sorry to hear what you’re going through. It can be a scary time. But there are people who know the various legal requirements, and can help you write up a financial plan. You may not get on top of your finances straight way, but you’ll have something to work with and towards.

    Look in your local yellow pages for a Lifeline or Salvation army help line. It won’t hurt to give them a a call.

    All the best. :hug:


    Hi Smurfy-sorry to hear of your tough times-DH and I have been there and done that many times! I’ve never tried it but I do believe that some of the charitable organizations will help out with bill payments in case of dire need so that is worth checking out-they also do food parcels & supermarket coupons I think-don’t be shy about it, thousands of people do it on a regular basis. Also for quick cash top ups maybe have a garage sale, most of us have stuff lying around that we don’t need or use and it is suprising how much a garage sale can bring in, also market stalls are good and maybe ebay selling but for ebay do a bit of research first and see if the items you have are worth the hassle of listing. When I first started I was amazed at the value of some of the old books I had lying around-don’t part with anything dear to you tho’! The good thing about these money making ideas is that they won’t affect any Centrelink income you have and are cheap and easy to do, just a bit of time……something, in my experience, that you have lots of when you are broke.:D Good luck and hope things pick up soon.


    There’s lots of good advice here about budgeting and clever ways to make do with very little.

    Now is a hard time to be growing your own food, but perhaps be thinking about what you could do come autumn – lots of veg in the garden certainly saves a lot of $.

    Car regos are a bugger – they’ve gone up so much here in Qld. We’ve just ebayed a car and next the trailer is going – we’ll get a smaller one though as we need one to pick up free stuff to make compost and to build things here.

    Are there any community networks you can tap into – a food co-op maybe – if not could you start one?

    I’m doing that here in Eudlo on the Sunny Coast. That way people can work in the co-op and be paid in food, rather than $$.

    This could be a time to get some really innovative things happening in your community – because I bet you’re not the only one who is this situation.

    Is there a LETS in Gympie?

    Hope you find some answers and don’t be worried about asking questions here – there are a lot of clever people with a lot of good ideas.




    oh smurfy

    so sorry to hear about whats going on .

    dont be shy about going to any of the charities , like others have said.

    our anglicare down here often have a box groceries in the office reception and its available for anyone in need to help themselves to a few grocery items free. and they will often help with gift vouchers for major supermarket chains for u to purchase essensials. like others have said , they are there to help in times of need ( just dont be too proud to ask )


    I have nothing else to add except my best wishes for all this to work itself out for you.



    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Smurfy this is such a tough time for you! I encourage you to talk to us and to anyone closer who may be able to share the burden with you. Some years ago my DH was unemployed for 18 months and we were able to get a ‘hardship provision’ from our superannuation to enable us to pay the mortgage.

    I would also encourage you to approach any one with whom you have a debt, to arrange a repayment schedule you can afford. Financial counsellors will do this for you.

    I would encourage you to approach the charities for assistance -they will be able to help with some food, at least. Centrelink can also provide a loan so ask to see their social worker.





    I’m selling stuff on eBay at the moment to get some cash. It can be quite lucrative. Have you got something you can sell?

    Definitely make an appointment to see the bank manager straight away. If you talk to them early, they should be helpful.


    Very sorry to hear that. I hope you get a sense of security soon. Do look into the suggested services tho. That is what they are there for. Even if you can just get some sort of discounts or something. It all adds up.

    I’ve got some stuff going on ebay too. All the kids clothes that never got worn, or barley worn. Some of it is starting too add up. Lots of stuff going cheap that otherwise would have gone to charity. (lifeline gets heaps from us as they are just up the street ;)) All the little things are adding up. So I feel like I have contributed something by doing so.

    Growing a few basic vegies, pumpkins and zucchines are good. Easy and prolific. I have various seeds if you would like some. (I’m not growing this season (new baby)

    I hope things get better soon 🙁 We just had a huge vet bill pop up 🙁


    Go to Community Services and see if they can help you. You should be allowed to get a bit of money from the Government. Salvos are really good.

    My son used to be night fill manager at Woolies in Gympie a few years ago and they only employ older people there so if you are not too far out of town try there.

    I wish you all the best :kiss1:


    Hello Smurfi , first of all have a :hug:, a lot of us have been there or in similar situations,and gotten through it. and you also will get through this, there is a’ lot of good advise from other ALS , We wish you well and will be thinking about you, let us know how you get on






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