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Sunbeam Dehydrator – any experiences?

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    I’ve borrowed one of these from MIL, and have tried it twice now with no success. The food burns in places, and all tastes horrible. Is it the dehydrator, or my ineptitude?


    I’ve tried a Sunbeam and an Aus-made one with the motor at the side.

    Both of them seem to take much longer than their manuals say, and my kids didn’t like the dried fruit at all. I’d say it’s an acquired taste.

    they were good for drying herbs tho, and if it used less power I’d like to do more tomatoes. Building a solar dehydrator is on my wish list 🙂


    Have a look at the one I made its in my photo album. It uses a thermostat fan heater as the heat and fan. We have been using it far a while now and it works great. Does fruit leather also.



    Thanks. I think I’ll give the sunbeam back, and try making a solar one. Not like we don’t get enough sun around here.


    Rinelle wrote:

    I’ve borrowed one of these from MIL, and have tried it twice now with no success. The food burns in places, and all tastes horrible. Is it the dehydrator, or my ineptitude?

    I would say a bit of both .. :tongue:

    We got a sunbeam dehydrator off freecycle in perfect condition. It is SHITE!!!

    If yo serious about wanting to dehydrate get a square shaped one. For somereason the square ones are much better.

    Also make sure the fruit you dehydrate is good quality. Just like with cooking wines and all other ingredients you must use good qulaity if you want the food to taste ….. well GOOD.

    You may also like to “dip” some fruites in a concoction such as lemon and sugar or balsamic vinegar etc.

    This is a cooking process just like any other and takes pracitce.

    Just get rid of the sunbeam and get a good one.


    Hi I thought it was just me.

    I had one but gave it away on Freecycle (maybe Spanner got it???). Anyway I had limited success with fruit & veg but did ok with herbs.

    I eventually found that it was easier to dry my herbs in the sun or oven after all the fluffing around with the dehydratrer and then cleaning it!!:tdown:


    uh oh i have just bought one not sunbeam different brand…i hope i havent wasted my money


    Which brand did you get sarah? I have a HarvestMaid, and a big square one I got off ebay. Both are fantastic!


    hi there i got this one

    it may be crap i know someone that has one and they were happy with it, we were going to get one that was a few hundred dollars but i wanted to try a cheaper on first to make sure we use it and it works!! ha


    Just a simple 2 man tent worked really well for me this summer drying fruit leather. No insect, ants and on those 40 deg C days it was dry by late afternoon. I put a thermometer in there and it reached well over 60 deg C. I left the fly off the tent to vent the air better too.


    I’ve had a Sunbeam Food Dryer for about 4 years now, and I’ve had no trouble with mine. It’s dried bananas, apples, pears, fruit leather and veggies with no problems. Basically dried everything I’ve needed to so far.

    I have the basic one, only ‘on or off’. My Mother-in-Law and a friend of ours has the fancier one (different settings) and they haven’t had any problems with theirs. MIL bought me mine for my birthday.

    I found the best way to dry it in the time stated is to leave a rack in between each layer. Seems to circulate the hot air around much better.

    I have to dry double the load of apples, as my kids love to pinch them straight out of the dryer when it’s on.


    I was looking at these in the electrical shop the other day – the Sunbeam was the cheaper one but the racks were slimmer than the Ezi-Dri. Has anyone used the Ezi_Dri with success. Do they really use a lot of power? You have to leave them on for 8-12 hours don’t you?


    I’ve read they use a lot of power. I have the Sunbeam one. It works fine although it does take longer than what the instructions say. You need to rotate the racks numerous times as well.

    The main thing I don’t like about it is that it is really noisy! When you are running it for that long, you need to find somewhere to put it so that it is not going to annoy you!


    i have a harvestmaid one with variable temp and i love it! i do herbs and f+v in it. have recently made a foray into dehydrating meals in it as my two older boys are in cadets and need light, filling food and i wont buy the cr@p in a can stuff for them.


    I have the ezi dry one and havn’t notice any increased usage in our power bill. I love it to bits, i dry apples apricots and lots of other fruits, make fruit leather constantly and dry a lot of vegetables.

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