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    Today I bought an extra 5 kilos of Rice son told me the other day that the rice isn’t coming in much down here so maybe there is another shortage. so I thought I would stock up as we can use it as a filler or desert. Cost was $8.95

    2 tins of Harvest meal tins @ $2.85 each one is Lamb POt Stew amd the other Irish Stew

    2 tins of HB peas at 86c

    Bottle of fish sauce as we like it in a lot of meals cost was $1.49 it is 1.5 litre bottle.

    Big W has toilet paper on special

    No Aldi so we have to pay higher prices


    I buy my spaghetti in bulk everytime I shop RW. My kids eat it all the time so I usually have about 8-10 packets in the pasta cupboard, penne pasta is usually pretty cheap too as a variation to spaghetti and Aldi and Coles/Woolies where I am usually all have it at the same price. I just hope the pasta cupboard doesn’t collapse πŸ˜† .


    Thank you for this thread, though it will take me a while to get through it πŸ™‚

    Very much appreciated.

    Another storage space solution can be under the beds, or if you have end tables, you can stack things under there and cover with a table cloth and nobody will ever know πŸ™‚


    We have got ourselves our first bee hive, this is part of our survival plan. B)


    We now have 6 large tins of Milo Hubby not brothering to ring me bought another 4 tins of Milo from Coles.They will be drunk but I don’t know how long it will take.

    I also went back to woolies and bought some more of the harvest meals next week will buy some more.

    Would it hurt to have a stock up on Soda Streem drinks as we use ours for soda water. But Big W has all flavours out for $4.95 in coke, zero and no sugar has just been introduced. I have lemonade, orange, and lime in th ecupboard. I also have 4 bottles for the gas as I pick them up at Garage sales.


    roadwarrior post=295417 wrote: I received a reply from Ballantyne today regarding purchases of canned butter. See below for prices. Even if a heap of people got together and bought a carton and then reposted individual orders, I don’t think it would make much difference to purchasing your own single retail pack of six cans.

    Did you or anyone else end up buying any??

    Was the purchasing process easy?

    I’m looking to get the minimum number. I’d like to check it out and see whether they are OK.

    Lizzy πŸ˜€


    I currently do not distinguish between long and short-term food storage. What I do is every 6 months is I rotate a box which has the following in it:

    4 packs of corn and rice thins,

    2 packs of museli bars

    4 packs of 6 poppa’s

    These are foods which I eat, but do not eat all the time, so they stay seperate from the rest of my food. This box, along with what I have in my food storage, is my emergency short-term supply. Next month I have budgeted to put some small tins of spaghetti, baked beans and Tuna in that box to have with the corn thins.

    In my main food storage I have: 15kg sugar, 10 kg rice, 110litres of UHT milk, 20 cans tinned fruit, 15 cans tinned tomates, 10 bottles pasta sauce, Dried beans/pulses, pasta (about 10kg of different varieties) brown sugar, dried milk, dried egg, icing sugar, cocoa (I don’t drink milo, tea or coffee), dried onion, condensed milk, evap milk, UHT cream, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, Soy Sauce, cereal, tinned corn, tinned mushrooms in butter sauce, tinned tuna, tinned salmon, rolled oats, popcorn, salt, dog food, spreads and so on. These get rotated on a oldest item used first basis.

    In my non food storage I have: Toilet paper (have 3 months supply), toothbrushes, toothpaste, deoderant, bathroom soap, laundry detergent, hair ties, bandaides (I have to use the skin-frindly kids ones), dishwashing gloves (have 6 pairs), dishwashing scrubs (6 packs) steel wool scrubbers, dog shampoo, dog flea killer, Plastic wrap (300m) alfoil (3 x60m) zip-lock bags (50 of each size), baking paper, laundry soap, doggy bags (5 packs of 40 bags – not enough!). I need to update and enlarge my first-aid kit.

    I ensure that at least part of my food supply can be prepared using a small camp stove and limited water and that supplements my short-term food box. As you can see I try to have a good spread of stuff to keep me going through the lean times. Living on a pension has shown me how irritating it can be to run out of the big ticket items, especially stuff like plastic wrap, alfoil, zip-lock bags, toothpaste, dish-washing soap etc. when you have no money. So I stock up on the pay-days I have a little extra on the non-perishable stuff that normally gets overlooked and I don’t let these items get overlooked any more! I’ve learnt my lesson.

