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Subdivding Land-How much to do it?

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    we are interested in buying the land to the back of us from our neighbour and wondered what the price of subdividing would be anyone have a genreal idea


    My cousin in-law was looking into doing something like that a couple of years ago, it was going to cost them about $20k.


    Hi mashelly

    Your best bet is to contact your local council to see what the rules are for subdividing. Some areas have limits as to how small a block can be.. also depends on the zoning – low density residential/ rural etc .. bear in mind also, road access is a requirement for councils, so depending on where your parcel of land is situated, there will need to be an easement to allow for an access road. There are fees involved for planning applications etc too..

    Also, get a few quotes from surveyors.

    LAst year, I was considering subdividing my 60 acres: keeping 50 for myself and making 4 x 2.5 acre blocks.

    I received several quotes- the average was around $4,500 + disbursements + gst.

    I believe ‘disbursements’ to be extraneous costs, including council fees etc

    I hope this helps.



    There may be some difference in costs etc if you are creating a new title or moving the land from the title it is under now and putting in under your own title. If that makes any sort of sense :blush:


    here is a picture of theland… yellow is how the entire parcel of land once looked..then 20 yrs ago the current owner subdivided out our block which is almost 4 acres the orange is what we are after which is about 15 acres..we would divided but have it on a seperate title to the house block which we are on now..its zoned farming

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    Ah well .. at least road access won’t be a problem.

    And it’s a good point by weaver B) .. regarding title.

    Separate blocks/titles will also incur separate rates too, I’d imagine :whistle:


    It can be unnecessarily costly to subdivide because there ‘needs’ to be a few fingers in the pie so get a few quotes and try and negotiate a decent price.

    I looked into consolidating two adjoining properties I had to save on future rates so look at consolidating the two properties. Perhaps a quick (& free) chat with the council and the ATO to determine your future tax & rate liabilities.

    Best of luck it sounds like a good move.


    Yes, as porgey said, I’d definitely look into what costs are involved like rates etc

    Also I’d look into whether there were any proposed changes to the zoning or any proposed future development in the area.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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