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    Hi ALS 🙂

    My online name is Nakedpippi, otherwise known as Lisa.

    I have recently moved to the Central Coast, NSW (2 weeks ago) from Port Stephens (Raymond Terrace) to start fresh in a safer environment (we hope) with my lovely partner and 14 yo son.

    My son has some learning problems, was bullied terribly so now does Distance Education online, which takes up our days.

    My lovely partner spoils me, lets me take up a room with all my craft (heh we bought a 2 bedroom cottage oops lol), ok I share, he gets to keep all his Warhammer 40K gear in our room 🙂 We are fixing up the garage for the teen so he has his own hang out area….less xbox noises too harrah! 🙂

    I am owned by one very lovable kittyface, Garfield, who we believe is Maine Coon X, big boy of 8+kg and 5yo, plus his older sister (my son’s cat) who is a 12yo brown tabby and very much a cat cat. Garf thinks he is human 🙂

    I have a spinal injury that keeps me from doing all that I would love to do, however I am lucky as my partner and son help me out. They do all the heavy work so I can get in and plant the seeds, tend the gardens and harvest what we grow.

    Right now our back yard is grass, the chooks are set up and I am spending this week planning where I want my gardens. We hope to get in some water tanks ASAP.

    We are not looking to be totally self sufficient but hope to grow around 80% of our foodstuff within say 2-3 years.

    I’ve been learning, and showing my son, how to make yoghurt and some soft cheeses, he is a visual learner so really enjoys this side of our lifestyle. Our first time making pasta was both hilarious and messy, but we’d have it no other way 🙂

    So that is us, starting fresh with some big gardening plans ahead of us for a better lifestyle, our health and my sanity hehe 🙂




    Hi Lisa,

    Welcome to ALS 🙂 This is a great site with the most wonderful people with unbelievable knowledge and experience. You’ll love it here. I look forward to hearing how your adventure goes.



    Hi Lisa,

    Welcome to ALS and congratulations on your new venture. I also have a son (now 23) that has Aspergers syndrome and whom I home schooled for similar reasons to you. It was the best thing I ever did for him, so I wish you well, sounds like you are off to a good start.


    Hiya Lisa, I always thought Shoal Bay area was lovely and holidayed there a couple of times when I was younger. I hope your move gets you away from the problems and allows you to get on with your preferred lifestyle. Sounds like all the plans are in place, now for those musclemen of your’s to get the hard work done so it can all get underway…


    Thanks Mauzi,

    I admit I don’t like doing this home schooling gig, I do it purely for him. It’s hard and I am in no way a teacher, I am certainly learning along side him 🙂 We believe E falls under the dyslexic and aspergers umbrellas, though most places refuse to label a child these days unless you really pressure them. He is a gentle soul and worth it 🙂


    Hi Lisa and family,

    You will have a great time here on ALS,plenty of good things happening,plenty of goofing around,some serious stuff and plenty to learn.

    We all love to look at other peoples places so please put in some pics when you can.


    Most of Port Stephens is lovely….Raymond Terrace however has a reputation for it’s gangs, Dept of Housing and violence.

    Pre-Olympics bus loads of people from Western Sydney were moved to RT, bringing 2 gangs into the area. It went from peaceful little town with 2 cops to just having a $14million police station with well over 30 cops now local. We had lots of Dept of Housing surrounding us, not that its always a bad thing, just we copped a lot of the troublemakers.

    The bully next door was out of control, police always knocking on our door, or us calling the police about him. Then we had the 2 gangs fight which ended with a 21yo murdered out the front of our place. Just too much. We no longer felt safe there.

    Now we live in a small town, high population of retired folk 🙂


    :jawdrop: gosh, that sounds like a pretty good reson to move to me. welcome. :tup:

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    G’day and welcome to ALS. Things can only get better now :tup:



    Hi Lisa, so glad you found your way to ‘Introduce Yourself’. Thanks for your story, I do hope you settle happily (and safely) in your new place. :tup:


    sue esue e

    welcome and good luck with your new life. this is aa great forum – lots of friendly ears(eyes), kind hearts and good advice! :wave:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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