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    Al-celt if you work near the Aldinga or Seaford shopping stores they are open till 10pm. Plus Big W sells bulk goods sometimes cheaper than Woolies.

    I still am annoyed I decided to shift all my preserved foods to the linen press only to find a lot had rust on the lids. The house is warm and dry and these lids I bought just before last summer. SO I had to throw out 70% of what I had preserved.:angry: The chooks had a good feed.

    And to top it off Bubs threw tantrum and opened up 4 large packets of 32 toilet rolls very hard to try and get back in their packets. So I packed some of my stored food around the rolls. :woohoo: kids


    Thanks Robyne,

    I don’t usually get back that way in time although it is on my way home from work.

    I think i might put my stockpiling plans on hold for now – once my new craft shed is built there will be plenty of good dry places to store things that hubby will never ever see. Best of both worlds there!

    I’m wondering if I should put a bed out there – can’t have the wool feeling lonely all night.

    But, back on topic….

    That wholesale Santos place seems a bit pricey but I do love the store ethics. I hate how often you have to compromise between ethics and price though.

    Robyne, we will have to catch up sometime, I keep meaning to. Maybe next year when I’ve hopefully quit a job.


    That will be great, will be here till next Feburary.

    I am down to 2 days a week now feeling a lot better in myself not gettignup at 4am to be at work for 5am and home by 9am it really does you in such early starts. Will be able to do more things now/

    My hubby pulls his face at my stoke pile but he knows its helped us out many times over the years,


    One thing I think will be needed is extra glasses. After reading my spelling mistakes above.

    I have problems seeing distance but need to take them of to read or see up close. SO I need mine made for me. I have found a few pairs at the opshop to have changed into my strength.

    Hubby has the opposite problem he needs them to read so he canuse the ones from the chemist.

    I remember my sister sitting on a pair then the old pair broke before she could get them fixed so after that she had 3 extra pairs.

    Now I am on less days I will need to watch all my money but still intend to put away $10-20 a week if possible to buy the specials for stock piling. LAst week I bought a new cartridge for our water purifer It cost $15 but you can clean them as they are made of stone.


    I will be picking up new glasses soon. Unfortunately my prescription isn’t a straightforward one for either long or short sightedness. I have decided to keep all my old prescriptions and DH’s and the kids etc safe, as both DH and I have stygmatism. but mine distorts horizontally and his distorts vertically. One of our children has his and one has mine. So I figure it might help someone in our family at some stage. I get a free “regular” pair a year with our health fund, but adding on the graded multifocals and transitions etc all adds up and end up costing me $300 anyway! Next year I will get a pair of just reading glasses I think which will be no out of pocket expenses. Nice and strong, and keep them safe. The stygmatism itself doesn’t really change, it is the combination of that with long and short sightedness. Though, just thinking aloud, I wonder if I had a regular prescription and could clip on a magnifying lense over the top if that would help? I’ll have to try it sometime. the thought of being vision impaired at sometime in the future isn’t a nice one.


    Hi RW

    I really enjoyed this thread and have put your advice into practice , we are working towards 6 months food supply at the moment and getting skilled up , I have been reading a lot about retreats , but most of it is in America

    Is their any other sites that are Australian that we can get more info on ? Thank you once again ,



    DH reckons I’m keeping enough food for WWIII not true. But usually there is enough around for 3-4 months. I’ve never actually told him it is on purpose. He just thinks I over shop. It’s just habit as Dads work was always a bit seasonal and Mum used to stockpile stuff when there was a bit of money around. I find it comforting to know that I’m not going to starve if we don’t get to shop for a few weeks for some reason.

    I’m more worried about lack of cooking facilites. DH has been muttering about how annoying it is for the gas bottle to run out on the BBQ mid cook. I think I’ll just talk him into a spare one kept full. LOL.

    Peaky RamonePeaky Ramone

    I’m more worried about lack of cooking facilites.

    Me too!

    Much of our long term stockpile consists of foods which take a fair bit of cooking (legumes, rice, pasta) so I have several of the ‘gasmate’ type burners and a large stockpile of butane gas canisters and a PRESSURE COOKER. The pressure cooker can cook these foods much faster than conventional cookers and also makes the most of tougher cuts with very little cooking time, so saving fuel or electricity. I’m guessing the pressure cooker could be used on an open fire with a bit of practice?


