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    Are there any other South Australian homeschooling families on ALS?

    We are in the Adelaide Hills & have nearly 6 & nearly 4 year old girls. Always looking for others with similar views.


    BV I live in Adelaide Hills, but don’t even have children yet lol, but I have wondered about home schooling and what it involves, pros and cons etc…

    Obviously because I don’t have children yet I haven’t researched. I will be watching this thread though 🙂


    Yes but I’m more of a lurker here than a poster and my homeschooled DD is a teen. We live in the metro area but there are heaps of homeschoolers in the hills. If you’re not part of the yahoo group give me a yell & I’ll send you the link.


    Hi Bandicoot Valley,

    We’ve just started homeschooling this term :tup: my two are ds15 and dd12 tho, a bit old for your girls, still if we organise some outings it could work as my daughter loves “little girls” to play with. I also have a dd18 who would probably be interested in outings.

    Always happy to be part of get togethers from ALS.



    Oh Fruitful, that sounds wonderful. How are your children settling in to the homeschooling life?

    RiallaT, yes I’m a member of both the SA & hills yahoo groups, but I believe there are many more of us out there that may not be part of those groups.

    Perhaps we should have an ALS homeschoolers catch up? Kristy, you would be welcome too of course (as would any ALSers who want to come). Would you all be up for that?


    How are they going, fruitful?


    Hi again Bandicoot Valley and Starting Over,

    We are having a lazy week here as I have been a bit lax with the organising of said homeschooling and we are only expecting our literature for the lessons at the end of the week. I’m going into check the PO Box today to get the paperwork for the “exemption of attendance at school for the purpose of homeschooling” and will hopefully get that sorted out pronto.

    Apart from that we are all loving it!!!!! And boy oh boy is it helping with our limited finances!!! I’m all in for outings as social life would be my biggest concern with the whole change.

    I’m not a monster behind when I get behind the wheel of our car anymore either.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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