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    OOh into the compost bin Claraflo? You’ll have more of them when you use the compost. I had alsorts come up around my asparagus this year as this what what I did with my compost. Luckily Asparagus and tomatoes get on well.

    I used to grow yellow pear toms years ago and some how I lost the seed, moving house and whatnot, and have been hoping they would come up on my compost but havn’t had any so far.

    The rats have been eating most of my tomatoes lately. I have tried to find and smash their nests but they seem to keep coming. So yesterday I picked nearly all the tomatoes I could find. They are all green and I think to immature to change to red so I will make green tomato pickles with them. Or I won’t have any because of the rats. They ate all my broadbeans too.

    I don’t want to bait them as we have lots of predator birds around and that would kill them. I have to wait for the predators to build up.

    I tried the bottle with a rod through the middle suspended over a bucket of water and smeared with peanut paste but only got mossies in the water.



    Dayla, sounds like you need a quick trip to the animal shelter and get you some good ratting cats. My mum always keeps cats for that purpose. She lives on a huge river and enormous river rats are always an issue. But if she keeps cats then no rats eat her garden. Yes she has some very robust cats in that garden.

    Re, the toms. You are right her house and garden is overrun with cherry tom bushes. They pop up everywhere. My sister recently decided the toms were in the wrong place and ripped a heap of them up. It only disturbed the soil and caused even more to sprout! I would tentatively say that toms can become an invasive weed of you’re not careful with the fruit.


    Hi Claraflo,

    your not the first person to suggest a cat. But I like the little birds and the frogs and the butterflys and the lizards. I do not want a cat to kill them and they will. No I have to do this another way. It’ll take longer but I think there are enough predators around naturally I just have to expose the rats by smashing their nests and I have found a few. We have only been here 5 months and the nests have been here longer. They don’t have that many places left to hide, I am tracking them down and the chooks help out with gobbling up any babies.

    We’ve got snakes and eastern monitors visiting and of course the foxes and I believe feral cats too. We have a falcon and her noisy baby living here at the moment and probably the rats have brought them here.

    So I hope to naturally get them to go. Its a learning curve for me.



Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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