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    It was mineral oil that she wiped the eggs with to make them last 10 months…

    I’ve enjoyed watching the preppers on youtube and makes me think that I don’t have the right mindset to go that far…

    The big guy did mention that he had a youtube vid on how to make antibiotics which I’ll try and find as that is one thing that would be handy after tshtf….

    I read somewhere and wrote on als (probably this thread) after reading someones survival story (memtioned on als somewhere..) that Bic lighters and alcohol are great for trading for things…

    My daughter wants to be a teacher but I might see how she feels about a career as a nurse/midwife… Handy person to know wtshtf…


    My father tells me of this method used by his mum when they had excess eggs, however they used vaseline to coat the eggs, then placed them in a sand bath until needed.

    They only used these eggs for baking. They did not use them to cook as fried or scrambled eggs; while the eggs are still ok, the taste and texture changes so much they are no good for anything o ther than baking.



    thanks starting over and roadwarrior

    I figure I’ll give both these methods a go while we are getting plenty of eggs from our chooks – just to see if it works more than out of necessity. Our girls get extra food in the winter and haven’t stopped laying for the annual “moult in may” that affects so many chickens.

    I too thought that I didn’t have what it takes to be a prepper but I guess they all started out as people like us years ago, just getting a few things when they were on special, heck those guys in the shipping container house have been at it for thirty odd years!!! and I guess they all have a very real “fear/phobia/impending doom” type feeling about whatever reason it was that started them on the prepper path.

    I’m more interested in reducing our living costs right now but really I don’t think you can ignore the way things are going (price rises etc) so I see the changes I’m making to be kind of preparing for a tougher future. I was very impressed by the foodie lady and all the community things she was doing, she has inspired me to join some local gardening groups etc and attend different workshops to see what is going on in my community.


    Ruth BarkerRuth Barker

    I have a book somewhere of “Mothers Hints”. For sending eggs in a parcel to the UK (I suppose it was wartime) put them in a tin of dripping or lard before sending.


    Hi Ruth,

    Sounds like an interesting book, sending eggs to England – wow. Still quite good to get plenty of different ideas regarding preserving eggs.

    Starting Over – I found these two sites that may interest you about colloidal silver (sp?). first some research on it:

    and the silver well, I’m aiming to purchase one of these as we use the product quite a bit for both the animals and ourselves


    Thanks fruitful… I know it sounds dumb but I hadn’t made the connection of antibiotics and colloidal silver… Thanks for the links…


    I found a good book in our local library called

    “Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics” by Doctor John McKenna.

    It has given me a lot of ideas to save on them when we are sick. I had to take 2 lots last year one was double strength as the first didn’t work.

    My neice said washing soda is great for swollen knees as it draws out the swelling


    just found this alternative for egg – unflavoured gelatin. This is the instructions: combine 1tsp unflavoured gelatin with 3tbs cold water and stir until dissolved then add 2tbs hot water and stir. When using your own recipes, decrease the liquid called for in your recipe by about ΒΌ cup to compensate for the added water from the β€œegg”.

    This came from Wendy Dewitt, her blog is here:

    scroll down to find the egg section.

    Honestly I think the mormons have got it right when it comes to being prepared. if you can spare some time and download it is worthwhile having a look at her food storage seminars on you tube. lots of good info and inspiration, I’ve watched a few different ones now and there are different tidbits mentioned in each one but it has made the whole idea more manageable for me.



    I would love to have the space


    Great site I have put it in my favourites so I can print it out later

    I have several Morman ideas. I think they started this sort of collection of food back in the 1800s as UHTA has some really bad winters.

    On the Doomsday Preppers site they have a site that comes to you every couple of days and one woman mentioned about and I found several ideas to add to ours. Also they mentioned to have a look at as they can tell you what and were to do things but after the big cyclone in New Orleans they failed a lot of people there. I think our emerency services are far more trained, in all sorts of problems and areas. Having a husband that used to be in the CFS for many years, he is really handy. :tup:

    He brought it up once at a meeting about making people who live in fire prone areas, learn basic self survival in bush fires. Our boys from a young age knew to connect the hose to the sprinklers on the roof and put the tennis balls in the down pipes. and turn on the taps to fill the gutters with water. They also knew what to grab if we had to go. You saw all the people in Victoria and a lot didn’t know the basic rule don’t stay if you don’t know what to do. They keep saying the river Murray is going to flood but so far down here it hasn’t happend but in 1956 it did happen and flooded for along way back. In that time there was 1/4 of the people that are here now so a lot of damage was done then. πŸ™

    I also think all new mums and people who own pools should have basic CPA and it wouldn’t hurt all of us to have it either. I have booked into a weekend for my top up. My son is the safety officer for our local Woolies but it might happen when he isn’t at home. My great neice spent some of her baby bonus to get her first aid when she had her baby and ended up joining St Johns as she enjoyed it so much. I think the federal government should have all new mums do the coarse. You don’t need the big coarse just the basic first aid. :tup:


    I only shop once every 3 to 4 months,so I am pretty prepared.

    We get flooded in once or twice a year.

    During the Qld floods the local shops ran out of most things,bread was $6 a loaf.

    Local paper reported people fighting over bread and milk in supermarkets in Gladstone and pensioners buying all the baby formula for milk for their tea and that was after 3 days of no deliveries.


    With the way the world is today I believe it would be a wise choice to have at least a few weeks stockpile of supplies. Taking note of what happened with sandy in the USA fuel and water became a big problem as well as food. Not everyone has the space to store fuel but its something to think about. Also basement or underground tanks for water.


    I was thinking about this stock piling regardless of short or long term and the number of other threads talking about a better source of energy. Well seeing there are so many bright sparks on this forum it should not be much of a challange to invent a new energy system. I would guess by xmass someone here should be able to come up with a green energy system that cost more or less nothing. I will thank you all in advance for the effort.



    My greatest energy saving tip that costs virtually nothing is go to bed early and wake up early it will save lots of energy.

    You cant stockpile it though and thats what the thread is about. :huh:

    Save energy by replacing your water pump with a black bucket is another good one.

    They are a good emergency shower, watering device, washing device and makeshift toilet and you can stockpile them.


    Well there you go, You can stock pile on a lot of different things and maybe just save a bit of energy at the same time. Just a thought on having batteries stockpiled, Instead of batteries a couple of LED’S could be hooked up to earth power. With a few coils and other bits and pieces lighting would not be a problem. Works for me. :dry:

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