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    ok i do apologise ahead of time for my whinge,but i am so over being sick

    what i thought was cold sores was hand and foot disease courtesy of miss fishbomb and daycare

    then the flu,followed by whooping cough verified by blood test

    followed by pneumonia to top it off now i have Q fever also verified by blood test

    this is ridculous,i have had whooping cough twice in 2 yrs and Qfever twice in 5 yrs

    all dh can say is i do not how she got it :@

    let me see the fact a couple of lambs recently died

    we have had sheep give birth close by

    old doc was saying it has been known for cats to carry it in,my 2 old babes 9 and 10 hardly go anywhere

    i changed to green tea,stayed on vegan diet,now to be told my liver has further damage and now my kidneys are showing signs of damage

    worse still i gained 20 kg

    i so had enough and sick of dh saying its all in my head

    Shangri La



    I suggest that you go back to eating normal. A bit of meat a bit of dairy (mainly cultured) and plenty of veg etc. And if money is available you might go to a traditional Chinese Acupuncturist (ask someone and search someone experienced). We are lucky in Australia to have these, often the real ones trained in China. If you have lots of infections you might try echinazea tincture. Take care with your animals that you do not cough on them they often can get the same illnesses than we.

    Lady Bee

    Hi Luvin, sympathise with you on the Q-Fever. My better half had it middle of last year and it went undiagnosed for some weeks. No doubt you will have been spoken to by the Department of Health (for those who don’t know it is a notifiable disease). Are you seeing an infectious diseases specialist? If not, ask to see one.

    There is a huge misconception as to how people can get Q Fever and even rural doctors think you have to be in direct contact with amniotic fluid or blood products from an infected animal. This is NOT SO. It can be airborne and can travel quite a distance on the wind (maybe a kilometre or two – I can’t remember). Also if an infected animal gives birth, where the birth fluids go into the ground, the disease can remain viable for a couple of years in the soil.

    Bob’s infectious diseases specialist has mentioned a couple of cases where people have been infected just by ‘passing by’. One was a group of guys playing poker and a cat was having kittens in a box in the corner of the room – several of the guys contracted the disease. Another was several people who used to walk their dogs past the sales yards contracted it.

    I know there are people who are anti-vaccine and that’s their choice, but after seeing Bob nearly die from this disease, I got myself vaccinated and would suggest you think about it for your family.

    One of the horrible things about Q Fever is the damage it can do apart from the initial disease. No doubt you will have had your heart checked out to ensure it’s OK.

    Sorry to say this, but your DH sounds like he needs a good dose of reality.

    Please take care of yourself, Luvin.


    Oh Luvin you poor thing, you really have been through the works. I can only send you :hug: and hope you start feeling better very soon.

    I have to agree with Alokin and say ditch the vegan diet, it sounds like your body is starving for some nutrition. I recently bought myself a cold press juicer and have never felt better since filling up on lots of concentrated fruit and veg juice.

    My hubby is in hospital at the moment with bacterial pneumonia and a flu virus which they have not been able to identify. He has had so many blood tests and a nasal swab but they still don’t seem to know anything. He is being kept in isolation and I am the only one allowed to see him. Although he is feeling better after being pumped full of antibiotics and penicillen he is still getting a lot of sweats and chills.

    He works in outback WA in remote aboriginal communities in the Pilbara. He is surrounded by feral animals of every description and continuous dust. I hate to think what he could have inhaled. He even ate wild camel the other week!! The Drs have asked him all sorts of questions but have given us no answers.

    I have never heard of Q fever before but after googling it he seems to have all the symptoms.


    :hug: Luvin, my thoughts are with you. We have all had a horrendous flu virus over the last month and are only now coming out of the woods. DS2 and I were both on antibiotics for 2 weeks! I know all about hand foot and mouth, my youngest has had it twice and the eldest shared it all around first 😡 the other year. Hope you feel better soon and that dh of yours :@ I’d be rather cranky at him too!


    I promised myself i wouldn’t do this anymore because people just don’t WANT to know or can’t believe it’s that simple, but here goes, 1 last time. It’s not in your head, it’s in your diet, or more specifically, your immune system is compromised because of your diet. Your immune system is there to protect you from foreign invaders and to heal you when you hurt yourself. It treats everything you eat, drink and breathe as a foreign invader. In simple terms, it scans everything that goes into our bodies, then deals with the nasties and lets the good stuff in to do its job. But, and here’s the kicker, if we constantly bombard the immune system with poor diet, lack of exercise and sleep, over time it begins to fail. It’s like Davy Crockett’s stand at the Alamo, it can hold off overwhelming odds for a while but not forever. Doesn’t mean your doomed like Davy Crockett, just means you need reinforcements and to bolster your defenses.

