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Suggestions for books for a 7yo boy.

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    My 2 older children the eldest being 13 would struggle with some of the suggestions however my youngest thank goodness takes after me in reading and is a fast and quick learner and enjoys the whole Diary of a Wimpey kid series.


    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but Scholastic has its book club set out in age levels, so that may be useful?

    Checking out that list, I received Wind in the Willows for my 11th Xmas and hated it. So I’d strike it off the list lol But loved, loved, loved the purple crayon stories! Ditto James and the Giant Peach. Frog and Toad are friends seems familiar too, but I think that is from too many years ago to remember lol

    Someone mentioned Christopher James (I think) and his tripod series. Absolutely adored these and found “The City of Gold and Lead” a couple of years ago for the kids. Now to find the first 2 books lol


    Another one my eldest has just become interested in is the Brotherband series by John Flanagan. They’re long but he can’t put them down.


    Its hard to go past the Secret 7 of Famous 5 Enid Blyton stuff.

    If you want to avoid trips to the library consider files available online. See for tens of thousands of titles. You may have to fiddle a bit to download but certainly not impossible. PM me for detials.

    A tablet reader is possibly a great investment = Kindle etc. Free downloads are everywhere eg. and you can read them using Adobe digital editions which is a free download


    #525418 has thousands of excellent reads for kids and adults, fiction and non-fiction, even audio books etc.

    Your 7 year old should be able to eat up this kids version of Treasure Island. I used the RAPIDSHARE link and selected the green download button – it took seconds.

    After it downloads select OPEN and then double click on the red pdf symbol.

    I’ve already emailed it to a friend in Thailand who is learning English – I think as an Adult they will enjoy it also. I won’t add the file here as it may contravene some guideline.


    Granddaughter has jsut finished reading a book by Jackie French called Dingo, The Dog who Conquered a Contintent.

    I read it after her and found it very interesting to read and I will look for more of her books.

    She also has a Wombat book and Pete the Sheep by Jackie French both excellent books :tup:

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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