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Solar panel cost benefits.

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    Has anyone been able to produce a simple program for calculating the investment rate of return for installing domestic solar electricity generation units?

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    There isn’t a set “rate of return on investment” because of the many variables, namely the cloudy days in your sky are unpredictable.
    There are tables available on the internet telling you your average sun hours based on your latitude,
    then you need the efficiency of your selected type of solar panel,
    angle of your panels,
    The normal retail price for power usage
    The feed-in tariff for your area,
    Then you need to go through your bills over a year or two and see what your normal usage is……
    Starts to get complicated, doesn’t it ! 
    I thought I had it all worked out, then I found that the batteries weren’t as efficient as I thought, and the inverter/controller takes more power than I expected.  This changed my payback on my system from 5 years to 9 – which is basically the life of the system.  In the end I feel it wasn’t a good investment.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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