    My biggest weaknesses are:


    [li]I need to store more water (in case our water goes *bluergh* like it did earlier this week), [/li]

    [li]I rent and can’t build a garden and reliant on four tubs for fresh food, [/li]

    [li]I don’t store and eat a lot of flour (I currrently have 2kg flour to my name), [/li]

    [li]I don’t store enough oil either. (I use maybe 1-1.5 litres a year).[/li]


    I only have me to budget for, so my amounts are fairly small. I need to think about alternative sources of cooking given I rent, and can’t go the wood fire/oven route. I need to acquire in the next month or so a gas sourced BBQ (a small one so I can move it) and a little Gas canister camping stove and some extra cooking gear to go with both.

    Your ideas of canned meals/soups are good and I’ll definitely be putting these on my list to get.

    Lizzy πŸ˜€


    Week 8 – Water

    I probably should have added this item earlier. I just assumed we can all be pretty resourceful when it comes to getting water, but this may prove difficult or impossible in an emergency. In a flood water supplies can quickly become contaminated. Same for an earthquake. And it may not rain afterwards leaving you without the ability to hydrate yourself safely.

    Frantelle Spring water comes in a 15L easy carry bottle at Woolworths. Usually it is around $9.20, but this week at my supermarket it is reduced to $8. I keep one of these in my car boot at all times.

    Current Total = $80


    I was thinking about what you should carry in your car boot in case of emergency . Water and First Aid kit came to mind , I thought of comfy shoes in case you have to walk, but what else would you suggest ?


    A reflective vest. One of the most dangerous things you can do in something like a car accident or breakdown is stand near your car on the side of the road. Having a vest increases your chances of being seen and less likely to be run over. Watching people changing tyres with only half a meter to a trafficked lane scares the cookies out of me.


    If you ask my hubby about those vests he would says its to help the drivers aim better. He does towing as well as other jobs. I did buy him a witches hat when I went to Ballarart markets years ago that has a reb knob on top that flashes that might be better. But if we run out of oil we will just have to watch push bikes instead of cars.

    This week I bought some yellow soap 4 pkts @ $1.59 on special

    2 pkts of washing soda

    4 pkts of bi carb I buy the home brand

    2 containers of borax

    1 HB container of Nappy San I find this is better than the brand name. It gets the black marks out of the work shirts my son has to wear. The print on the boxes tend to end up on his shirts.

    Slowly adding to my pile Next week 200 fish oil tablets for $7.49 and 100 Glucosamine tablets for $6.64 and 200 vitamin E tablets for $9.97 on special; at Foodland All are Natures own brand


    This week I bought first aid supplies and safety gear. I bought a fire blanket for the kitchen and sussed out a fire extinguisher. Lots of bandages, stocked up on basics like ventolin, antihistamines, robitussen etc.

    One thing I found which is a bargain was from our local Chemist Warehouse. They have 500ml bottles of betadine for only $9.99.

    I have previously bought the tiny bottles of throat gargle which is great for sore throats and such and that normally costs around $8 alone. The tiny bottles are 7 unit per ml strength and the larger bottles are 10units per ml strength so need to be diluted a little more for the same purpose, otherwise they are exactly the same thing.

    It is also interesting to note that the bottle is marked as not for sale to the general public. I think it is a clinic type item normally. I saw that the local fodder store also had the same size bottles for more than twice the price as Chemist Warehouse.

    Betadine is or course a potent anti bacterial/viral/fungal solution used by medical professionals . That yellow stuff they paint on you everywhere before surgery.

    It was near all the bandages and such, on a bottom shelf. It was interesting to see other items that were also for professional use, like the handwash you find in hospitals and large bandage packs.


    Aldi has 150 metres of aluminium Foil for $12.99 , plenty of uses for that …solar oven for one. I also found 3 crepe bandages in a pack with clips for $2.00 at the Hot dollar shop.


    I agree with having Betadine in your stockpile harooney. I have bought a huge bottle of it and will have to look into the throat gargle, given how potent it is on skin infections (we have used it on things that could have progressed to the antibiotic stage and beat it) it would be handy to have for tonsillitis and other throat infections. Antiseptic mouth gargles also work well for tonsillitis as well but Betadine is unbelievable.

    We also have a fire blanket and extinguisher for the kitchen, wouldn’t be without them!

    Just a thought on the water storage, try to use glass bottles not plastic as the chemicals in the plastic leach into the water esp. if you keep it in a car which gets quite hot. I try to buy some juices in 2L glass bottles and when empty I fill them with water and put the in the bottom of a cupboard.

    I must stock up on crepe bandages too smiffy, I have a couple but would like to have a few more, must add them to the list for the next chemist warehouse visit.


    I was just reading on another site about how nuts stored in their shell can last in the freezer for a year or more. Given how nuts in their shells are so prevalent at this time of the year it would probably be worthwhile stocking up on a few bags, delicious and good for you in an emergency.

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