    We have the same problem with the house gas stove always runs out when not expected. We then put a drum and use the small gas bottle to get by. As Hubby uses the gas bottle in the shed it is always full.

    Last summer we used a tyre to cook with. Put wood under neath covered it in alfoil and used a cast iron pot to cook in covered it with glass. It takes hours and is best on really hot days.

    It can be done in an old steel wheel barrow. but ours are plastic so would melt.

    Friends husband built them a solar oven he found plans on the internet. She does bread, roasts and stews in the hot weather they are full electricity. This is the way to go to save money on power.

    Why hide what you are stockpiling to your husband. I was up front with hubby as I have been stocking up for many years. He relizes it has helped us many times over in times of no money when you work for yoursleves it happens often.

    IThe main reason it happened when the boys were younger all I had for them was 2 minute noodles for their breakfast so we made up our minds back then that we would have at least 1 months worth of food in the house. But make sure you tell nobody about it. Our neighbour back then found out and was always over borrowing for their dinners. SO I decided not to let anyone know as we are the ones to miss out and that neighbour never returned what she borrowed.


    Excellent idea – what about Aldis products – they are usually much cheeper than either of the big chains.

    I just make sure Ive got plenty of Rice, Flour, Pasta and herbs n spices – u can make do with very simple things.

    I have stockpiled canned food – for up to 10 years, in a cool cupboard and that worked well during the “old days” when we had floods. Doesnt happen now but. Prefer to use canned fish to meat – too many preservatives in the tinned meats.

    I have also stockpiled various, prepared, dry foods, again for up to and over 10 years, with no great problems when I used them.

    But must admit dont actually have a “plan”. Will be looking at this ongoing – its a great idea.


    Not hiding just haven’t told him no need to we do it anyway.

    He has a steady income same company for 29 years and has always lived five minutes from the shops. So if I told him that he’d think I’m nuts. He knows I worry about trying to make things more sustainable here and whilst is not a greenie he is on board with anything that will save him money long term. He also wonders what sort of world we are leaving for our kids.


    I have a freind who has a huge pantry and its 75% empty and when I asked her why she doesn’t want to rotate them she would rather just go and buy as she needs them. If I had a pantry that big I wouldn’t have any space left in it.

    This week at Foodland they have 2 litre UHT milk for $1.99 and tins of tomatoes for 69c they are good as a filler for meals.

    We unfotunatley do not have Aldie here in SA but when I have been to Vic I always stock up on Baked Beans hubby loves them

    For us I have worked out we need

    365 rolls of toilet paper for 1 year

    approx 4 litres milk a day will drop as bubs grows up

    1 kilo bread flour per day plus yeast but will be making my own

    1tin of tuna per week

    2 tins corn per week

    1 jar of jam, marmalde, peanut paste, vegemite and chocolate spread per month

    2 pkt cornflour per month

    4 pkts bi carb as I use it for cleaning as well as cooking

    1 kilo sugar pre week

    1 kilo plain flour can add baking powder to make SR

    Baking powder make my own

    dried fruit, cherries, things for cooking as needed will work out what I need later.

    Soap when needed to buy at least 2 bars a week

    Shampoo I buy a bar of shampoo soap from Beebeauty in Tassie last me for 1 year. but I need to buy a shampoo for bubs.

    1 block cheese for 2 weeks

    1 tub borax pre month

    1 tub of HB nappie soaker pre month

    1 pkt washing soda pre month

    1 packet of yellow soap till I make my own as I use it in washing clothes and dishes.

    I will add as I go


    WEEK 6 – Canned fruit

    WEEK 7 – Full Cream Powdered Milk

    I missed a whole week last week. I’ve been busy with Uni exams and studying, so please forgive me for devoting my attention to the real world for a while.

    Last week you could have purchased another four cans of tinned fruit, bringing your total to eight. But be warned, everyone likes a bit of tinned fruit on icecream, so if anything in your stockpile is likely to go missing its this one.

    This week’s item is full cream powdered milk. 1kg costs about $6 and makes 7L of milk. Expiry on full cream is about 18 months I think, but it’s really longer than that if unopened and kept cool, and if its kept in the freezer, like mine is, it will last almost indefinitely.

    Current Total $66


    haha classic , i must have read your mind RW, i only just looked on here to see your post and guess what i had in my shopping trolley this week? powdered milk , 😆 , i think i am being brainwashed lols


    Hmmm, maybe 🙂 I’d like to think thought that it was because you didn’t need my help. 😉

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