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    And now for a little reason to think about that stockpile and making sure it’s up to date

    While we are probably very unlikely to ever see this, can you imagine if we did???:jawdrop:


    Today I went to rite price (SA) and bought 2 packs of SPC brekky fruit pears/peaches. 6 plastic jars per pack. 1.2kg per jar $9.95 per pack. So for $20 14.4kg of easy carbs. $1.39kg. Cheaper than fresh!

    I need to store more as I have a larger household.

    I also bought a carton of 24 cans of tuna. $1.95ea. Good protein there.

    I watched last weeks episode of Slumming it on ABC iview yesterday. After seeing the Indian slums, it is surprising disease isn’t more rife. He should have visited in the rainy season. He is painting too idealistic a picture I think. “Everyone looks so happy”. Hmmm.. Yes, they are working together because they need to but such close proximity to each other and to filth must have rather large drawbacks.


    I am so annoyed yesterday :angry:

    I decided to use some of the preserved veggies, I had in the cupboard only to find that most of the lids had rusted. :ohmy:

    I preserved them last year.

    So 70% of the veggies I grew last year has now gone to the chooks.

    It has put back my stock piling back 3 months, I was hoping to save up, so I could go to the ware house to stock up, extra food.



    that’s a terrible shame, but it’s one of the reasons why a harp so much on commercially canned products for your emergency stockpile. There can be so much that can go wrong when you are preserving foods yourself that you can’t risk finding your stockpile has gone bad at the worst of times.

    Everything I’m doing in this thread is an attempt to remove the risk from the risk, if you know what I mean.


    at least we already have a good pile of pears in syrup ( one of the few fruits my kids can eat) i keep a stock of 25 and add to it regularly.


    I’m having trouble getting to the last message on this thread, I can only get up to page 26 though it shows 39?

    Anyway, for South Aussies, some specials at Pasadena Foodland, whih miht also include Norwood and the others connected, some tinned goods on special this week which would bulk up your storage:

    d’oro diced or peeled tomatoes 400g x 12 $4.92 carton (41c each)

    safcol tuna 95g x 12 $7.92 carton (66c each)

    benincasa passata 690g x 12 $9.48 carton (79c each)


    Me too.

    It’s really frustrating how it jumps around. Grrrr.


    phew just read this whole thread .. there are a few pages repeated which I’m assuming is from the change over :unsure: maybe thats why it says 39 pages and yet can’t be accessed?

    Just wanted to say thanks for the ideas everyone. :unsure: I have a small stock pile but have not added to it of late so the reminder is great.

    Thanks RW.



    It’s frustrating that this thread no longer appears to be operating correctly since the site has been revamped. The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies. The admins don’t appear to be fixing this problem even though it has been occurring on multiple threads.

    Anyway, looks like we have even more people on board now, which is great to see. Good luck to you all.


    i am in such a totally different position with all this preparedness than i was only 6 months ago.

    6 months ago i has a reasonable thing going where i would always buy a little bit extra each shopping trip and put it away.

    Then DH lost his job, and we had no income. We ate the stockpile. Pretty much all of it – while the money i was bringing in paid the mortgage and the bills and put fuel in the car.

    Since then, I work all the time. And DH is in charge of all shopping and cooking.

    While the funds aren’t a problem any more, the stockpile is non existant. DH does not beleive in stockpiling. He doesn’t believe in shopping for more than you immediately need.

    This means he goes to the supermarket every single day and buys whatever it is he needs for dinner that night and food for the following day.

    I can’t go shopping to stockpile, because I don’t have any shopping time in between working time at the moment.

    So – in order to get a stockpile again, I’m going to need to commit to shopping online. Are there any places online where you can buy canned meals in bulk and have them shipped? Or is it likely to be a really expensive exercise?

    I find it very difficult to plan for my youngest, who is gluten, wheat and dairy intolerant. I dont know if there are any simple canned meals out there that fit these requirements.

    Judi BJudi B

    ali_celt wrote:

    Then DH lost his job, and we had no income. We ate the stockpile. Pretty much all of it – while the money i was bringing in paid the mortgage and the bills and put fuel in the car.

    Can’t you point out to him that when there was no income you had something to eat “The Stockpile” and it would be good to have something there just in case.


    Ali, it sounds like your stockpiling has already saved you from one emergency. It proves how valuable stockpiling can be.

    Ordering food online sounds expensive. If it were me I’d stop in at the shops one afternoon after work with $50. If I had to go to one place only it would be Aldi. I’d buy as much powdered milk, cereal and canned meals as I could just in case I lost my job too.


    if only it were that easy. I work til 9pm most nights, and all day saturdays. And there’s no Aldi or Costco or any other bulk food discount place in this state (except cash and carry, which is miles from here and only open regular retail hours – when I’m at work!)

    Nothing is impossible however, so I will have to try and sneak it all in somehow. Then I’ll have to hide it LOL otherwise there will be arguments galore.


    Ali, I’m not sure where in Aus you are but you can order bulk from this site although it is a little more expensive they do have a lot of bulk stuff:


    ali_celt post=294407 wrote: Nothing is impossible however, so I will have to try and sneak it all in somehow. Then I’ll have to hide it LOL otherwise there will be arguments galore.

    I’ve been there before. It’s certainly not easy when your partner doesn’t see things the way you do, and I’d argue that sometimes it is better to avoid the argument and be sneaky rather than being upfront and honest. I had about 3 months worth of food stashed under the house before I told my wife about it, and by that stage it was to late. It took some convincing though to show her why we need it.

    Put simply it’s the best life insurance you can buy. People insure their cars, houses and their life, but if something ever happened to the stock market and/or the global economy crashed, those insurance companies would go belly-up and your policies would be worthless.

    A stockpile is insurance against all those things that could happen that people don’t want to think about.

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