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    Hi, we need some advice. We will appreciate all opinions and recommendations.

    My wife and I are wanting to move to a small farm in rural/semi-rural Queensland with the dream to establish a small organic and lifestyle farm.
    Finding the best area is quite difficult, since we have never lived in Queensland.
    We do however have some requirements, which makes the choice of area/town difficult.
    • Small to medium farms +- 3ha to 25ha
    • Proximity to the sea: either close to the sea or otherwise up to an 45min from the sea
    • Good primary school and possibly high school also within up to 10km radius
    • Accessibility to basic shopping facilities up to 10km radius
    • Vibrant and caring community
    • Distance to Brisbane +- 50km to 150km
    • Accessibility to public transport if possible
    • Many trees / plants and mountains if possible, even bordering a nature reserve / forest
    I know this is asking for a lot but any suggestions of areas towns to be considered will be of great use.
    We will be road tripping in a month to scout.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Peter, we have all of that here in Boonah except the Gold Coast is an hour away and there is no public transport. 🙂


    Hi Steve, thanks for your recommendation! I will certainly add Boonah to our shortlist 🙂

    Seems lovely with great small farms in the greater area.

    Hi Peter, I second Steve’s comment above but would say that anywhere in the Scenic Rim isn’t too bad 😉 .  We’re in the Gold Coast hinterlands, bordering Lamington Nat Park and it’s a very beautiful area.  If you can go up higher in the mountains you don’t get the humidity as badly but I guess that depends on where you’re moving from.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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