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Stockpile schedule for short term emergency

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    Has anyone tried dehydrating meals and storing them themselves eg. dried beef with veges etc??? I know my dehydration book tells you how to do dried beef but haven’t been game enough to try it.

    Judi BJudi B

    I read in Gardening Australia November issue page 30 that you can use prickly pear to remove sediment and bacteria in water. It says according to research published in Environmental Science and Technology… finally a use for prickly pear.


    Oh, now I’m going to have to dig out my gardening australia mag Judi, thanks for that, I probably read it too 😆 . I don’t have any prickly pear though so will have to look into that.


    :@ It’s classed as a weed all over Australia, why do they put it in the mag if it’s classed as a weed and you can’t grow it!

    Judi BJudi B

    I know its a weed, but I think the snippet was about the research more than anything.

    If it does work will be cheaper than the water purification tablets and there is a lot of Prickly Pear out there….


    Prickly pear can be used as a vegetable, sharpen the edge of a spoon and scrape of the thorns, then thinly slice and cook. It is only a cactus and this is how the Mexicans do it.

    The fruit is also delicious, using rubber gloves rub of the fine prickles in cold water, cut open and scoop the flesh out.

    Good emergency food.

    This I just found and is interesting, the prickle pear is the actual fruit but in Australia came to be recognised as the whole cactus plant because we were not use to cacti at that point in our history.


    mistyhollows wrote:

    Has anyone tried dehydrating meals and storing them themselves eg. dried beef with veges etc??? I know my dehydration book tells you how to do dried beef but haven’t been game enough to try it.

    Im yet to do this, but when time permits will be giving it ago. We’ve just started hiking so am keen to try them for this and for storage. Theres a good dehydrating site… which shows all the steps in drying food.


    a 1.25 or 2 ltr pet bottle has been found to purify unhygenic water if left on a metal roof for a full day in the sun ( just dont think of all those free radical plastic chemicals being released , at least u wont die of thirst)v . its what they have been using overseas in poorer african countries without resources to clean water or purification stuff.

    edited to add link


    Would be better if the bottle was clear glass. No worries about leachates then.


    The problem with glass (as the site also mentions) is that it can actually block UV rays so you wouldn’t know if it was working or working efficiently.

    I have stocked up on some rice bran oil. thanks for the heads up. I don’t often go to woolworths so don’t always read their catalogues, but when I do go there I usually stock up on sugar too. White sugar is $2.69 for 3kg normal price which is cheaper than any bulk prices I have ever seen and will store indefinitely. Not healthy, but a good cheap storable energy source that’s good for preserving etc.

    Robyne, which foodland did you visit for that price on milk powder? I visited one but the prices were as normal so it might just be your local one, but if they still have some Iwouldnt’ mind checking it out if it isn’t too far.

    Mistyhollows, we have made beef jerky but according to the dehydrator manual, it can’t be stored for long term because of the fat content. it will go rancid. That is even though you remove any visible fat while processing and absorb any excess that happens while processing. So ok in cool dry storage for a month or two but not a long time, so I would be worried it would go off, unless you had freezer space. At least it takes up a lot less space in the freezer once dehydrated. Otherwise, if it was stored in a mylar pouch with oxygen absorbers, maybe that would make it last longer?




    Judi B – I was so disappointed when I read it was a weed. Given we live next to a national park reserve I would have to be very, very careful where we grew it, but I’m sure I can put it somewhere 😉 .

    ccBear – I read that too, was a very interesting read and would be a great survival food it I can hide it from council 😀 .

    busylizzie – thanks for that site, I’ll look it up.

    recyclingdiva – the leaching chemicals are a worry aren’t they but if I was that desperate for water, I think I’d even go down that path and we’re plastic free here. I store my emergency water supply in 2L glass juice bottles for that exact reason.

    harooney – thankfully I have my chest freezer as my small one is bursting at the seams. I always store my dehydrated fruit and veges in the freezer (well, except for the chillis I was given as there were too many) but I’m just not sure about dehydrating the beef 😐 , I did see some beef jerky in our local IGA the other day though but I’ve never eaten it, perhaps I’ll have a look next time I go there.


    It was my local Foodland on the South coast. He is getting ready to extend and is getting rid of a lot of stuff he can do with out and he found people didn’t want the milk. He also cleared out last Christmas tins of christmas puddings from $15.99 down to $3.99 I bought 10 tins as we eat then as desserts. I still have 5 left so it will save thsi christmas.

    I bought 20 kilos of white sugar from Giangee brothers at Thebarton for a good price If you have the room they sell the catering sized tins for a simalar price to the shops normal size. I always pick up 6 tins of pizza sauce for $3.95 and whats left over from the open tin I preserve the reat in smaller jars for later use. They also sell all kinds of flours.


    WEEK 5 – Canned fruit

    I tossed up whether to have canned fruit this week or cans of spaghetti and baked beans. The priority for a good stockpile should be filling foods with lots of protein, carbs and fats, but fruit sounds more interesting after four weeks of boring canned dinners, and it will certainly help to keep your spirits up during an emergency.

    Canned fruits will provide lots of fibre and energy (sugars). They will help keep your mind alert during critical decision-making processes.

    Woolworths, Aldi and Coles all have their version of canned fruits. I’m happy to buy any of them…they all taste the same to me and are around the same price, ~$1.70 each can. I’d buy the fruit-in-syrup cans, assuming they contain more energy.

    Four cans this week should cost around $7. You can buy eight if you like (next week’s quota).

    Current Total = $54


    I went pet-food shopping today (I get paid monthly so I stack up the trolley!) so I dropped in to Aldi to pick up my canned fruit tins.

    I got 2 tins of pineapple chunks for $1.05 ea and grabbed 2 big jars of the preserved berries for about $2.80 ea. I don’t like any other canned fruit so I thought the jars would be a good option.

    I’m enjoying this, Roadwarrior! Thanks for leading it. :tup:


    mmmmm my kids love tinned fruit (as well as fresh but mainly pineapple) so I think we may already have our quota for this week :lol:. The small individual goulburn valley fruit containers (cup like thing) in packs also work well so you don’t open up a whole tin and then have to wonder how to store it, great for small serves on the go or when not everyone likes tinned fruit. We have stacks of them stored as I stock up when they’re on special.

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