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    roadwarrior wrote:

    There will be other types, but from experience soups, meat (assuming you mean spam) and fish aren’t as fulfilling, nutritious, or have as much energy as these meals.

    The soups will leave you still hungry after eating them. This is not something you want in a crisis. Even if your normal dietary requirements mean you can live off soup; assume your calorie intake may need to double in order to cope with stress or extra physical exertion.

    The spam eaten in large amounts will make you vomit and constipated, and the fish is expensive and only contains some of the nutrition you need.

    You should only consider these types of meals if you have some type of intolerance to the ones I have listed, or if you already have a good stockpile and you want to supplement it.


    thanks RW. I should wiat until we get there but, what if you were to bulk out the soup with rice/pasta? I only ask as I looked in the shop yesterday and I know my lot will not eat the complete meal cans.:@

    As for spam, I will talk a pass on that one.:rip: I was thinking more of the spagitti sance with meat tins.


    Rice and pasta will go off and need rotating. This relies on infrequent maintenance of your stockpile and people tend to forget to do this, although white rice and pasta do have very long used-by-dates. You may find the pasta is edible well past it’s date.

    If your family doesn’t choose to voluntarily eat these meals then they are the perfect item to stockpile. This way they won’t get raided.

    When people get hungry though they will eat things that are only slightly unpleasant. I can tollerate this food but it’s not something I’d eat by choice. It’s not like I’m asking anyone to suddenly morph into Bear Gryllis by drinking their own urine or biting the heads off spiders to survive.

    These cans are cheap, therefore you are more likely to be able to afford more of them. I can buy 20 of these for about 12 Hienz Big Eats. They have more meat than the Big Eats or other comparable brands, and the Beef Strog has an equivalent amount of calories even though the tin weight is less.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got other cans in my stockpile such as the Big Eats and the Campbells Chunky tins, but I’ve been known to pilfer those cans from my stockpile when going hunting.


    WARNING: The Beef Strog tins contain PEANUT OIL.


    I did an experiment with these cans over the last few days. I ate a Spaghetti Big Eat and a Coles Irish Stew cold. Yes I know, Les Stroud eat your heart out. Both were easily edible straight out of the can and I’m not in hospital (yet).

    I have to admit though the spaghetti was preferable over the stew, and thankfully neither contain peas (can’t stand cold peas!).

    What it shows is that in a crisis where you are unable to heat food (flood, large cyclone, nuclear winter hiding in a cave etc) you can still consume them without any difficulty.

    Don’t ask me to do it again though. 😆


    I finally went to Coles to check for those meal tins and can report that Castle Plaza COles SA, doesn’t stock them. Anyone in SA seen them in their travels?


    There’s a few people now who’ve said their local coles doesn’t have these tin in stock. I’m quite surprised about this; this was not something I anticipated.

    There are other alternatives, as we’ve been discussing, but they all appear to be more expensive. Does anyon else have an alternative around the same price with the same benefits?


    Coles in Victor Harbour SA does not stock them either I asked and she said a few people lately have been asking for them so she is going to look at getting them in.

    Found this list on a web site called

    Stocking up for 1 year.

    Week 1:

    Pasta = 36lbs each person Toothpaste

    Water Toothbrushes

    Week 2:

    Rice = 72lbs each person Pain relief as much as you

    can get

    Week 3:

    Beans any kind 100lbs+ Banaids all kinds

    plus 3-6 cases canned types


    Tinned tomatoes 4 cases Hydrocortisone Cream

    all kinds, sauce, pasta diced

    paste and whole


    Condensed Soup all kinds Bleach 4 gallons

    Week 6:

    canned meat Toilet paper

    tuna, chicken beef as many as you can get

    salmon 3 cases each

    Week 7:

    OIl all kinds 1 gallon lots Bic lighters

    lard Stove lighters matche

    flints as much as you

    can get

    week 8:

    Sugar Sweeteners cold and flu tablets

    white, brown , raw as many as you can get

    caster, honey. molasses

    corn syrup 60 lbs per person

    Week 9

    sauces and Mustards Buckets


    week 10 salt of all kinds propane canisters

    as many as you can get

    lanterns and oil for

    burning, candles as

    many as you can get.

    Its very simalare to Road warriers list but it goes into the person needs

    I will add medicines to it as well


    but as RW said hes doing it a bit slower to make it affordable 🙂

    but awesome to have all this info out there its helpful to know.

    i for one cant stock up very quickly as hubby gets the cranks with me stockpiling food. rekons i’m spending too much n wants me to use whats there, , aint gonna happen , if somethings on spec when i am there and i have a little spare cash then i still get it 😡

    have got ghee (in a tin) from the indian shop , lasts a long time and seeing as we cant do blended veg oil it may help .


    RW, Just a thought? What about those people that are vegitarian because that list would need to include nuts and other protien as well as tin fruit and veggies. Maybe the family preserving there own fruit and veggies would be the way to go.


    They may need a sling shot and an air rifle to bring down wild apples and get some water cress. Just trying to help :tup:


    roadwarrior wrote:

    There’s a few people now who’ve said their local coles doesn’t have these tin in stock.

    I have tried two Coles without success and I can’t even find them in their online shop.:shrug:

    Judi B

    If this rain doesn’t go away I’ll be needing my stockpile soon.


    Judi B.

    Because Nanango is a dry spot I have asked that it be made real wet so everyone is happy, 😆

    Judi B

    Oh wonderous Lord of the Wet…….I want to be dry now thank you 😆


    I found the tins at our Coles , but they are clearing them out….I got them for $2 each , so i bought 20 ..hubby was with me and wondering why i was buying so much Irish Stew, but he know better than to ask questions now !! lol He just says “yes dear” and put them in the trolley . I have a small stock pile but it all needs cooking …rice beans etc and lots of jam …I can see the value in what road warrior is saying about ready meals , so i am in this too.

    I just have to work out where to store it .

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