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    Now, I knew I’d forgotten something, THE CHOCOLATE!! I think I need to add a water filter to the list too. Ours last for 12 months so that’ll keep us going for a while. Seeds are something that will help you last long term when the stockpile is diminishing. Perennial veges are a great thing to have in the garden too. Things like taro, arrowroot, bunching onions, I include celery in mine. I often check out some of the online nurseries that have plants out of the ordinary. Some of the things you can get are something most people would never know about and not look for in a garden. Taro and arrowroot both self multiply as well. Is started off with 1 taro plant and now have about 20. The arrowroot went in last year (all 20 of them)and this year has started multiplying.

    On the flip side I planted a vege garden for a friend at their place today and a fruit tree. It’s not a lot but they didn’t know where to start so we went to the nursery and got the stuff for them for their birthday’s. I figure that the more others have the less they’ll come to me for.


    After recent events in the past 72hours, this is becoming more concerning by the hour. 🙁

    The Straits of Hormuz, must stay open, or the west will see a massive spike in fuel prices (somewhere around 75-90% increase, is not unreasonable)

    Even this brinkmanship by Iran, will cause a fuel increase in Australia as we are so dependant on this oil.

    I was speaking to an Australian oil representative about 2 years ago (at a Fuel related conference) and this subject come up and he said “We are not worried about the oil supply through the Straits, as most Aus oil is sourced via Singapore/Asia”. When I pointed out that any blockage or even threat of blockage will cause problems for Australia, due to the fact that all our ‘Asian’ sourced oil will double in price (when everybody else is trying to buy it because they can’t get it from the Gulf), you should have seen the colour drain from his face. I couldn’t believe he thought we were isolated from the global oil market.

    Suffice it to say, expect fuel increases asap, and if trouble escalates, expect massive spikes. I for one, have just topped up my short term emergency fuel storage (60 litres)


    my dad used to say if there is a lot of little wars aound the world, it seems to stop big ones starting :shrug:

    I think you will have to look at, where you are living. If there is a war between the US and Iran, the first thing that will be gone is oil.

    So cities will get it, not us country folks.

    so that means food in supremarkets, won’t be brought down. Fuel will go to emeregency people, Police, Ambulances etc. If anyone was around in the 70s big strikes they will remember the rashings we had on fuel.

    So driving will become none. Best to look towards biking maybe make them so you can carry stuff on them.

    Electicity will be lacking as it needs fuel to run the plants so Solar would have to be looked at. and made so it can’t be stolen or damaged. No good having Gennies they need fuel to run them.

    Write down what you have an dhow to use it and what you will need to get now


    Stockpile most of everything you need and secure your fruit & veggie garden. Just as importantly teach your selves, your children, your friends, your community on the importance of stockpiling, self sufficiency and what really is necessary to sustain a quality of life.

    If you and your family and the wider community know and are prepared for shortages of most things then the competition for food wont be as alarming and dramatic. As food is only one problem in a crisis sustaining a social life and community without all the modern rubbish that “sustain” us is just as crucial. Surviving without the tele, DVDs, internet etc maybe be necessary and in fact highly beneficial as it will get people back to a more person to person lifestyle unreliant on the inhumanity of gadgets.

    Water could be a problem so covering pools, spas, baths & even small dams to preserve water for drinking may help.

    Boredom could be one of the great curses so a good old afternoon shag may be a daily requirement. Therefore contraception should be included in your stockpile as the last thing the world needs is a bigger population.


    porgey post=334280 wrote: Boredom could be one of the great curses so a good old afternoon shag may be a daily requirement. Therefore contraception should be included in your stockpile as the last thing the world needs is a bigger population.

    While I had a bit of a chuckle at this line, its sensible advice. When the lights go out in extended blackouts or similar events, the birth rate suddenly jumps 9 months later. Contraception would also make incredibly sought after barter items.



    on a survival site that was linked to by als on another thread this guy lived in a surrounded city for 2 years (croatia/ bosnia ???) said to stock pile bic lighters to trade with, alcohol for the same reason and lot of medical supplies. Having something that others didn’t have as well as your stockpile would be better then just a stockpile…


    OK. So I’ll admit I don’t watch the news (makes for a much less stressful daily life) but I am interested in giving some defence for my family re food etc. So I went to the link

    and there’s a stockpile schedule for this sort of thing at Stockpile schedule for short term emergency

    But it’s 35 pages at present. Can anyone suggest a concise list of how to prepare well that doesn’t require reading through 35 pages?


    In short, store you fundamental daily basics. Look at what you need to survive and store as much as you can, prepare your garden to grow food, maintain adequate water storage & energy production.


    Thanks porgey. I had gotten that far, I just gathered that the original poster of that thread intended it to be more like a checklist of things to get over time.

    Also, the reality is that we would have no idea about our own electricity generation. I’m pretty scared about what we’d do if it all went kaput…


    Post deleted by Lady B


    Iran is not likely to fire a missile at Australia.

    On stockpiling though.

    I have always preserved food for later comsumption, some in the freezer but mostly in large jars. I also use my dehydrator.

    Some of my friends, well all of them i think, from the suburbs, think I am a little excentrick about that but they are so reliant on shops. Crazy people!

    I bet when the crunch comes they’ll be ringing me up or on the doorstep begging for the food I have squirreled away.

    I think that you can rack your brains about what to store but if we do have a rationing we would be surprised by what we forgot about.

    May be bic lighters and the like for trading could be a good idea too!

    I hope it never comes to a breakdown of society but I think most of my life has been in preparation for just such an event. I don’t want to be a victim I guess.


    As much as I hate them, cigarettes and coffee (in that order) are two of the best stockpile items for trading.

    You’ve got to think what people would want the most aside from food. Toilet paper and condoms are others.



    Paragraph deleted by Lady B.

    Should stock up on coffee though. According to the news late last year it is supposed to have a shortage soon. Won’t bother me as I don’t drink the stuff, would be good to trade though.


    Hi all.

    Mods, allow me just a little rope here.

    post deleted by Lady B.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Lady B post=328610 wrote: Folks, happy to discuss stockpiling, but discussion on whether war is justified or not is not within the bounds of Aussies Living Simply and if that starts to happen, thread will be deleted.

    This ‘rule’ still stands. I’ve also changed to subject heading to more accurately reflect the intent of the discussion.

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