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Soapwort Plant – Anyone made soap from it?

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    I bought a soapwort plant from the ABC market last year and it is doing really well, didn’t even die in the heatwaves we had and it wasn’t watered except for my weekly washing machine water.

    Anyway thinking it is time to try making soap with it and wondering if anyone has experience with it?

    A quick google turned up this blog with recipe ideas –

    I would love to try it for washing my hair, dishes etc. Imagine the plastic waste I could save!


    I have no experience with this, but love the sounds of it, too, Kristy! How much has your plant grown over the summer? If a plant got big enough to make the infusion in bulk and freeze, as the blogger suggests, it would be good, otherwise I wonder if a person would use a lot more than one plant could support? Great link!

    And speaking of the ABC market, Bel and I booked in for the autumn one, must start a thread giving people a heads up about it!


    It was only one small stem when I bought it, but now I think it has 3 larger stems. Easily 3-4 times bigger then when I bought it. I read somewhere you can divide the plant up. Might need to do that. I must of skim read the article because I missed the bit about freezing it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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