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Supermarket "sourdough" scam.. I'm sure you all know

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    Right, here I am after my 4 day vegan diet that I posted about a while ago. Not vegan since but very much smaller meals, low GI, no refined food in sight and a butt size smaller – woohoo! Hello old clothes :tup:

    Anyway, anyway, in my quest to find a purist sourdough recipe that produces a nice loaf (not a brick), I’ve been buying it from the supermarket.

    Food label reading being my favourite past time I’m wondering how I missed it before now. ALL of the “sourdough” breads in Coles and Woolworths are the same as crappy bread but with sourdough as a flavouring element. Sometimes not even that – vinegar to make the taste!

    This is a big problem. This is seriously misleading. Anything with yeast in it wouldn’t have had adequate fermentation time, inhibitors wouldn’t have been removed properly from the seeds and grain, the GI rating wouldn’t be as low and those with special diets to follow might be making themselves ill with it.

    The only brand I’ve found in both stores to be a true sourdough was an organic brand.

    So It’s obvious they do it to make production faster = money.

    How annoying!! :pinch:


    I suspect we have been had with something similar. DH bought some ‘sourdough’ from a local well known bakery and it was almost inedible from the taste of vinegar.

    The other day I bought a sourdough loaf (genuine) from a local well known sourdough bakery at the fruit shop. Miles apart in taste and quality.

    I don’t doubt there are those on low GI diets and the like making themselves sick with this garbage thinking they are doing the right thing.


    My sourdough recipe has water, flour (organic) and sourdough in it. Is that purist enough?

    Did I give you some of my starter? I’m baking again on the weekend so if you need some I’ll put it aside for you.

    If you don’t want to make your own, brasserie bread does a nice sourdough but its expensive. I have spoken to their baker and its the real deal.

    Supermarket sourdough and the stuff you get from bakers delight is just yeast risen bread with a little sour dough (or flavouring) for the flavour.




    Yes please Dave. What I have is yours but I’ve frozen it a few times.

    What astounds me is that recipes say to let rise and then knock down after two hours!!! Mine takes 12 hours just to rise to half what a yeast bread does.

    I think I’ve killed jabba….


    If you use a hot prooving box to rise the bread in you can get a 2 hour rise even from a sourdough. Generally though any recipe that gives a short rise has some added yeast.

    In my recipe, I let rise for 2 hours then shape into the final loaves (the English call that knocking down the French call it shaping) and let rise for a further 12-24 hours.

    The initial 2 hour rise is mostly to let the glutens which were all tense from the kneading relax and let the dough become elastic for the shaping.




    Fred is a beaut bloke. He has been lifting the rye flour like no tomorrow but he’s been struggling with the multigrain, possibly too much grain and less flour as the first dough was too wet as per original instructions. I’ll have to seive out the grains and check the actual flour weight and adjust water accordingly.

    I knew about the cheating breads of the supermarkets a while but thought most of us who strive for real sourdough did as well 😛

    I cut out all processed foods and now that off them I feel great and when I come across them again such as eating at someone elses place I really feel it including mild allergic reactions well afterwards 😛



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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