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sprouting containers

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    Hi all,

    I hope I am not repreating previous threads…..had a quick look and couldn’t find one matching my query.

    I was in Big W recently and saw a ‘sprouting container’ – a plastic contraption in which to grow edible sprouts. It was $20.00 and looked quite good. I was a bit sceptical, as there were packet of seeds for it…in the seed section! A marketing ply? I guess health food store seeds could be used though.

    I am sure there are similar products at health food shops?

    Has anyone got one of these? How is it? Is it worth buying one?

    Any feedback appreciated.

    Cheers, Smurfy.


    I believe a large glass jar with a stocking over the end works well. Not sure whether the Big W one is better though.

    Judi BJudi B

    I agree with Steve large enough jar and stocking/netting/gauze over the top elastic to hold in place cheap and recycles stuff. I have a Pablo coffee jar that we use …. hell Pablo coffee I haven’t seen it for sale in ages (I must be old) :laugh:


    Yep – go for the glass jar! We use an old big Moccona coffee jar, muslin over the top held in place with a big elastic band. Never had any problem getting seeds to sprout this way, in fact it is super easy!


    I bought a mr fothergills one, but agree a glass is just as good

    I dont have any glass jars so I bought one of those


    Yup.Large glass jar is all you need.Put seeds in , not too many, and half fill jar with water.Muslin, old stocking whatever on top with elastic band.Pour out water through that top.Lay jar at a slight angle down towards the mouth so excess water can drain.Rinse seeds with fresh water at least twice a day if weather is hot.I remove cloth to pour water in,drain out with cloth replaced.

    I mostly sprout mung beans.What seeds do the rest of you sprouters use,please?


    I’ve been looking at Eden’s on-line catalog and their sprouting seed prices seem really reasonable.

    I think I’ll go for alfalfa, broccoli, onion and mung beans.


    we do alfalfa, well the kids do… I must say though, i do love snow pea sprouts…


    Forgot to say, we just use a plastic container and a spray bottle of water..


    Do you mean just a flat open container? I have certainly grown cress like that, sown onto damp kitchen paper and cut off as needed.Seeds like mung though of course all the roots are eaten.I guess different methods suit different seeds.

    Thanks for the tip re Eden’s seeds.Will investigate.The outside garden is such a dead loss atm micro greens will be my only hope!!


    Are you all talking about micro greens? So you don’t need to grow them in soil? just some water in a jar??

    Can someone explain it for me 🙂


    We are talking about sprouting seeds to just germinated/sprouted and then eating them.

    Sorry, I may have confused the issue by calling sprouts “micro greens” – they might actually be something different again? As in baby spinach etc?


    Hi Guys!

    We use a vacola jar to sprout and works well for us. We do alfalfa and fenugreek seeds, if you like flavour, fenugreek is the way to go, we jsut buy the seeds quite cheaply from indian food/spice suppliers.

    Microgreens are sown in flats and the raised up to four leaf stage or a bit more then harvested with scissors and used in salads etc. it is the next progression from sprouting and before baby veggies.

    I made up a series of trays for form a seven day sprouter which worked very well, too well in fact because with just the two of us we wound up with sprouts up to our armpits but fior the larger family wanting to have sprouts as a regular part of the diet it would work well. The link is –

    I hope this helps!



    Thanks Nev!


    I was sprouting mung beans (was given a box of them) but with the recent hot weather they went a bit smelly even tho I rinsed them twice a day. So I rinsed them really well and the chooks loved them. Must start another lot – in my fowlers jar with a jug cover over it.

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