    Humans are not designed to be vegans. Far from it. Whether you don’t eat animal products because of religious or other beliefs is irrelevant to your immune system. Humans bodies require animal protein and saturated fats to remain healthy. Soy protein just doesn’t cut the mustard.

    Anyone that doesn’t believe poor nutrition is responsible for illness need only look at why sailors back in the day suffered from scurvy, and how the problem was so easily fixed.

    By far the best thing you can do is if you own a microwave oven, cut the cord off it and throw it in the bin. 70% off our immune system is in the gut. When anything is heated or cooked in a microwave it is cooked from the inside out, and it is still radiating microwave radiation as it is being eaten. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happens next:rip:. In generations to come people will shake their heads in disbelief that humans ever done this most foulest of deeds to their bodies and the ones they loved. All for convenience and to save a bit of time.

    I will probably cop some flack for that, but that’s fine, in the last 10 years since my DW and i decided it was time for us to take responsibility for our family’s health, none of us have been to a doctor and we haven’t taken so much as a panadol in that time. The proof is in the pudding.

    Cheers, hope it helped.


    The liver is the powerhouse organ of the body and is directly responsible and working on all the issues you mention…when it is clogged then you will have all the symptoms you describe. It will also mean loosing weight difficult and gaining weight easy. It also needs vitamin Bs, meat being a good source. Weight gain will exacerbate and worsen all symptoms. As Zeitgeist said – a key is nutrition.

    The good news is liver tissue can be repaired –

    Good luck!


    I would seriously get your Q Fever checked with a specialist, I don’t want to scare you or anything but actually having it twice prolly means you never got rid of it in the first place. My brother in law has it from workin in the slaughter’s, and it can be quite serious, they told him that he could drop dead tomorrow, they also did tell him he has the worst case they have ever seen…

    Being sick sux, I hope you can get all your health problems sorted soon :hug: :hug: :hug:


    thank you all

    i have taken in consideration to all that has been said

    i do not own a microwave,dont want one

    i have tried to meat but it does not digest well and seems to cause utmost problems

    i have been on veg juices before,my poor juicer died and dh seems to think it is a waste of money

    i am booked into see specialists,i see a liver specialist every 6 mths

    i am going to check out chinese acpuncturists


    Lady Bee

    Sorry, Luvin, but I’m going to nag on this one.

    What are you doing with regards to the Q Fever? When are you seeing a specialist? What medication are you on? How is it being monitored?


    Luvin, Google Colloidal Silver, i take it when i have any type of infection, i haven’t been to a doctor for 15 years, i don’t take it everyday just when i am not 100%, also use it on the animals.

    Colloidal Silver and Organic Apple Cider vinegar are absolute essentials in my cupboard, these 2 things pretty much make up my medicine cabinet and also Tiger Balm.:)


    I read something bad about collodial silver, can’t actually recall what it was, google tells you the answer.

    Your body must get used to meat maybe a bit slowly. Chicken or a bone soup might be right? And for the liver, it’s spring there are plenty of dandelions they are very yummy in the salad.


    Alokin, Apparently along time ago a few people turned a bluey grey colour,and from what i understand it was people making there own and some overdosing on it for years.:o

    I don’t make my own i buy it from the health food shop.:tup:

    I didn’t know until last night that i could use it on my mini dashounds eye, since i got her over 4 years ago i have had major problems with one of her eyes, gave up on drops from the vet’s along time ago, and just bathed and cleaned it 3 times a day, anyway last night i put some colloidal silver in her eyes with an eye dropper, again this morning and again at lunch time her eye is looking really good, should have taken before and after pic’s, i know it is to soon to say if this will fix her permantly or not, the plan is to do the drops a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks and then see what happens when i stop, all i can say is it is looking promising.:)

    If you are interested have alook at this link, it is a site that sells the machines, but if you have a read through it explains alot of the negatives, i understand they have an interest in making it look good, i only found this site last night and have been using the product for 15years:)

    I do not sell machines and i know no one personally that does, so this is not an advertisment, i just believe in the product.:)


    Oh Luvin My heart goes out to you :kiss1:

    we have all had the flu mines been hanging on for nearly 9 weeks now. I have been on 2 lots of antibotics the last ones helped a lot but it seems to come back for a couple of days then go again.

    What Laby B said about Q fever is frightening we have a herd of cows at the end of our street and since the river has filled up and that last lot of heavy rain the Mozzies are huge you can feel them hit you. “Hubby says they stand at the bottom of the bed to decide whether to eat you there or drag you into the bushes for later.” We have a zapper on so bubs doesn’t get bitten. Listen to her she has had it first hand a neighbour had it sevaral years ago and he said it can come back again and again so don’t wait fo rit to return get on top of it now.

    Ross River is on the increase around here as the mossies have come down for up north with the floods. So we have to be extra careful

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