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Small hive beetle

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    My wife got me a top bar hive for Christmas. We had plenty of feral hives in our trees so figured it would be easy to keep bees.

    I contacted the local bee keepers and none of them would sell me bees as their hives were dieting from small hive beetle. One of the bee keepers was almost in tears while telling me how many hives he has lost in one year since the beetle has come into the area. Apparently small hive beetle has been in central west nsw for about a year, they say it is just starting to reach new areas at the moment.

    The beetles fly in each afternoon and get stuck on some shade cloth on our veranda. They have killed about a dozen feral hives on our place, one has survived and is now super aggressive. This hive has a small opening, Theit are always clusters of bees at the opening, i assume that this is why it survived while all the other hives have not.

    If I do ever manager to find somewhere to get bees does anyone have any idea how I could combat the beetles? Running poultry under the hive would stop the beetle pupating in the soil but my biggest concern is the adult beetles flying in each afternoon.


    Apparently top bar hives are less likely to have the beetle due to less places for them to hide. Beetle traps using diatomous (sp?) earth are quite effective but not sure where they would fit in a top bar + they can be trapped using a furry vinyl cover above the ‘frames’.

    I’ve bought a top bar hive and hope to get a swarm or relocate a hive into it come spring, but using european bees as I want the honey.


    Lots of them around here central Qld too

    The trap works local guy put oil in it instead of poison and it works well too.

    Dont know about top bar though

    My worm farm is full of them if you put Rock melon in it they come from everywhere.


    SHB has been known to pupate in fruit as well so the chook idea wont do that much good. I have beetle barns in my hives as well as Diatomacous earth in big trays underneath a slotted baseboard. One of the fellows in my beekeeping group said he lost his hive in 6 days flat from infestation to total ruination.

    Now when they first came into Aus it was asked of the Govt for a $2million dollar grant to develop a pheromone trap for them and they were denied funding. $2 mil is a pittance for the govt.

    I recently lost a hive to American Foulbrood disease and have had to kill all the bees and need to torch the hive and burn it down to ashes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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